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How Does Exhaust Fan Works? Mechanism Behind It

Different sections in the room are prone to humidity. For example, you will experience high moisture in the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room. You need to clear off this moisture, or else your fall and ceiling can develop moulds. Exhaust fans are usually very effective in removing the humidity, and there would surely be many exhaust fans around your house, but did you ever wonder how it works? In this section, we are going to share the working mechanism behind the Exhaust fans. Check out the details below.

How Exhaust Fan Work?

Exhaust Fans in India

The primary job of the Exhaust fans is to suck the air out of a small room. This allows the fresh air to enter from a door or elsewhere. Since the hot air rises, the exhaust fan can suck out the warm air quickly. Using the duct system, the exhaust fan pushes this humid air out of the house. The blades of the exhaust fans are arranged so that they act as a suction pump and remove the air from the room. You will also come across the exhaust fans that comes with an additional sensor. These sensors can activate the exhaust fan when the humidity reaches a certain level.

How Effective Are Exhaust Fans?

Exhaust fans are very effective in small rooms. You also need to have the exhaust fan of the correct size for it to be effective. If you install a 100 CFM exhaust fan in a large room, it would certainly be not very effective. You need to ensure that the exhaust fan is right-sized as per the room. For the kitchen, bathroom, utility room, laundry room and garage, the exhaust fans can work very well, and they can help you remove humidity very well. Also, no moisture or lower humidity levels means that your walls, ceiling and electrical appliances would stay safe, and they will also last for a longer time. So, the working principle of the exhaust fan is quite simple, yet; they are very effective in getting rid of humidity and smell in the room.

Advantages of Exhaust Fans

  • Exhaust fans are great in keeping the moisture out of the rooms.
  • Exhaust fans are very cost-effective.
  • Exhaust fans are durable, and they require almost no maintenance.
  • Exhaust fans are easy to install.

Disadvantages of Exhaust fans

  • Exhaust fans can be noisy.
  • Exhaust fans can’t replace the chimney over the stove.
  • Exhaust fans have a localized effect only.

By going through these details, we are sure that you would have understood the working of the exhaust fans. Apart from this, you surely have a lot of advantages of installing exhaust fans in small rooms which experience high humidity. If you plan to install the exhaust fan in the kitchen then we recommend backing it up with a kitchen chimney.


  1. mechanism is not the work it does, mechanism is how to works, like the wings are built inward to create a pressure difference that allows the warm and humid air to flow into its direction. it only extracts humid and hot air because those are lighter and are lifted up. this is called mechanism. could you explain this?


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