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How to Change Address in Indane Gas

IndaneGas is one of the premier gas cylinder service providers in India. They are known for their efficient service and wide network allowing people to get access to the gas cylinders right to their doorstep. This has helped many people get easy and hassle-free service for the gas supply.

Since we talked about how Indane gas helps in providing an easy supply of gas cylinders to your home address, it explains a lot about the need for proper addresses to be updated and maintained at all times. For instance, if the address isn’t correct or outdated then the gas cylinder won’t reach the desired person.

Indane Gas

This is why people look to change their address when required to get access to gas cylinders properly. We here take a look at the procedure of changing address in Indane Gas to help users understand and apply it when needed.

Changing Address In Indane Gas within the Same city

For say, if you shifted or changed your address from one place to another place within the same city, how do you notify Indane Gas about that? We here explain that.

  • Visit the Indane Gas distributor in your city
  • Give your subscription voucher that was provided to you during your gas connection.
  • Now inform the distributor about the address change and submit the subscription voucher to the dealer.
  • The dealer or distributor will then update your address and supply Indane gas to your new address.
  • However, if your locality is outside the geographical boundary serving area of the distributor then you need to get a Transfer Termination Voucher from the distributor.
  • Take that transfer termination voucher and reach out to the dealer in your new area.
  • Submit the document and request to update your booklet.
  • The distributor will update your DGCC booklet with the new details and customer number with the new address.
  • Once done, you can get the gas delivered to your new address.

Changing Address in Indane Gas to Another City

When you shift cities then the procedure for changing the address is a bit different to that of the aforementioned one. This requires a few more steps:

  • Submit the equipment and the documents to the Indane Gas distributor along with the reason for the change of address to the new city.
  • The distributor will collect and verify the documents and then provide a Transfer Termination Voucher.
  • Then go to your new city and its local Indane gas distributor and submit the Transfer Termination Voucher along with the request for a new connection.
  • They will provide a new connection along with the Subscription Voucher and pressure regulator to you.
  • Now you will receive the Indane gas cylinder at your new address.

Final Words

Changing of address in Indane Gas within the same city or from one city to another is a normal routine task and won’t be much of a hassle. All you need to do is follow the aforementioned steps and you’ll be good to go.


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