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The Best Table Fan Under 2000 Rs in India

If you feel sweaty while working and want to have some chill around you. You can think of a nicely designed colorful table fan which offers you a cool breeze and reduces the heat from surroundings. The table fans are easy to use and more common than air conditioners and ceiling fans in India. The table fan is more popular among the people because of its transportability. The fan can be easily moved from one place to another without any difficulties. Also, the table fans can be fixed temporarily in one place which works as a ceiling fan. Table fans also keep control on your electricity bills as it doesn’t consume so much of power.

The use of air conditioners is not common in India as it’s costly but air can be made cool with pocket-friendly options. It helps while facing scorching heat in the summer and also uncertain climatic conditions.

There are plenty of fans available in the Indian market in designs, shapes, sizes, and colors. Choosing a fan is not an easy job. So many brands are available in the market and every brand offers a range of variety along with mind-blowing offers, discounts, and seasonal benefits. Table fans in India are the best among ceiling fan, pedestal fans and window fans. Table fans are compact, lightweight, and have complete safety. Table fans are portable and can easily be shifted from one place to another in homes, offices, or in shops.

table fan under 2000 rs in india

Best Selling Table Fan Below 2000 INR

Given below is a list of the most efficient and easily affordable fans available today in the Indian market and you can choose the most suitable for your needs at a reasonable cost?

Most of the fans given in the list below are available around rupees 2,000/- only. If you are looking for lower budget table fans check our list of table fan under 1000 rs. Find the most suitable and the best selling table fan below 2000 INR in India.

1. Usha Mist Air ICY 400MM 55- Watt Table Fan 

Usha Mist Air Table Fan

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The Usha Mist table fan offers higher performance and works efficiently. The fan is designed aerodynamically and it has nice long and sharp blades that deliver higher air around the room. Portable fans have a powerful copper motor that does power consumption and supports the technology of uniform oscillations and tilting mechanisms.

The fan with a novel design looks like a decorative piece when placed at home. It is especially convenient to use for one person or several people sitting in a room. Thermal overheat protection is a useful feature that helps the fan to run for a longer time in a non-jerk movement.

The blue-colored Usha Mist air table fan has become popular among the Indian household especially during the hot atmosphere. The company provides a 1-year warranty that depends on the date of delivery.


  • It is a highly trusted brand.
  • Impressive performance managed oscillations.
  • The fan is easy to assemble.


  • The base can be made stronger.

2. Bajaj Midea Table Fan

Bajaj Midea Table Fan 

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The sturdy and durable Bajaj Midea table fans are of high quality. The use of polypropylene keeps the blade sharp. It helps the table fan to rotate at high speed and offers a full force of air making the room cool within a short time.

The white-colored fan can produce a cooling effect but remains noiseless all the time. The fan is portable and can be easily passed from 1 call to any other. The plastic covering makes it easy to clean the fan with a damp cloth.

The Bajaj Midea table fan runs on a solid motor that remains working for a long duration. The fan can offer cool air with uniform oscillations and jerk-free movements. You can easily assemble the fan by referring to the given manual. The company offers a 2-year warranty on the table fan.


  • It is long durable.
  • Easy to port & remains noiseless
  • High-speed fan with complete safety


  • Grills needed to be smooth.



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The SMARTDEVIL table fan is operated on a rechargeable battery. The fan has 4 different speed limits that can be easily adjusted using the settings. The personal table fan is the most versatile in looks and having advanced features. The fan is most suitable to be used at home, offices, and many indoor-outdoor places. The fan can be fixed at one place or can be shifted from one place to another as per the need.

The black-colored fan has a switch having three buttons that can be adjusted to have 4 -speed choices easily. The tilting mechanism can be adjustable, while it cools the atmosphere around. The noiseless SMARTDEVIL table fan works smoothly without any jerks. The fan can also be charged using a USB port.


  • Speed control options are useful.
  • It can be charged using a USB port.
  • It has jerk-free movement & noiseless rotation.


  • It is heavier in weight.

4. TALLIN Creative Electric Fan

TALLIN Creative Electric Fan

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The TALLIN Creative table fan looks attractive & it can fit on any decorative background easily. The fan works on an automatic shaking head mechanism with 90 degrees of angle adjustments. It helps in supplying the air in the left and right directions as well.

It has a high-power motor with a fuse to auto-protect options that are used during thermal overloading. The fuse prevents any overheating and doesn’t allow the fluctuations to affect the motor at all.

The TALLIN Creative table fan in white color takes minimum space and can be adjusted anywhere in the home or office. It can be most suitable for traveling too. It is easily charged using a USB port and can be placed on a portable stand. It can rotate at high speed and keeps the surroundings cool.


  • It is suitable during the journey.
  • It offers an eye-catching design.
  • It can be recharged using the USB port.
  • It remains noiseless.


  • Sometimes it shakes while running.

5. Anchor by Panasonic Grestar Personal Fan

anchor by Panasonic Grestar Personal Fan

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The Panasonic Grestar anchor table fan has an elegant design and modern look. It is specially made to fit Indian climatic conditions. The fan offers the highest speed of air that cools the atmosphere immediately.

The fan has aerodynamically designed long sharp wings. The wings are made of PP material. The fan is manufactured using sophisticated techniques and the most up-to-date technology that makes the fan stronger with higher longevity. It helps in maintaining the superiority of the fan even during long usage.

Panasonic electrical is one of the trustworthy companies of India. It offers services in the field of electrical & electronic appliances. The Panasonic Grestar offers a vast range of most modern products that are suitable for Indian weather conditions and are highly in demand.

The company manufactures a vast set of ventilation products that are popular all over the world. The company offers a 2-year warranty card that makes it an ideal deal.


  • The portable fan has a lightweight body.
  • It offers amazing performance & a nice design.
  • The use of special material makes it highly useful.


  • It looks smaller in size.

Important Features That Help You To Buy The Best Table Fan

You have to understand the following given features before you decide to buy a suitable fan as per your requirement.

→ 1. Size

The sizes of the table fans are smaller in size. Every brand offers a variety of table fans having different types, designs, and colors. But except for one or two companies, almost all the companies offer fans that are smaller in size. Make sure that you get a fan of the proper size and the one which you are looking for.

→ 2. Energy

Most of the fans that support the latest technology have advanced options. Apart from using electricity, the fans can run on solar energy and also can be used on in-built batteries. The fans needed to be recharged either using USB ports or using solar energy. Most of the fans are handy and can be used during traveling also.

→ 3. Controls

The table fans have limited speed options. The small handy switches are part of the control system. The switches can be operated to either increase or decrease the speed of the fan. Normally the table fans have 3 or 4 buttons that are used to set the speed of the fan. Even some of the table fans are operated on remote controls too.

→ 4. Material

The material used in manufacturing the table fan is of superior quality metal or plastic. It helps in keeping the entire structure of the fan including the blades in a compact design. The material used is of high quality and it helps the products to remain durable for a longer time. The material also reduces the weight of the fan and most of the fans are almost weightless and can be carried in a single hand.

→ 5. Portability

The table fans are placed on the tables, windows, or even on the floors. The base of the fan is stronger than the entire portion of the fan. The stranger base helps in keeping the fan fixed in place. But the fan can be easily portable and can be moved and shifted from one place to another very easily.

→ 6. Safety

Safety is also an important feature. When you have a fan rotating on the table or on the floor, it should protect the children or the pets at home. The protective grates are used to cover the rotating blades. The table fans offer complete safety while in use. Even the powerful motors keep the fan working during long hours and also during uncertain fluctuations.

→ 7. Brands

There are various worldwide companies and popular brands that offer a wide range of appliances. You have to make a market survey or at least compare the prices of a few popular brands along with other features before you decide on the brand and the product.

→ 8. Prices

As the price of the fan is fixed under Rs.2000/- we have to browse the products according to the budget. There are various brands and a variety of table fans that support the latest technology and user-friendly options. You have to choose the best and most suitable table fan according to the price that you have set.

→ 9. Reviews

You should find out the reviews of the products that you are interested in buying. The customer reviews are important in understanding more about the brand, products and doing overall marketing surveys. The customer reviews help us to understand the various issues that are involved while making a deal with a company. The customer reviews are available in plenty and most of the reviews are like learning lessons for the people who are looking for better deals.

→ 10. Warranty

The warranty offered on the product is an advantage. For most of the buyers the warranty acts as a safeguard. The warranty is part of company policy and it depends on the terms & conditions that company lays down as a part of business deal. While you buy a product online, most of the companies not only offer free home deliveries of the products but also offer a warranty against any manufacturing defects of the product.

Understand the necessity of the features discussed above, before you plan to buy any product from the online market. These features will help you in making a better decision at the earliest.

How To Fix Your Noisy Table Fan

Table fans begin to accumulate dust and debris over time. As a result of this buildup, your fan may make strange jittering noises, and its overall performance may be affected. A damp washcloth, as well as your own hands, is all you need for this simple fix, which doesn’t even need a screwdriver.

⊗ Step 1

  • Make sure to switch off and disconnect the fan before beginning the fix.
  • The best place to put your fan is on a flat surface, such as a tabletop.

⊗ Step 2

  • Pull each clamp outward to release the protective cage clamps.
  • Despite the fact that this may necessitate the use of some brute force, be careful not to break the clamps.
  • Make sure to keep the cage in one hand while you remove the last few clamps. Or it’s going to come right off!
  • Remove the cage’s front end from a fan and set it aside for the time being.

⊗ Step 3

  • Remove the blades now that they’re exposed. Twist off the fan’s knob in the middle of the blade piece while holding it in position with another hand.
  • It’s important to keep in mind that this fan’s loosening knob is labeled clockwise. You may be twisting the knob the wrong way if you’re having difficulty removing it.
  • When the knob is loose enough, it should simply spin-off.

⊗ Step 4

  • These blades can be removed by unscrewing the knob!
  • You can use the other arm to hold the fan in place while you pull out the blade piece.
  • Orient the blade piece so that it’s parallel to the cage’s first half.

⊗ Step 6

  • You can now remove the other cage’s half by sliding this knob out of the way.
  • It’s important to remember to slide the cage half back on by aligning holes in metal with stumps sticking out on the fan when reassembling the fan.
  • You should now only be left with the fan itself after removing all of the fan’s easily-detachable parts.

Lastly it’s time to get everything in order! Let’s begin with the fan’s blades, which are the fan’s moving parts. Ensure that the fan does not get submerged or have water dripping into its motor housing.

Wet a cloth with some warm water and begin wiping the blades to remove debris. Any thinner, such as gasoline, should never be used to clean the fan. The fan’s exterior will be damaged as a result.

You should disinfect and clean every crevice to the fullest extent possible. Allow it to dry out for a few days before storing.


The table fan has become a necessity rather than a luxury today. In order to face the uncertain climatic conditions, you have to find the most economical solution. The best table fan under Rs. 2000/- in India can surely help you in finding a useful solution at a very reasonable rate. In India, the majority of people doesn’t use air conditioning units or afford to have ceiling fans in every room of the home. The table fans designed according to the Indian conditions and that are available at reasonable prices is the best and most appropriate solution present today.

The above-given list of features and also the list of branded fans will help you to make your choice if you are looking for a high-quality product at an affordable price. Find more about the products and get the most suitable and the best table fan under 2000 Rs in India.