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Atomberg Renesa 600mm Ceiling Fan: Features, Pros and Cons

Atomberg Renesa 600mm BLDC Motor Ceiling Fan with Remote Control

A ceiling fan is a must-have appliance for every Indian home, as it improves the temperature inside the room, maintains airflow, is less expensive and consumes less electricity than an A/C. One such brand that has introduced energy-efficient and attractively designed fans with smart technology is Atomberg.

Atomberg has been a popular and trusted ceiling fan brand in India thus their fan following is very popular among the users. Since they are economical and reliable, more and more Indians prefer the Atomberg brand. Amongst all, there is a fan named Atomberg Renesa 600mm Ceiling Fan, which is known for its excellent quality, effectiveness and brand feature.

From the sleek design to the smart remote feature, the BLDC motor, or everything else about this fan is simply impressive and eye-catching. Keep scrolling to read its features, pros and cons.

Atomberg Renesa 600mm Ceiling Fan

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Features of Atomberg Renesa 600mm Ceiling Fan:

  • Energy-Efficient Option

Several key features that you will love about this fan, one such is its BLDC technology, also known as brushless direct current. Having this technology means that the fan consumes only 28 to 32 watts of power when running at the highest speed, resulting in you saving up to Rs 1500 per fan per year on your hefty electricity bills. Plus, you can enjoy the improved air quality wherever installed.

  • Suitable for every Space

Most of us get confused while selecting ceiling fans that complement the interior of the room as they come in different dimensions, styles, designs and colours. The best part about the Atomberg Renesa 600mm is that it has a sleek design with beautiful brown colour, making it ideal for every room from the living room to the bedroom and dining room. In addition, since the dimensions are 29 x 20 x 22 cm, it can be installed in both small and large rooms. With the elegant design and look of the fan, you can impress your guests and loved ones.

  • Sturdy Frame

Another notable aspect that will be amazed you are its aluminium blades which are completely free from rust and corrosion, and variant at the same time. The combination of longer blades and sleek motor design makes the fan functional and better in terms of performance & durability. The material itself is easy to clean, maintain and free from any tear & wear.

  • Remote Control and LED Indication

Unlike ceiling fans available in the market, Atomerg  Renesa comes features both LED indication and remote control. You will get distracted by its stunning LED for speed on the motor. It is something different that will amaze as well aesthetic appealing. You can use the fan remote instead of a manual one to control the fan, which means it’s easier to operate from anywhere in the room.

Pros of Atomberg Renesa 600mm Ceiling Fan:

  • Since it comes with a smart remote, you can easily operate it by using options like timer, sleep, and boost mode.
  • This fan is very beautiful and functional at the same time as it has aluminium blades and compact size.
  • The entire frame is sturdy, well-constructed and durable enough.
  • It has a stunning LED indication on the motor for speed settings.
  • Since this inverter is equipped with stabilization technology, which means the fan runs at the same speed with input voltage fluctuating from 140 to 285V.

Cons of Atomberg Renesa 60mm Ceiling Fan:

  • It is a bit costly fan.
  • Small in size, and therefore not suitable for large spaces.


If you are looking for the best ceiling fan at an affordable price with multiple features in India then Atomeberg Renesa 600mm ceiling fan would be an excellent choice.


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