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How To Join Sadguru Ashram (Isha Ashram)

As the organization’s headquarters, the Isha Yoga Center may be found at the base of the Velliangiri Mountains.

The Isha Yoga Centre is indeed a holy place for personal development, where visitors can focus on themselves and their own spiritual evolution. People from around the world visit the centre because it provides all four of the major yoga paths: kriya , gnana, karma (activity), and bhakti (devotion).

Dhyanalinga, a powerful and one-of-a-kind energy form, serves as the centre of the Isha Yoga Center and makes it possible for every person to fully experience life.

The Hon’ble PM, in the attendance of Sadhguru in Isha Yoga Center, revealed an iconic face of “Adiyogi — the Source of Yoga” on the fortunate evening of Mahashivaratri in 2017.

This magnificent 113-foot-tall face symbolizes the 112 paths to realizing one’s true essence. The Guinness Book of Records recognized Adiyogi as the tallest bust sculpture in the world in May of 2017.

LingaBhairavi, a strong and compassionate manifestation of the Holy Feminine, may be found close to this Isha Yoga Center. The centre features a variety of rooms for overnight guests, as well as yoga courses of varying lengths.

Participants in the programme and their guests are fed healthy, sattvic fare as portion of the stay. The community at Isha Yoga Center encourages its members to adopt healthy habits, further their own personal growth, and reach their full potential.


How to join this ashram?

Working as a volunteer in the ashram is a rare chance to immerse oneself in the spiritual atmosphere of this Isha Yoga Center.

  • Thousands of people attend the Isha Yoga Centre each week, and the ashram support volunteers play a critical role in making this possible. Isha Yoga program, guest care, Akshaya, Biksha hall, Linga Bhairavi, and Dhyanalinga are just a few of the many volunteer-run programs that keep the centre running.
  • There is no prerequisite knowledge, and the time commitment might be as short as a few days or as long as a few months.
  • Volunteers who help maintain the ashram are given the rare opportunity to experience at Isha Yoga Center for themselves. These events and programs are available at the centre throughout the year.
  • Anyone, whether or not they practice Isha meditation, is welcome to attend.
  • Cottages can be rented in case you’d want to stay at the Yoga centre for an extended period of time. Rooms can be reserved in advance at affordable rates.
  • Depending on demand and the going rate, we can find affordable housing for individuals.
  • Free dorm rooms are offered to anyone planning to contribute their time.
  • All inmates, including program participants and volunteers, are provided with two vegetarian meals per day, each prepared with only natural or organic ingredients.
  • Sadhguru developed their programs and is giving it away for free.
  • In addition to being immersed in powerful consecrated places, each participant engages in focused sadhana consisting of service (seva) & yogic practices.

It is estimated that over 11 million individuals all over the world have participated in Isha Yoga programs, and that we currently have 250,000 volunteers helping to run our worldwide operations.

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