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The Best Helmets Under 4000 Rs. In India

Helmets serve as an excellent use case scenario against accidents, injuries and the safety of the rider. While driving your motorbike at a decent speed might seem less risky, the mistake of other drivers on-road can be troublesome here. The use of a quality helmet not only protects you against injuries, but also helps with better visibility of roads, avoid dirt and dust, and have peace of mind while riding at speeds.

The Indian market is not that broad with the helmet variety in the premium range, but you can find some of the excellent designs at the pocket-friendly price point. One can find an amazing range of helmet collections under rupees 4000 in India. If you are heading toward the purchase, but not sure which one to buy, then being selective with the important features can come in handy.

Best Selling Helmets Below INR 4,000

After comparing a wide number of features, design aspects, certifications and other critical components, we landed on a list of the top 5 best helmets in India under Rs. 4000. Without wasting any more time, let’s start comparing and figuring out the most reliable options in the market –

1. Royal Enfield Escapade 

Royal Enfield Escapade 

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Royal Enfield, one of the most premium and popular brands in India, is not only offering motorbikes but helmets also. The wide range of amazing helmets from Royal Enfield can make you buy Royal Enfield Escapade as the most premium option. From the build quality to design factor, everything is in the favor of this product which ensures that you have great use.

You are getting a visor along with the peak outer shell for excellent usability. The visor protects you from speedy winds, dust, insects and more whereas the peak outer shell provides shade from direct sunlight. Whether you are using this helmet in the daytime or at the night, the visibility is excellent and you can find a perfect use case scenario with this product over the other ones.

The outer shell is made of high quality and extremely durable material which will offer you a better overall usability. If you are looking forward to buying the evergreen design option, then there can’t be anything better than this one. You will love the overall usability and find a great use case scenario.

Pros –

  • Extremely durable outer shell for safer use.
  • The design is premium and suits most motorbikes.
  • The visor and outer shell peak provide excellent usability with higher convenience.
  • The best thing about this helmet is Optical Grade Polycarbonate which is scratch proof.
  • Amazing option as if you compare other options based on the price and features factor.
  • You can assemble and dismantle the visor without the use of any specific tools.

Cons –

  • Slightly heavy to use and it can take a little while to learn the method.

2. Axor Rage RR3 Helmet

Axor Rage RR3 Helmet

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Axor is one of the reliable brands that is offering a wide range of full-face helmets in India. The blend of great quality material along with affordable pricing makes Axon a popular brand in India. If you want a sturdy helmet and also for a genuine price point, then Axon Rage RR3 Helmet is good enough to fulfil your needs effectively as compared to the other options.

The helmet is made of ABS material that is highly resistant against impacts and you are also getting the toughness of a way premium material. All the features combined ensure that this helmet is perfect as if you look after the safety aspect. If you are looking for a helmet that is certified and have an ISI mark, then you are getting it here. This helmet is certified by ISI and DOT. This means that you will be having great assurance regarding the adequate functionality of this product.

On the other side, this helmet has an optically correct visor that provides a clear view. The major issue among other helmets or affordable helmets is with their visors. You are getting a clear view and cleaning the visor is piece of cake. Cleaning the visor with a microfiber cloth is enough to get all the dirt removed and have a perfect vision again. Overall, this helmet is perfect for a range of scenarios. If you want the best in class look, then you might feel sad here as this helmet comes in the black and red finish only.

Pros –

  • Adequate weight ratio for the best durability and lightweight design.
  • Easy to remove visor, padding and air vents.
  • Provides excellent flow of air with the air vents and allow you to have a sweatproof ride.
  • The helmet is certified by ISI and DOT that ensure safety to the customers.
  • ABS material is lightweight and highly durable along with less prone to scratches.
  • Comes with 10 days money-back guarantee.

Cons –

  • Only available in black and red finish.

3. Steelbird SA-2 Terminator 

Steelbird SA-2 Terminator 

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When it comes to the purchase of helmets that are not only great in terms of safety but also offers an excellent look, then the graphical helmet line of Steelbird is too good to recommend to anyone. There is a wide range of options but Steelbird SA-2 Terminator stands out from the other option with the black, grey and white finishes in the design aspect. The new generation of terminator helmets is catchy and it looks way more appealing than all the other options.

This helmet has a Thermoplastic shell that offers high impact resistance to protect against injuries. Having a hard shell along with thermoplastic over top provides two-layer of safety to the riders. The padding is soft and highly breathable which ensure that the rider must feel a high level of comfort and doesn’t sweat while wearing the helmet for a longer period. Most helmets might seem great but they don’t have Neck Protector. This helmet offers a neck protector for extra comfort.

On the other hand, you can find other features like Italian Design Hygienic Interior which will provide better breathability. There are multi pores in the design hygienic interior that helps by venting air around and not letting harmful particles of sweat be in the helmet. In other words, you will have fewer issues related to allergies or sneezing than most people have. Last but not least feature is Quick Release Micro Metric Buckle so that the riders can wear and remove the helmet in seconds.

Pros –

  • Offers an excellent layer of protection with the high impact resistant shell.
  • A neck protector helps in comfort level and doesn’t let you feel the weight of the helmet.
  • Offers the benefit of both worlds with affordable pricing and excellent durability.
  • The graphical design is inspired by the terminator and it looks fantastic.
  • This helmet is ISI certified and it ensures a premium build quality of the product.

Cons –

  • No cons were reported.

4. SMK Swing Essence Open Face Helmet

SMK Swing Essence Open Face Helmet

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Next, we have SMK Swing Open Face Helmet which is ECE certified. SMK is itself a renowned brand for manufacturing and supplying a wide range of Helmets for riders. The product is known for unexceptional safety and peace of mind. The dual visor, scratch-resistant, and UV-resistant design of the helmet provide riders with the convenience of using both internal and external visors.

Most of us feel uncomfortable when it comes to breathing inside the helmet but this open face helmet completely ventilates the helmet making every ride feel comfortable. It also features a Hypoallergenic Liner that enhances comfort and prevents allergies. Whenever the helmet isn’t in use, you can remove this liner for cleaning and extended freshness.

Talking about Inner Shell, it is designed with numerous density EPS which keep the rider comfortable and safe. Another notable aspect about-face helmet, it has equipped with quick release straps which take the helmet off without any hassle. The best part is straps are made of smooth and comfortable fabric, therefore, doesn’t cause rash & allergy.

Since it weighs 1.96 kg, you will not feel any weight on your head. The clear vision of premium quality glass gives riders a good experience of riding whenever they use it. Since it is a dual shell open face two-wheeler and a motorcycle helmet, thus it is ideal for both men and women.

Moreover, the product is made of the latest generation high-grade thermoplastics, which is completely safe for riders. Expanded Polystyrene material has been used to create the inside and outside layer of the helmet, making it one of the sturdiest and most durable options.

Pros –

  • There are numerous sizes of Helmets available by the same brand.
  • It features a quick-release strap.
  • The design is excellent and it looks evergreen for most motorbike riders.
  • The breathable liner of the helmet allows a user to breathe thoroughly.

Cons –

  • The cost of the helmet is a bit high.
  • No major cons were found.

Which Helmet is best Out Of the Given Options?

Best Helmets Under 4000

There is nothing like best when it comes to the design part as it is subjective to the buyer. However, if we have to make a choice based on functionality, then Royal Enfield Escapade, Steelbird SA-2 Terminator and Yamaha YRF Full Face Helmet would be the top priority. These helmets are modern in design, offers all the basic necessary features and the brand credibility factors ensure that you can’t be wrong with the given options. On the other hand, the rest two helmets are also reliable, but the brand exposure of those companies might make you feel suspicious during the purchase time.

Bottom Line

While choosing a sturdy helmet, do not get temped based on the looks, or affordable pricing factor. The helmet is designed for safety purposes and functionality should be the top priority during the purchase time to ensure that you are getting the safest option online. Meanwhile, you can explore other options and come back to this page as these helmets are undoubtedly the easiest recommendation under 4000 rupees.


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