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Orient Electric Wendy 1200mm Ceiling Fan: Features, Pros and Cons

If you live in India, you must have definitely experienced the scorching heat in April, May and June. Thus, having the right fan is a must for tolerating the hot summer weather in India. A fan is a good alternate over Air conditioners and inverters as they are last for long and affordable.

If you too are looking for a performing fan from a leading ceiling fan brand, this article is for you. In the market, you will find several leading electrical brands that produce a wide range of appliances including fans. Orient is one of them, whose Electric Wendy 1200mm model is designed for practical cooling throughout your room.

With the practical and functional design of the fan, you will have a great feeling of comfort and coolness all day long. The design is perfect for every home space and workspace. So what are you waiting for? Make your room feel classy and modern with the Orient Electric Wendy 1200mm.

Orient Electric Wendy Ceiling Fan

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But, still, the design of the fan does not indicate the durability, power, and features. To know about the features, advantages, and disadvantages of the fan, you have to read this article from beginning to end.

Salient Features of Orient Electric Wendy 120mm Ceiling fan

  • It features a 70W motor, which gives a 230CMM airflow rate and works on 320 RPM.
  • The metallic finish and lacquer coating make the fan durable, and ideal for long-lasting use.
  • It has a complete copper motor and aluminium blades; the material itself is robust and ergonomic.
  • The blades are more durable as compared to standard blades as they are made of aluminium.
  • The fan weighs 4.5kg, which makes it lightweight and portable, so you can carry it when you’re about to shift.
  • It comes with a 2-year inclusive warranty.
  • The blades are extra wider than traditional models of Orient. The higher and wider the blades, the more primitive the air circulation and reaching every corner.
  • The fan with modern & stylish looks to complement room decor.
  • The brand itself is popular in the electrical industry. If you have any issue with your fan then you can contact the customer service centre.

A fan with Powerful Motor

Irrespective of any fan you take, first of all, we see how powerful the motor is. If the fan motor burns out at a high or low flow of electricity, then the fan is useless. The fan from Orient is fitted with a full copper motor, metal is best for any powerful job like preparing a motor for any ceiling fan. It will also provide smooth performance, durability, is also resistant to rust and corrosion.

A fan with a beautiful visual appealing

Not only is it a matter of functionality, but the look of the fans also matters these days, as every home is designed with a modern interior. The stylish trim over blades makes the fan elegant and stylish. The contrast is perfect to match with the decor of any house. This ceiling fan is designed to hide the fitting connections and keep the mounting neat. In the fittings done in traditionally used fans, space was left empty, due to which there were chances of dirt. To avoid collecting dirt & debris, bring this elegant looking ceiling fan.

Fan available in different colour Options

What can be better than the fan model you want to install in your home is available in different colour options? Nowadays, almost every brand focus to meet the requirement of every customer by presenting fans in different colour options. This fan is also available in five interesting colours: Azure Blue, Black/Gold, Pearl White/Walnut, Topaz Gold/Brown, and Brown. You can choose any colour that enhances the beauty of your room.

Metallic Finish on Entire Frame

Having a metallic finish and coating on the fan is the biggest advantage as they will ensure a longer life. Plus, it makes it easier to remove stubborn dust stains.

Extraordinary airflow

The combination of a powerful motor and wider blades allow the fan to deliver high air into every corner of the room. With the strong wind blowing, you will get cold air during the boiling months of summer.

Pros of Orient Electric Wendy 120mm Ceiling Fan:

  • It is an extraordinary model ceiling fan by Orient.
  • The fan provides a good air supply so every nook & corner of the room gets the air.
  • The noiseless operation and durability make it a popular choice.
  • It ensures high air circulation as equipped with a powerful motor.
  • It consumes less electricity hence a completely energy-efficient option.
  • The metallic finish and aluminium construction make the fan robust, sturdy and durable.
  • The looks & finish easily match any décor of the room.
  • It is an affordable option.

Cons of Orient Electric Wendy 120mm Ceiling Fan:

  • Less warranty on the product.


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