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Mesh Office Chair Vs. Leather Chair: Comparison

Bring new furniture to your new office or replacing the old furniture in your existing office is a daunting task. It is not going to be as easy as it seems to be. Also, when you are choosing a chair for your office, you need to be very careful. It shows the impact on the health of your employees. One wrong choice can affect productivity. So, you should make sure that you pick a good chair.

There are several options available in the present market. But the most popular options in the present market are leather office chairs and mesh office chairs. You cannot just pick any office chair that is available in the market for you. Mesh office chairs and leather office chairs, both come in different designs and sizes. You need to be very careful while making your choice.

You will have to consider several options, compare them, their features, pros, cons and finally their price factors before you make any choice. Before you check out any kind of chair, whether leather or mesh, it is good to gather some information about them. So, for all those who have very little knowledge about office chairs, here is a quick comparison between a mesh office chair and a leather office chair.

Leather Officer Chairs

Leather office chairs are perfect for those who wish to create a visual impression on the clients. They look very elegant and also offer great comfort to the employees. Even when the employees spend a lot of time sitting, the padding gives them enough support. That reduces the neck pain or back pain kind of problems. These chairs will last for a very long time as they are made using high-quality leather material. They also need very little maintenance.


  • They look rich and leave a good impression on the clients.
  • Leather chairs are highly durable products.
  • A leather chair does not need a lot of maintenance and hence you need not have to worry in case of any spillage as well.
  • You can easily clean the surface of the leather chair with a wet cloth and so they are a very hygienic option.
  • The extra soft padding makes these leather chairs very comfortable to sit on.


  • Leather chairs are very expensive when compared to the other chairs.
  • They are prone to scratches very easily and hence you need to be very careful about it.
  • Leather can break or crack when it is used for a very long time or when exposed to heat.
  • You need to be very careful while picking a leather chair as there are so many duplicate leather chairs as well.

Mesh Office ChairMesh Chair

If you are looking for the best alternative for leather office chairs, then there cannot be anything better than mesh office chairs. Mesh office chairs got very popular in just a few years of their availability in the market. Just like the leather office chairs, these mesh chairs also have pros and cons.


  • The mesh chairs are light in weight and hence one of the best choices for office use.
  • Due to the mesh, they offer a good ventilation facility. When you are sitting for a long time on the chair, there will be proper air circulation.
  • The price of these mesh chairs is less when compared to many other office chair varieties.
  • These chairs are easily available and hence you can buy from an online or offline store.


  • Due to no padding available, the mesh chairs do not offer you the comfort levels that a leather chair or other office chairs offer.
  • They are available only in a few designs and hence you don’t have much choice to pick from.
  • The mesh material is not highly durable and so you will have to replace them in just a few years.

Mesh Office Chairs Vs Leather Office Chairs

Mesh Office Chair Vs. Leather Chair


Mesh Office Chair

Leather Office Chair

Material Breathable mesh fabric provides ventilation. Upholstered in genuine or faux leather.
Comfort Provides good airflow and can keep you cool. Offers a plush and luxurious feel.
Durability Typically less prone to wear and tear. Durable but may require more maintenance to prevent cracks and peeling.
Maintenance Easy to clean, resistant to spills and stains. Requires regular cleaning and conditioning to maintain appearance.
Support Often ergonomically designed for good lumbar support. May lack ventilation and ergonomic features unless designed specifically.
Aesthetics Often has a modern and sleek appearance. Has a classic, sophisticated look.
Price Generally more affordable. Tends to be more expensive, especially for genuine leather.
Adjustability Often features adjustable arms, lumbar support, and height. Adjustable options are available but may vary.
Weight Typically lighter due to mesh construction. Heavier due to the frame and leather upholstery.
Breathability Offers excellent airflow, reducing sweat and discomfort. Less breathable, can get hot and sticky during extended use.
Longevity May have a longer lifespan due to durability. Can last a long time with proper care but may require maintenance.
Sustainability Mesh chairs are often more eco-friendly. Leather production has environmental concerns.
Noise Generally quieter when you move around. May produce squeaking or creaking sounds.
Ideal Use Suitable for those who prioritize comfort and breathability. Ideal for those who value luxury and a professional appearance.

Now that we have gone through the pros and cons of each kind of chair, let us have a look at a small comparison between these two kinds of chairs for better understanding.

The comfort

One of the major factors that you need to concentrate on is comfort levels. That has to be the main point while picking an office chair. When it comes to the comfort levels of a mesh chair and leather chair, they provide comfort in their way. With a mesh chair, the airflow is high and that makes you feel comfortable even you sit for longer hours. Similarly, the leather chairs have padding and that makes you feel comfortable when you work for longer hours. The contouring shape of the leather chairs offers you more comfort when compared to the mesh chairs. Both types are modern and ergonomic designs for your office.


When you are investing in new office furniture, it is always a good choice to invest in something that lasts for a long time, at least for five to ten years. If you consider durability as an important feature, then you should go for leather chairs. They are proven to be durable and also sturdy options. But when it comes to mesh chairs, they will deteriorate in just a few months of continuous usage. The material will start sagging when used daily. That will in turn result in back pain and other pains as well. So, when you are planning to invest, you should invest in the right product.


If you want to leave a good impression on your clients, then you should opt for leather chairs only. When it comes to mesh chairs, you have a limited number of options and also their look is not as good as the leather chairs. So, you can choose leather chairs if the look is a high priority for you.


Mesh office chairs are light in weight and also required very little maintenance. Their design is minimal and hence very little maintenance. You can easily clean them with water in case of spillage. You can dry them easily in the sun for better cleaning. But that is not the case with the leather chairs. You cannot use water for cleaning them as that will fade off the leather. Also, you cannot leave the chair in the sun as that may cause cracks on the leather. So, in terms of maintenance mesh chairs are the best.


If you are having a fixed budget for your office furniture, then you can check out the budget and then make your choice. Mesh chairs are less expensive when compared to the leather chairs in the present market. For a better look, you will have to invest high on the leather chairs. So, depending on the requirements and the kind of work done at the office, you can make your choice.


So, this was a simple comparison between the mesh chairs and the leather chairs available in the present market. Like we just saw in the comparison, both come with their own set of pros and cons. Each of them is better in certain aspects and so you will have to make the choice depending on the requirements at the workplace. You need to make a choice that provides a comfortable working environment for your employees.


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