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The Best Open Face Helmets In India

Get your ride confident of excitement with the prominent option of a robust open-face helmet. The pro riders who love to flaunt at the sizzling speed, it is significant for them to choose the best helmet unquestionably.

After all, safety is necessary while going on the wheel’s adventure. Therefore, the helmet is a must to have a product that keeps people safe.

However, wearing a helmet does not ultimately prevent head injury, but it is essential for cushioning the blow. Moreover, it is also the paramount option for protecting a rider from the sun rays, rain, or snow.

There are fabulous options in the helmets that are the classic, sturdy and stylish option to wear here and then. In this post, the list of unique helmets has mentioned. Examine its amazing features and usage.

Why Choose Open Face Helmets?

Best Open Face Helmets In India

  • Prevent Head Injuries

Indeed, several fatalities occur due to brain impacts. The helmet is a prominent factor in preventing such injuries. Therefore, helmet usage is a must to protect the head injuries and minimize the possibilities of the injuries. It has been known that the 69% of injuries can be stopped related to the head if a rider is wearing a helmet. This is the best way to save your life from any damage or go to the brain. Therefore, the helmet is a must to have the product, especially if you want a great ride on the bike or scooter.

  • Save Jaws and Eyes

There are plenty of options in the helmets. For instance, the full-faced, open-faced, half-faced, and more. The best way to cover the entire face is with the help of a full-face helmet. The open-face helmet is a great option to sustain jaw injuries in a dangerous accident. If you have to wear your helmet with a great fit, it will help you not lose your teeth and save your jaw and eyes. Moreover, the helmet’s visor is a significant part to cover the eyes and nose from injuries.

  • Cut Out Wind Noise

The helmet is an incredible way of protecting vital organs. The helmet also covers the ears adequately and prevents the unwanted noise of air. However, it causes difficulty and distractions while riding a bike. Sometimes it is the reason any harm occurs to a rider. So, helmets are a great way to cover the ears properly and prevent the wind noise to focusing on safe riding. Moreover, it is an excellent option to eliminate the cold wind responsible for sickness in winters.

  • Excitement and Safety

The bike maniacs are fond of riding the bike at sizzling speed. However, the adventure on the wheels will be challenging if a rider is not wearing an appropriate helmet for their journey. It might be an adrenaline rush that causes excitement, but it is critical to go for a perfect helmet for hassle-free riding. Similar to every segment, there are variants of helmets to choose from. People can select a popular variant that gives a smooth ride with safety and fun.

  • Smooth Riding Experience

A robust open-face helmet is an excellent option for a smooth riding experience. Many re-owned brands whose helmets are introduced from high-quality materials such as ABS. It ensures strong shielding from shock and instant bump. This might cause an accident or downfall, but the helmet is crucial for minimizing the injuries. It is good to take extra care of the face that gives the smooth riding experience. Therefore, there are outstanding models for the same.

  • Shields from UV Rays

In summers, most people are frustrated by the sun’s rays. This is because the sunlight falling directly in the eyes is difficult for them to view around. However, the helmet is the appropriate choice that shields UV rays and protects the eyes. More precisely, the visor on the helmet is a significant part that shields the sun rays and never lets dust and debris fall into the eyes of people that cause a disturbance.

Best Selling Open Face Helmets In India

Our team has tested all these helmets personally and created this list for you:

1. Vega Crux Open Face Black Helmet – L

Vega Crux Open Face Black Helmet

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The Vega is a great brand of helmet. It provides the service of street bike type. The material from which the helmet is introduced is acrylonitrile butadiene styrene. ABS material has a high impact that gives the textured finish, and the model is sturdy.

This is the classic model in the helmet that comes in several sizes. The helmet’s weight is 950 g that, which is easy to carry for a user while going for a ride. Undoubtedly, the helmet’s features ensure the hassle-free riding of the rider.

It is ISI certified, approved by the government, and is safe and sound to use. It protects from the sun’s rays and makes the view clear for a user to drive safely. It includes clear transparent plastic for shielding the face. Plus, it also increases the airflow.


  • The helmet is established from the ABS material that gives an excellent texture finish.
  • This model is ISI-certified that the government approves.
  • The pads available in the helmet are removable and washable.
  • It includes noticeable factors such as scratch-resistant and UV resistance.
  • The visor is introduced from polycarbonate that ensures the visor clearance.


  • The helmet does not include a hole for locking safely.
  • It does not provide a more angle to view around.
  • The material of the helmet is a little lightweight.

2. Steelbird SBA-3R2K Classic Open Face Helmet

Steelbird SBA-3R2K Classic Open Face Helmet

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The steel bird is a great company for the open-face helmet. It comes in variants that are different in size. People can match the size after examining the dimension perfectly. The steel board SBA – 3R2K is a genuine product.

The helmet’s vision is scratch-resistant and shields a user from UV rays. Moreover, it provides them, Hazel, a free ride throughout the way. The padding done inside the helmet is breathable and provides a rider with extra comfort.

It is a fabulous option for the incredible journey to ensure the rider’s safety. If you want to get an adventurous ride, this will guarantee your head comfort. The helmet’s interior is strong for shock resistance and gives the entire stability.


  • The outer layer of the helmet is introduced from thermoplastic.
  • The padding installed is breathable that provides extra comfort to the neck.
  • The interior design is impressive with multi-color.
  • The material of the helmet is robust to ensure durability.
  • The helmet is comfortable to wear since the quality is outstanding.


  • The straps of the helmet are not much supportive.
  • The lining material of the product is less impressive.
  • The weight of the helmet is comparatively more.

3. Studds Marshall SUS_MOFH_SGRYL Open Face Helmet

Studds Marshall SUS

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This brand is a well-known brand and is especially recommended for motorcycling. The item weight is 1100 g, which might be a little heavy to carry but is comfortable to wear now and then. The model of the helmet consists of distinct sizes and colors.

For instance, red, green, black, blue, and more. The visor is the fantastic part of the helmet in smoke tint, clear, mirror, and rainbow options. In addition, it is made of high-quality that is UV-resistant polyurethane paint. Finally, the helmet’s ventilation system increases the airflow to ensure the comfort level of the rider.

The mechanism used in the introduction of the helmet is a chinstrap mechanism for the easy operation to provide the adrenaline rush to a user. Moreover, the liners of the helmet are extraordinary such as removable and replaceable.


  • The outer layer of the helmet is injected from high impact.
  • The liners of the helmet are removable and replaceable.
  • The padding installed inside the helmet is treated with anti-allergic velveteen.
  • There are fantastic options in the colors for the riders with distinct sizes.
  • The material of the helmet is of high quality with UV-resistant polyurethane paint.


  • The helmet is a little heavy to wear.
  • The stability of the helmet is a little less.
  • The helmet is more appropriate for the Night only.

4. Royal Enfield OP MLG (V) Open Face with Visor Helmet

Royal Enfield OP MLG

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Royal Enfield is an impressive option to ride carefree with clear vision. Undoubtedly, the model of the helmet will enhance the on-road confidence and make the rides more fun and excited. The features of the helmet are worth noticing.

For instance, the shell construction is made of high-impact great thermoplastic. Furthermore, it is painted in such a way to treat the surface from the sun rays and provide higher durability. Furthermore, the helmet’s material is a comfort that is introduced from the combination of knit and mesh. This feature performs extraordinarily on long rides.

The comfort liner is also washable and removable. Furthermore, the chin strap with the cushion gives a better grip that increases the comfort level. More precisely, the locking system of the thumb helmet provides the operation of the helmet incredible. The design is also great because it is made of high-strength polycarbonate material.


  • This is the classic option in a helmet due to the ideal fit.
  • The strength of the shell is fantastic since it is made from a single unit of ABS.
  • The visor construction is superb from the hard-coated that ensures the UV treatment.
  • The comfort liner of the helmet is washable and replaceable. Also, it is made of polyester.
  • The chinstrap retention has a great lock system, and also it is adjustable.


  • The surface of the helmet is kinda glittery.
  • The visor of the helmet gets smudges.
  • The stability of the helmet is a little less.

How To Choose The Best Open Face Helmets in India

Here are some important point to consider:

  • Suitable to your Head Size

Coming straight to the point, wearing a helmet that is not suitable for your head size is of no use. But, of course, if the headgear is vast, it keeps wobbling. Similarly, if it is small, then it creates pressure. So there are chances that it will press the wrong points of your head and cause disturbance while riding. If this is the case, it’s convenient to go with the same helmet size with measurement. For instance, measuring the head circumference is better to decide the helmet.

  • Comfort Level

It is the fact that if the helmet is comfortable, then it offers optimum safety. Keeping all the factors aside, it is better to understand the helmet’s comfort, whether it matches your size and the shape. There are some significant aspects to consider while deciding the comfortable level. For instance, examining the internal padding is essential. It needs to feel gentle against the skin.

Moreover, cheek pads are also essential to check whether it is comfortable. Finally, ensure that the helmet you are wearing is not pressuring on the points. These points give smooth-riding.

  • Helmet Fit

If the helmet’s fit is not appropriate, then it causes disturbance when the user wears it. A cloth tape is an excellent option for measuring the head size and deciding the bike helmet fit. There are many shapes in the head, such as round, oval, egg-like, or earth-shaped. For every shape, there is the perfect option in the helmets. Broadly, the internal padding of the helmet decides the shape. Therefore, it is better to compare the padding to finalize the size and fit.

  • Consider Safety Standards

For the better use of the helmets, the government has ensured that getting the helmet having an ISI mark is illegal to use. The I SI stands for Indian standards Institute, the certificate to ensure safety standards. The best motorcycle helmet brand always has the mark. Therefore, it is convenient to buy helmets that comply with the ISI mark when buying a helmet. Moreover, there is also much testing done to ensure users’ safety properly. Consider those testing that makes the choice of helmet top-notch.

  • Ventilation

Ventilation is the utmost necessity for people living in tropical countries such as India. Many riders stop wearing helmets due to suffocation and sweat in the summer season. However, the better option will be to get your hands on the appropriate choice of helmet that keeps you safe. Ventilation is a system of air flowing and ensuring air circulation properly. It provides the proper space for breathing even if the helmet is closed. This factor will also be important in the monsoon and winters. Besides many other factors, ventilation is the prominent one to examine.

  • Visor

The face helmets come with visors or face shields. Bike riders need to keep their face protected. The wrong results might lead to blurry vision that needs to be fixed properly. When selecting the helmet brands, it is better to consider the headgear with a transparent visor. The smoked and dark visor is hard to watch around at Night. For better clarity, it will be better to get the visor in which a rider can watch around relatively.

  • Material

The helmet materials often fall into two basic materials. For instance, thermoplastic and composite material. There are multiple layers of materials on the outer layer of the helmet. The perspective of the layering is to absorb the shock when a rider bumps into a sudden accident. It is better to go with a material that is comfortable and provides a proper fit. The material is significant to consider since its construction is the reason to protect the head and injuries.

Final Verdict

The appeal of riding the motorcycle is multiplied if a rider wears a robust open-face helmet. It gives protection and secures the bike ride comprehensively. Those, as mentioned earlier, are the top-notch models in the helmets. Consider them to make a great choice.


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