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Understanding Vacuum Cleaner Suction Power Importance

Suction power is the ability of a vacuum to attract and hold on to more dirt than a cleaner with little suction power. It all makes sense. But what does suction power inform us about the situation? What exactly does this entail for manufacturers, & what does it imply for you and your family? In this article, you will get to know things to keep in mind & how to get the most suction force out of your vacuum while doing so.

About suction power

A large number of people believe that suction power is proportional to actual power. A cleaner with strength of 1,600 to 2,000 watts, for example, must have increased suction power than just a vacuum with a capacity of 750 watts, according to the manufacturer.

Vacuum Cleaner Suction

Let’s dispel this misconception right away: it’s not always the case, and it’s not always the case by a long distance. Earlier this year, legislation was passed limiting the maximum power of any new vacuums being made to 900 watts. This is the first time such a restriction has been placed on the industry. This does not imply that the suction power of these vacuums has been reduced.

How a suction power is measured?

Many people are perplexed about the significance of a vacuum cleaners suction power, to not mention how it is assessed in the first place.

First and foremost, the suction of airflow is measured in cubic feet per minute, or CFM for short. The suction power increases proportionally to the volume of air moved per minute (CFM) (most cleaners are in the range of 50-100).

Some cleaners are determined in watts or amps, with a greater number denoting the same thing as the lower number in this instance.

How the suction power for the hard floor is determined?

Hard flooring is available in a variety of styles and materials, including linoleum, canvas, laminate flooring, parquet, and tiles. When it comes to hard flooring that is securely linked to the ground, you can utilize the highest level of suction. This is not recommended for loose flooring because it may cause harm to the floor.

What influences the suction power of the carpet?

Three types of carpet can be used: moderate carpet, high-pile carpet, and rugs. Both moderate carpet & high-pile carpet should be vacuumed with the highest possible suction power. Considering that dirt is frequently found deep within the fibers, it is desirable to have a vacuum with more suction force. Even so, more care should be taken when cleaning up loose carpeting.

Suction quality

An enormous number of various characteristics influence the actual suction power. This was done to make things easier for you; therefore we merged all of the standards into a single new specification called suction quality. The suction quality of the vacuums is classified as follows: basic, mid-range, and top-notch.

How can you mend the suction power?

Have you observed that the suction power of a vacuum cleaner is diminishing recently? It is possible to do several things by yourself. You must change your vacuum cleaner bag at least once every three months. The greater the amount of dust in the vacuum cleaner bag, the less suction power the vacuum has.

The same may be said for the filters as well. Make a point of cleaning them once every three months, or replacing them every year at the very latest. Have you just checked to see if the vacuum line is clogged? If not, you should do so right now. Blockages within the hose have the potential to significantly reduce suction power.

Why a high-level suction power of a vacuum cleaner is important?

The main reasons include:

Get rid of the tiniest particles

The inability to remove dirt and other particles that are not visible on the surfaces being cleaned is the main drawback of machines with low suction power.

While you will never be able to eliminate all of the dust and filth in your house, the greater the suction power, the higher your prospects are of eliminating the “invisible” layer of grime that is difficult to see with the bare eyes from your carpet.

Pets & Kids

Because children and dogs like to spend much time on the flooring, it is even more critical that you eliminate as much dust and dirt from your home as you can. As a result, getting rid of these becomes somewhat more of an absolute necessity rather than an additional motivation. As a result, the suction force of your vacuum diminishes as well.

The thing you normally don’t want to know is there is a large amount of hard filth that is making its way through your carpet at the moment. As your kids and pets roam around the yard, this hard dirt will be continually moving around and raised to the surface of the ground.

A powerful vacuum cleaner with strong suction will give you a far higher chance of removing all of this filth without the need to thoroughly clean your carpets regularly.

Less cleaning

While we’ve already discussed the importance of cleaning dirt that isn’t visible on the carpeting or floor, another clear benefit of using a machine with a strong vacuum is that you won’t have to repeatedly go over the same locations over and over again while cleaning the carpet or flooring.

There’s nothing more aggravating than trying to clean a surface only to discover that you weren’t able to “clean” it the first time.

Less Electricity consumed

You would expect the opposite to be true, given that you are utilizing a higher-capacity motor. It is argued, however, that you’ll be cleaning less because you will be capable of cleaning more quickly and will not have to run over the same areas repeatedly, resulting in reduced energy use.


In these situations, a good vacuum cleaner with the appropriate level of suction strength can make your vacuuming session enjoyable, as well as more efficient and effective.


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