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The Best Helmets Under 2000 Rs. In India

When riding any vehicle, safety is paramount, especially in the case of motorcycles since there is no coverage like a car. Therefore, one of the most crucial things is selecting the ideal option in the biker helmets.

There are a variety of helmets available in terms of shapes, sizes, colors, and graphics. If you are a person who looks matters a lot, then there are fabulous options in the helmets.

After all, it’s a key factor that makes people happy. First of all, be sure that it fits correctly, giving the rider the utmost protection and comfort. The primary use is to protect the head, which is a vital part. However, the perfect option in the helmet has the certificate to give people safety standards.

Best Helmets Under 2000

Helmets Below 2000 INR in India

There are outstanding options in helmets, and many brands introduce helmets with unique features. Few of the major brands we tested and listed below. Let’s dig deep into them!

1. Steelbird SBH-17 Terminator Full Face Helmet: Best Overall

Steelbird SBH

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Steel bird is a fabulous brand in the helmet. It introduces the marvelous option in the helmet to provide people with ultimate safety. The color of the helmet is impressive that is blue-black. This model does include other options in the colors and sizes. Coming straight on the item, this item has a high impact-resistant thermoplastic shell that gives the product durability.

The making of the helmet is done incredibly perfect people can use that for an extended period. However, it will be better to check the size chart that needs to be appropriately fit on the head. The design of the model is of Italian that takes proper care of hygiene by introducing multi-poor. The spores are the notable fact that allows the continuation of airflow. The ventilation system gives the airflow function is terrific.

It does include the number of vents, so people do not feel irritated or suffocated. The bedding installed inside the helmet is incredible, allows people to breathe easily, and give them extra comfort. It does include the net protector so people can go for smooth writing. The helmet is ISI certified, which makes all the safety standards for riders to protect them from sudden accidents.

The style of the helmet is full face and the way it is 1 kg 950 g. GLL industries manufacture it, and the outer material of the helmet is ABS. this model is specially designed for riders without compromising their safety benchmarks. Undoubtedly, it is the go-to choice of riders due to many fantastic reasons.

To sum up, the main features have already been mentioned thoroughly. It’s been a long time since the helmet was taken into practice by people for safety purposes, and the passionate riders have always experienced the tremendous and marvelous ride.


  • Weight – 1 KG 950 g
  • Brand – Steelbird
  • Vehicle Service type – Street bike


  • The helmet material is high-impact resistant thermoplastic.
  • The design of the helmet is Italian that gives proper hygiene.
  • It is ISI certified.
  • The padding is breathable that gives utmost comfort.
  • The helmet includes a neck protector for comfort.


  • The weight of the helmet is slightly more.

2. Vega Ryker D/V Bolder Dull Black Red Helmet

Vega Ryker

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Are you looking to buy a fantastic option in the helmet? A vega helmet is an incredible option whose features are precious. Its notable feature gives a smooth ride to adventurous riders. The Vega has always been the go-to choice of riders even all across the world. However, there are so many beautiful colors in the model that need to have the sizes to fit people perfectly.

The item weight is 1146 g, and the service type given by the helmet is a Street bike. The material used while introducing the helmet is ABS which gives a high impact and can be used by people for a long time. It is approved by ISI and includes some fantastic features. Considering the specific features of the helmet, then take a multitude.

To embark on, it includes the scratch resistant and UV resistant property since the visor has optical polycarbonate and an easy mechanism to wear for safety. On top of that, it gives the sun protection since the rays coming from the sun is harmful to a rider. Finally, there are numerous vents such as one mouth vent, top vent, side vents, and more to ensure air circulation. All these vents are beneficial due to the ventilation system to avoid suffocation.

The visor is adjustable and also has a high-impact ABS shell. The model was first introduced in 1982 and designed especially for riders. This undaunted product works smoothly even in harsh conditions and lets people enjoy the journey of their beautiful destination.

The odor-resistant property of the helmet is also extraordinary and lets people stay fresh for a longer duration. They also have a removable nose guard that allows people to clean the stuff relatively. So, to experience the bliss of riding this option in the helmet is remarkable.


  • Weight – 1146 g
  • Brand – Vega
  • Vehicle Service Type – Street bike


  • The helmet is ISI-approved.
  • The outer layer of the helmet is made of ABS material.
  • The notable features of the helmet are scratch-resistant and UV resistant.
  • It has numerous vents for air circulation.
  • The lining of the helmet is removable and washable.


  • The quality of the helmet is a little cheap.

3. Studds Ninja Elite with Carbon Strip Helmet

Studds Ninja

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The novelty helmets are the exponential type of accessory to give a safety purpose. Another amazing brand to get your hands on the helmet is studds. The color of this model is black, and it comes in many sizes. So riders can select an ideal option to get the fantastic fitting. The recommended use of this product is mainly for motorcycling. It offers people smooth and sound road biking.

The mechanism used for introducing the helmet is the flip-up mechanism. This mechanism is excellent that helps people to adjust things smoothly. The quality of the helmet is worth considering since it is high. A wide range of helmets and motorcycle accessories gives the best headgear. But this model in the helmet has a new design and graphics to ensure people the best safety standards.

More specifically, it is approved by ISI and other certification science. The main focus done on this model is on design, style, quality, and safety. This is the best lifestyle choice for customers in all aspirational brands. The lining inserted inside the helmet is a hypoallergic liner that avoids allergies and infections that arises from continuous contact with the helmet.

In this way, people can wear it for extended riding, even on hot/rainy days. The item weight is 480 g that is light in weight to give people comfort while wearing the helmet. This model has not compromised the safety benchmarks and consists of the features like UV resistant visor, mouth vent adjustable visor, and high-impact ABS shell.

All these fantastic features have made the valuable helmet use Siri for headgear. This absolute bliss for riders gives a smooth experience even on rugged roads. It can be stated that this model has been specially introduced for passionate riders.


  • Weight – 480 g
  • Brand – Studds
  • Vehicle Service Type – Off-road bike


  • The quality of the helmet is exceptionally high.
  • The item includes the movable chain guard.
  • It is made of a flip-up mechanism.
  • The helmet is ISI-approved to give safety standards.
  • The weight of the helmet is light.


  • The helmet won’t fit in activa.

4. Royal Enfield OP MLG Open Face Helmet

Royal Enfield

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Royal Enfield is the world’s most recognized brand for vehicle accessories. The accessory that every bike rider must include in their collection is a helmet. This is vital for giving people safety while riding the bike. For the adventurous rider, then this option is for you. It gives the service type for sportbike and street bike. The weight of the helmet is 1100 g that, which is easy to wear frequently.

The material used for making The item is ABS. The item is given with a black matte finish, and it is the ideal fit for riders. The opening and closing of the visor are accessible due to its spot-on design. The construction of the shell has an excellent strength to ensure the durability of the product. The visor is given with the treatment of UV that protects people from harmful sun rays. It is also great for reducing the scratch on the product.

There is a comfort liner made of polyester to provide riders with at most comfort. A chin strap retention is also a great option that is adjustable and has the best lock system. EPS is a great material, and the helmet’s internal liner is made of EPS to enhance comfort. The care can also be done perfectly with the helmet because the internal parts are removable and subjected to brush wash only.

Do its washing with mild detergents or the helmet cleaner spray. Never use harmful chemicals to clean the outer shell since it affects the quality and reduces it significantly. Furthermore, you can also use the mind the wet clothes for removing the dust. Finally, to ride carefree, there is the MLG long visor to enhance the confidence of enthusiastic riders.

It makes the riding more fun with the suitable option in the helmet. In addition, the shell construction of the helmet is treated with higher durability and gives impact protection due to the extended polystyrene liner.


  • Weight – 1100 g
  • Brand – Royal Enfield
  • Vehicle Service Type – Sportbike, Street bike


  • The helmet includes chinstrap retention.
  • There are many styles in the visor.
  • The helmet gives the ideal fit to riders.
  • It is made of EPS internal liner.
  • The shell construction is made of good material.


  • The surface of the helmet is a little glittery.

Final Thoughts

The aforementioned are the spectacular option in the biker helmets that have been certified. It is worth purchasing the helmet, and to help you find out the suitable one, read the post given above.


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