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Crompton High-Speed Torpedo Pedestal Fan: Features, Pros and Cons

Crompton High Speed Torpedo 400-mm Pedestal Fan

Pedestal fans are the ideal choice for homes with minimal space. Apart from keeping a room cool, these mount free pans are also quite suitable for monsoons. These fans can be installed anywhere to circulate air in multiple directions, making fans very convenient.

The Crompton High-Speed ​​Torpedo Pedestal Fan is an all-inclusive electrical appliance that lets you adjust as well as set the speed as per your needs. You can enjoy the powerful breeze by placing this best pedestal fan in your home.

Being equipped with a powerful motor and made of copper, the fan ensures better air circulation throughout the room. Overall, the Crompton High-Speed Torpedo Pedestal fan becomes the ideal choice for those looking for a pedestal fan with an attractive finish, design and functionality. To understand more about this pedestal fan, read the features, pros and cons given below:

Crompton HighSpeed Torpedo 400-mm Pedestal Fan

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Crompton High-Speed Torpedo Pedestal Fan Features

  • Helps to endure summer

It is difficult to tolerate scorching heat in summer. It becomes complicated for people to live without the right fan choice. Crompton High-Speed Torpedo fan provides wide & uniform oscillation with multiple speed options. In this way, users can increase the fan speed in summer temperatures.

  • Stability

Since it comes with a strong and wide base, the fan ensures better stability while operating at higher speeds of oscillation. The base can bear the entire load of the fan whether it is moving from one place to another.

  • Superior Air Delivery

The speed of the fan is unbeatable due to being equipped with aerodynamic blades. The three sturdy blades of the fan give an impressive airflow of 105 CMM which is superior to other fans available in the Indian market.

  • Powerful Motor

The standpoint of the Crompton High-Speed Torpedo pedestal fan is to ventilate the whole house and make it cooler. The reason it serves this purpose is the powerful motor feature which is the premium quality of the fan. The fan’s powerful motor delivers a high speed of 2100 rpm, allowing the fan to provide continuous airflow. In addition, their blades will spin the expanding air at a high speed per second.

  • Thermal Overload Protection

Pedestal fans are designed keeping in mind the falling heat and voltage in India. One of the important features that come with a Crompton pedestal is its thermal overload protection. This feature protects the motor in the event of any voltage fluctuation and prevents the fan from overheating. The best part is that the circuit will break temporarily in case of overload. This way your fan will be safe.

  • Other features

The fan provides wide oscillations for all-around comfort as it has heading control. n simple words, you can adjust the fan to any angle beyond 45 degrees. To activate the fan, you simply push the knob on the top of the motor housing down. To stop it, you just need to pull it up.


  • The motor is powerful that offers the noiseless operation, even at different speeds.
  • The fan is lightweight, ergonomic, has multiple features, making the fan ideal in terms of quality, stability and functionality.
  • The blades of the fan are three in number, and all of them are made of premium quality material.


  • As per users, it makes annoying noise after three to four uses.
  • The blades are fragile, which will result in the fan being unusable if they break.


The above-mentioned features of the pedestal fan help to know that this fan is unbeatable in terms of quality and functionality.


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