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The Best Neck Fan in India 2023 [Keeps You Cool Anywhere]

There are times when you can’t get away from the heat, whether it’s in a stuffy office or on a summer stroll in the sunshine. Neck fans are among the most practical solutions to manage excessive temperatures for individuals who are looking for a quick and convenient solution.

Even though they are powerful and wireless, they let you remain hands-free even on the scorching of days. The neck fans are particularly useful since you can simply carry them around the necks without causing any discomfort, ensuring that your faces receive sufficient fresh air while you are walking.

Some people may also use a small portable fan, but doing so will cause feelings of tiredness because you will be forced to use only one hand all of the time. Instead, you should depend on a portable neck fan, which can be easily placed around the neck like a chain and will allow you to get some fresh air without needing to use the hand or sit in one spot. One of the good thing is that the neck fan price in India are under budget.

Best Selling Portable Neck Fan in India

When it is about traveling or wandering around on a hot and humid summer day, these are extremely useful. There are various neck fans available in India at different prices and colors. No matter which one you select, make sure you choose the best portable hanging neck fan. Here are some of the premium hanging neck fan brands in India. Check out the popular brands of neck fan here:

1. Hands-Free Neck fan

Hands-Free Neck fan

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With a battery that provides 2000mAh of power, the hands-free neck fan can operate for up to 4-12 hours. Its headphone design makes it simple to use, and the two wind fans, each of which has three adjustable wind levels, should provide enough wind to meet your requirements.

The adjustable neck should allow you to find your most comfortable position thanks to its 360-degree rotation. Its USB port allows the user to charge his fan simply and conveniently. The adjustable configuration should assist you in providing adequate airflow. This neck fan is very easy to use in kitchen also.

Pros Cons
Hands-free operation Compartments of the battery can get hot
Lights up for better night visibility  
Comes with a system of aromatherapy distribution  
Fits comfortably and securely around the neck  

2. Portable fan by TFS TOP

Portable fan by TFS TOP

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This hanging collar sports fan features a personal, hands-free, and headphones design that allows you to wear the fan around the neck and take it with you wherever you go. It may be used either as a desk fan or as a handheld fan, depending on your preferences and requirements. Ideal for use in the office, at home, on vacation, or while camping.

With the built-in sponge, one can easily add your favorite essential oils or scent whenever you want. Mosquitoes are repelled by the smell of the fragrance. A must-have casual head fan for the fashionable girls, boys, women, or adults!

It is designed with a double wind-heads design that allows for 360-degree universal adjustment, allowing you to adjust the ideal wind direction for your environment. Change the little fans easily by moving them forward, and enjoy the upward air coming from the neck side. A hands-free design makes it easier to use the device.

With a 1800mAh rechargeable battery built-in, TFS’s hands-free private fan is compatible with any USB-port device and does not have any restrictions on how it may be used. Low noise, three adjustable speeds (Low, Medium, and High), one-button control, and a battery life of 4-12 hours depending on the speed of the portable fan are all features of this rechargeable fan.

The ABS+silicone material used to construct the fan is of high quality. The combination of low current and high-speed motor significantly increases working time.

Pros Cons
Portable neck fan known for its uniqueness Can take time in recharging
Comes with 1800 mAH battery life which is rechargeable  
Made up of high-quality material  
Comes with 3 adjustable speed option  

3. Vagau Neck Fan

Vagau Neck Fan

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You’ll enjoy the Portable Neck Fan if long-term pleasure is your priority, as it is for many others. This fan has many of the characteristics that you look for in a wearable air conditioner, including long battery life, a bladeless design, quiet operation, and several speed settings.

The fan has a pleasant feature in that it has a specially padded neckband, which makes it the perfect partner for naps, long working hours at the office, and general use in general. Because of the soft padding, you may wear this for long periods without being fatigued.

This neck fan is intended to be used as an earphone to allow you to free your hands whenever and wherever you are. Your dress sense gives you a very cool appearance. When it’s wrapped around the neck, the lightweight ease and flexibility of the design will cool you down and calm you whether you’re out in the sun, lounging at the beach, or studying in bed.

The hands-free neck fan is equipped with a set of colorful LED lights that can be operated in two modes: color gradient light mode and single white lighting mode. It can be used to create more ambient styles that allow you to shine in low-light or dark environments, for example. Teenagers and adults alike will find them even more appealing as a result of this. At night, it is cool.

This compact USB personal fan is equipped with a built-in lithium battery that can last up to 10 hours depending on the setting selected. USB Rechargeable – The compact sports fan is suitable for the vast majority of PCs, laptops, portable chargers, and other devices that have a USB connector on the back. It recharges quickly, allowing you to use it for activities such as camping, hiking, or simply staying cool outside.

This Adjustable NeckUSB Fan is available in three different speed levels to meet your specific requirements: low, medium, and high speeds. By clicking the power button, you can adjust the fan speed to your liking. Heat flashes, sweating, & flushing are no longer a problem.

Pros Cons
Comes with colorful LED light Can stuck in hair
It is an expensive neck fan  
Allows 360 degree free rotation  
Have adjustable speed option  
Portable and light in weight  

4. Little Joke Techstone

Little Joke Techstone

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The hands-free compact fan from the brand Little Joke is equipped with two wind fans that have a 360-degree rotary tendency to offer you adequate airflow while remaining quiet. The repeated tapping of its power button will allow you to alter the speed of the fan on three different levels, depending on your needs and preferences.

Because of its USB charging connector, it should be simple to charge it anywhere and at any time. It’s also possible to add fragrance oil to its lid & breathe in the fragrance. It should assist you in adjusting the speed as per your requirements.

This Aromatherapy neck fan allows you to enjoy the cool breeze while still doing what you want to do and keeping your hands free.

Speed levels can be adjusted from low to medium to high depending on the situation.

Continue to press the power switch to adjust the suitable fan speed or the proper time for use.

The portable fan has a 2000mAh lithium battery that can be recharged by a USB cable, so no additional batteries are necessary.

The LJ Private fan is designed with two fans that can rotate 360° each, allowing you to pick the ideal wind direction for yourself. It is simple & easy to create strong wind with the LJ Personal fan.

The brand offers comprehensive after-sales support as well as quality assurance. They encourage you to contact us first if you do have any concerns with our goods, and they will resolve the issue for you in 24 hours.

Pros Cons
Portable fan with unique design Noisy at high speed
Rechargeable battery which can last between 6 to 15 hours  
Rubberized handgrip  
Best for personal use  

5. Leipple Portable neck fan

Leipple Portable neck fan

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It is a best headphone design that allows you to free your hands. There is also an integrated LED light in the double-headed neck fan, which is available in seven different colors. Its rainbow lights are pleasant to run under at night and are ideal for night runners.

The USB fan with three speeds and 360-degree rotation allows you to choose the most suitable wind speed for you. The two small fan heads have a unique bent design that allows them to be turned 360 degrees, allowing you to enjoy the refreshing breeze from any position.

Working time is extended, and the USB port is recharged. Our portable fan has a built-in lithium battery with a capacity of 2000mAh that can be recharged multiple times using the included USB charging cord. It could be used for anywhere from 3 to 8 hours, depending on the volume of air it is exposed to. If the battery gets depleted, it is possible to recharge it at any time.

 It is compatible with the vast majority of computers, laptops, mobile power, and other devices that have a USB output.

Lightweight, tiny personal conditioning fan for easy transport and storage; hanging design; hands-free neckband fan excellent for adventure activities, gym, business, travel, camping, and reading; hanging design; small basic cooling fan for easy transport and storage

The brand provides a 30-day no-reason exchange or return policy, as well as a 1-year quality guarantee. If you are dissatisfied with our small fan, please contact them before leaving a poor review, and they will resolve the issue for you in 24 hours.

Pros Cons
Long battery life Can be noisy
Adjustable fan speed  
Integrated LED light  
Best for girls  
100% replacement offer  

How To Choose The Best Neck Fan In India

When it comes to picking the best neck fans available, the most important factors to consider are ease and efficiency. Although some aspects are worth taking a look at, the fundamentals are what you should be concerned with. As a result, the following factors were taken into consideration when selecting the neck fans in this list:

Type of fan

One of the very first things which you should consider when purchasing a neck fan is the sort of available fans. Neck fans can be divided into two categories: bladeless and bladed. Bladeless neck fans are the most common.

The bladeless fans are far quieter and would also generate a significant amount of airflow. However, you would have to spend a little more money on these because they will be more expensive. Another type of fan is a fan with blades, which may be purchased for a significantly lower cost but may be less efficient than bladeless fans; however, they will have an edge in terms of flexibility. You can select between the two fans based on preference and financial constraints.

Fan speed

You would also need to take into consideration the fan speed, which is another important consideration. If your neck fan has various speed settings or if it simply has a single speed setting, you should consider purchasing it. You can choose either of them, but possessing speed alternatives is far handier than not having any options at all. When you have a greater number of alternatives, you will feel more convenient since you will be able to easily increase or reduce the speed in response to the temperature & weather conditions around you.


Nothing on your neck should be producing too much noise; this will negatively affect your day & whatever you are doing. If the neck fan is creating too much noise, you will have difficulty concentrating or talking. As a result, you may want to pay attention to how much noise the neck fan generates; a lower level of noise would be preferable, so choose the neck fan carefully.


The fact that you have to wear the collar fan around the neck makes it the ideal choice if it’s also comfortable. Because you do not want to buy something that you will be uncomfortable wearing, you may want to get a neck fan that is pleasant to wear and does not cause any difficulty while you are using it.


 The most critical factor to consider is the fan’s power. The strength of the fan determines whether or not it will be capable of keeping you cool, and if it does not have enough power, there is no purpose in utilizing it. To account for this, all of the neck fans on the list were selected after evaluating the amount of power they can generate.

Battery Life

 It is necessary to strike a delicate balance between power consumption and battery life. Moreover, even though power is the most vital thing, if it lasts a few minutes, it is not worth having. While the lifespan of different fans varies depending on their power settings, all of the neck fans on the list will last at the very least a few hours.


It is undeniably important, even if it does not appear to be so. Non-stop cool air delivery is dependent on the design of the neck fan, which also influences how long one can comfortably wear the fan and who will be able to use it.

Overall functionality

You should evaluate the overall functionality of the neck fan by taking into account all of the factors so that you just do not end up regretting your purchase later. You may choose a neck fan based on its appearance or style; however, you must also consider purchasing a neck fan that is convenient to carry around or store when not in use. Make certain that you select the most appropriate one for yourself.


When purchasing anything, the cost is an important point to consider, and this is also valid in the context of portable neck fans, which are rather inexpensive. You may want to think about your budget before purchasing a neck fan that is either excessively expensive or, even worse, one that does not provide you with good value for money. Therefore, make certain that you wind up with the one which is both inside your budget also and offers excellent value for money. Consider comparing the neck fan to its competitors to ensure that you are getting the best deal possible.

Neck Fan Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Are Neck fans worth it?

And, the answer is yes. The reason behind this is offering 360-degree cooling, making sure you’re continually getting a good amount of air movement to your neck and face. The low noise and comfortable band make it ideal to wear for a long duration.

  1. What is the price of a neck fan in India?

The cost of a neck fan varies with the brand’s name, several features, and quality. The best quality neck fan ranges from Rs 170 to Rs 200, depending on the material and air quality.

  1. How long do you have to charge a neck fan?

A neck fan can work for a long time, but it takes at least two to three hours for it to be fully charged. However, the duration of charging depends on the rechargeable battery included in it.

  1. What is the use of a neck fan?

Neck fans have important uses for saying goodbye to hot flashes, flushing and sweating. It is designed to be worn around the neck so that your hands remain free. The neck fan is ideal for personal cooling and helps get rid of sweat during outdoor events and the scorching heat.


The neck fans included in this list are effective in all categories. Each of them has the battery life & power required to be effective, & the designs are all suitable for a diverse range of people.

As a result, these are among the greatest neck fans which you can purchase. Based on the aforementioned criteria, we have chosen the best neck fans available. These are not only inexpensive, but they also perform admirably.

So go ahead & pick the finest neck fan for your personal use from the list above based on your tastes, and you can rest assured that you will never feel the heat on the face while keeping it cool.

Order your favorite neck fan today and wave a hand to scorching summers this year. 


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