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5 Best Ceiling Fans in India 2023 [Stylish & High Speed Ceiling Fans]

Have you noticed that ceiling fans are widely used in India and you can at least find two ceiling fans in every home? Even Indians install ceiling fans in the bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathrooms, washrooms, etc. The reason behind this popularity is cost-efficiency. Ceiling fans are cheap as compared to air conditions, HVAC, and other cooling systems.

Among all the home appliances, a ceiling fan in India is an essential one, which gives relief from summer’s heat. Despite the diversity with culture and living style, anyone can feel the warmth in the climate throughout all the seasons. An effective and affordable option to get a break from this heat is a ceiling fan.

Indians use ceiling fans for the whole year (almost 10 months) and it helps. The length of the blade and the rotation speed decide the airflow. If you are moving to a new home or going for a renovation, installing the right type of ceiling fan would be an excellent choice.

You can find ceiling fans in a wide range of colour choices, shapes and designs to make your home look great. In recent years, the trend to install an aesthetic looking ceiling fan is taking the imagination to a broad level. Almost everyone knows that how a ceiling fan gets you relief from the high ambient temperature.

Ceiling Fans in India

Ceiling fans also consume less power and they are highly energy efficient. These are two of the major reasons that you can find ceiling fans in every Indian home. If you are willing to buy a new ceiling fan for your home, we are here to help you. We curated a list of the top 10 best ceiling fans in India and this list is based on the value for money aspect.

Best Selling Ceiling Fans Online in India

Without wasting any more time, let’s take a deep dive into our top 10 best ceiling fans in India with price check option and move down to all the other great alternatives.

1. Atomberg Renesa Ceiling fan

Atomberg Renesa Ceiling fan

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The world is moving to smart home appliances and having a remote control ceiling fan is a move toward a new change. Atomberg Renesa ceiling fan is offering you the same, but for a comprehensively affordable price point. This BLDC motor ceiling fan has three blades and the size is 1200mm a suitable option for your bedroom and living room.

For a medium-sized room, the size of the blade is perfect to provide excellent airflow. This fan has a 28W motor and if you compare the power, you can find that it is consuming way less energy as compared to the other options. You are going to save on electricity bills. The remote is included with the fan and it gives you the functionality to turn on/off, sleep, speed control and timer also.

There are LED indicators installed in the fan to make it look eye-catchy and attractive. This fan comes in seven impressive colour options. The fan motor is compact and enhances the look. So, if you are willing to create an aesthetic look, this fan will be the perfect choice for almost every buyer. The small remote also looks great and our opinion regarding the key functionality falls in the positive zone.

One of the best things that everyone will agree on is, no need for a regulator to change the speed of the fan. The hassle-free usability ensures that you have great convenience while using the fan.

Pros –

  • The fans look classy with the small motor design.
  • Cuts down on electricity bills due to 28w motor.
  • Backed by three years of warranty on motor and care.
  • Seven eye-catchy colour options help to achieve an aesthetic look.
  • There is no need for a regulator to operate this fan.

Cons –

  • Fan make some rattling noise at a higher speed.

2. Candes Star 1200mm Ceiling Fan

Candes Star Ceiling Fan

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A ceiling fan that is best of all kinds from Candes is a competitive choice to almost every option available online. This ceiling fan is available in three different colour options which are ivory, white and blue. This fan is perfect to enhance the theme of any room you choose for this fan.

The modern and stylish design makes this fan an eye-catchy choice among buyers and offers a verge to the competition. Besides the design and eye-catchy look, the Candes star fan has a 5-stars BEE-Approved rating. In simple words, this ceiling fan is offering top-notch performance as well as high energy efficiency.

Rotation speed is an important aspect, and no one ever misses the numbers. This fan is offering a rotation speed of 400 RPM and you are getting an air delivery of 230 CMM. It doesn’t matter that if you are installing this fan in a small, 100 sq. ft sized room or a large one, you will get effective air distribution in the entire room.

The blade tips are wider and deliver air with lesser noise. Comparing this fan to our top pick, you can find that this fan is better in terms of functionality, and it also makes less noise. The manufacturer is also offering three years of warranty on this fan to provide adequate after-sales support to buyers.

Pros –

  • RPM above 400 with 230 CMM ensure a proper air delivery in the entire room.
  • It has a matte finish, which offers a better look for almost every kind of theme.
  • Three impressive colour options ensure the perfect option for any colour scheme.
  • It has a 5 Stars BEE rating, so you can save on electricity bills with power efficiency.
  • The manufacturer is backing this product with three years of warranty.

Cons –

  • Few negative reviews regarding the slow after-sale services from the manufacturer.

3. Crompton Hill Briz Ceiling Fan

Crompton Ceiling Fan

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Crompton is one of the best ceiling fan company in India. On the affordable side of the ceiling fan, Crompton Hill Briz is a comprehensive option that packs a wide range of features. This is a three-blade ceiling fan, and it comes in three beautiful colour options – Brown, Ivory and Opal White. This fan has 48 inch long blades to distribute air smoothly in all directions, for a small and large room.

There is a powerful motor installed by the manufacturer, which offers a maximum rotation speed of 370 RPM to ensure that you get the best of all kinds. The motor works on a double ball bearing mechanism to carry the extra load of the fan. An extra bearing also helps in the reduction of fan noise and ensure that you get the best usability experience.

The motor has 100% copper wiring, which ensures that you can get better durability. For context, copper is a durable material as compared to silver. The manufacturer is offering a two-years of warranty on this fan. The 75-watt motor is offering the perfect usability as if you compare to the other ceiling fan available in this price category.

Crompton is a leading manufacturer of electronic home and kitchen appliances. So far, this brand has a top-notch after-sale services network and credible background. Choosing Crompton will be easy for almost every buyer due to the quality of services. This brand is offering quality products for a high and affordable price point, so saying that Crompton is a diverse brand won’t be a wrong statement.

Pros –

  • Copper wiring in the motor provides better durability of the fan.
  • Double ball bearing sustain the weight and also reduce the noise.
  • This ceiling fan has comparatively lesser maintenance as of other options.
  • Three eye-catchy colour options are available to get the perfect one for a specific theme.
  • The manufacturer is offering a two-years of warranty even at such a low price.

Cons –

  • A few negative reviews from buyers regarding the slow speed after months of use.

4. Orient Electric Apex Ceiling Fan

Orient Electric Apex Ceiling Fan

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For a similar price point to our previous product, you can find Orient Electric Apex Ceiling Fan as a competitive choice. Orient is a well-known ceiling fan brand in India, and it was established in 1954. So, it is a trusted brand and choosing any of the ceiling fans blindly won’t be wrong for this brand.

Orient Electric Apex Ceiling Fan is a reliable option due to its elegant look and all the necessary features for a lower price point. First of all, this ceiling fan is available in two incredible colour options, which are – Brown, and White. The fan is a glossy finish, which repels dirt and dust effectively to keep the surface clean.

The three-blade mechanism is perfect for the 40 W motor. Even though the manufacturer is installing a medium-power motor, this fan can attain a rotation speed of 370 RPM to deliver air in all the direction. You can choose the five-speed settings to get the best of all kinds with this ceiling fan.

The air delivery from the fan is 200 m3/min, and it will give you relief from the summer heat in an effective manner. The manufacturer is offering two years of warranty on this fan so that you can have perfect use in all cases. One more thing worth knowing, the motor is 100% copper, and it ensures that you get a longer lifespan out of this fan.

Pros –

  • The motor is made of 100% wiring, which provides excellent durability.
  • Even blade size of 1200m, you are getting 370 RPM and 200 m3/min air delivery.
  • Orient is an old, experienced and reliable brand which makes selection easier.
  • The manufacturer is offering 2 years of warranty from the date of manufacturing.
  • This ceiling fan is perfectly suitable for small, and medium-sized rooms.

Cons –

  • Few complaints regarding the higher maintenance of fan blades cleaning.

5. Luminous Dhoom 70-Watt High-Speed Ceiling Fan

Luminous Dhoom 70-Watt High-Speed Ceiling Fan

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Luminous might be a new brand in the fans industry in comparison to the other brands, but, Luminous has become a credible option among buyers. The rounded blade design of the Luminous Dhoom 70-Watt High-Speed Ceiling Fan is enhancing the look and ensure a perfect finish to almost every room.

This ceiling fan is designed with décor in mind as you can find a shiny finish around the motor. The look of this ceiling fan is close to perfect for every room. You can choose this ceiling fan in three different colour options, which are brown, white and ivory. All the colours have a glossy finish to enhance the colour scheme.

Luminous Dhoom has an aerodynamical design, and it provides an excellent air delivery. The blades are wider, and it offers an air delivery of 230 CMM. The optimum cooling from this ceiling fan will provide you with perfect use. There is 20% extra copper used in the manufacturing process to ensure better durability of the ceiling fan.

As you can find that, this fan falls in the mid-range category but packs the feature of a premium fan. The 12 pole motor provides a higher rotation speed of 380 RPM. The non-corrosive design will offer you longer durability of the fan, and the two-year warranty will also save you from unwanted problems.

Pros –

  • The non-corrosive design and copper motor ensure a better fan’s lifespan.
  • The manufacturer is offering a 2-years of warranty from the date of manufacturing to provide excellent durability.
  • The motor is robust and offers a maximum rotation speed of 380 RPM.
  • The build quality is top-notch and this fan has a dust-repellent paint finish.
  • The rounded edge of fan blades looks quirky and good enough for every room.

Cons –

  • The fan is slightly noisy at high-speed settings.

How to Choose the Best Ceiling Fans in India

Wouldn’t it be easy if you go to market and choose the fan based on colour only? Well, it can’t be possible unless you have a high budget and you will look in the premium price range only. For an average consumer, looking at the specs sheet and ensuring the right features for the optimal price point is a more practical choice. Here, we made a list of all the key features that you must check during the purchase time. These aspects are as follow –

→ 1. Motor Power

BLDC motor fan

The motor of a ceiling fan is the primary one that you should be looking after. The power rating is mentioned by the manufacturer. Higher the power, better the speed, but it doesn’t mean the best. Some fans with small motors offer higher rotation speed and provide excellent airflow in the entire room. Higher power motor also consumes higher electricity, so you should check that which kind of fan you are willing to buy. BLDC motor based fans consume less electricity.

2. Fan Blade Size

ceiling fan size chart

There are fan blades size mentioned by the manufacturer and if you are looking for a medium-sized room fan, you should go with the optimal size. No doubt that a 1200mm fan blade is optimal for almost every room, whether it is a small, medium or large room. You can choose a small fan blade size for washrooms, kitchen and such other places. The size of blades matters because if the size of the blade is larger, it will push more air downward.

3. Number of Blades

In most homes, you can find that three fan blade ceiling fans are widely in use. If the number of blades is higher, you can expect a better airflow. There are four and five-blade ceiling fans also available in the market. For extra blades, the motor needs to be larger, and it will also consume more power. Based on where you want to install the ceiling fan, you can easily find the optimal option.

4. Rotation Speed

All the above-mentioned factors are easy to avoid if you focus on rotation speed, airflow and the number of blades. Higher the number of blades, and higher the rotation, the better the airflow. To understand in simple words, if you choose a three blades fan that offers 400RPM or more, then you can get better airflow as compared to a fan that works has five blades but 250 RPM speed.

5. Air Flow

If you don’t want to get confused with anything else and want lots of airflows, then you can look at this factor. Most manufacturers of fans mentioned RPM and CMM units. RPM stands for rotation per minute, and CMM stands for Cubic Meters per Minute. Higher the CMM number, the better the experience.

6. Colour

There is a wide range of colour options available with the ceiling fan, and choosing the optimal one depends upon the colour scheme of the room or hall. Irrespective of design and appearance, you should choose the ceiling fan with matching colours to have a perfect match. Design and colour is a subjective thing, so you can talk to other family members to finalize the perfect colour.

7. Dirt and Dust-Resistant Coating

Ceiling fans that have dirt and dust resistant coating require less maintenance. Cleaning the fan is one of the typical tasks, and it requires lots of effort. The dirt-resistant coating doesn’t collect much dirt, and your fan looks clean. If you leave in places where you have to deal with plenty of dust, choosing a dust-resistant fan will be the perfect option.

8. Noise

No doubt that all fans make noise, but there are some models which make an audible sound. If you are too sensitive to any noise while sleeping, then there are some specific models which make less noise even at higher speeds. The aerodynamic design ensures that the fan doesn’t make much noise.

9. Power Efficiency Rating

Every electronic appliance in India has an energy efficiency rating and checking this rating is important to ensure that you get a fan that doesn’t consume much electricity. Choosing a higher rating ceiling fan will be perfect to save up on electricity bills. A five-star rating ensures that you are saving at least 30% on the electricity bill from the ceiling fan.

10. Additional Functionality

There are ceiling fans that come with remote control and built-in lights. Remote-controlled ceiling fans offer great convenience and it is a perfect move toward the future. You can also find that ceiling fans come with a speed control option through pull-chains. Chains are hanging from the fan, you can pull to increase or decrease the speed.

11. Manufacturer

Choosing a well-known ceiling fan manufacturer is always better to avoid any issue in future. A credible manufacturer will offer you quality after-sale service, the product will have better build quality, and the long term warranty will save you from unwanted problems. Some of the top ceiling fans manufacturers in the industry are Orient, Havells, Usha, Crompton, Luminous, etc. These ceiling fan brands are old and each one offers a long term warranty.

12. Warranty

Always look for a warranty on the ceiling fan, because if the motor fails, you can get it claimed from the manufacturer. The motor in a ceiling fan plays an important role and it can’t tolerate excess power supply. Any fluctuation in voltage due to poor weather can damage the motor. The manufacturer will still replace the motor in most cases. A ceiling fan with at least 3 years of warranty is always better to buy over the product with no warranty at all.

13. Feedback

Always check the feedback from previous buyers to learn about what others say about the purchase. The review section of the ceiling fan will help you know about the pros and cons experienced by other buyers. You can learn about durability, build quality, design, after-sale services and many other aspects by this method. It will ensure that you get the best product without doing much research.

14. Cost

If you haven’t finalized any budget during the purchase time, chances are higher that you will end up getting confused about the variety. It would be a better choice to finalize a budget. A budget of Rs. 2,000 is good enough to let you find quality options. On the other hand, all the excellent ceiling fan models are available in this price range.

Celing Fan Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questiosn people also ask while purchaising ceiling fans:

1. What Size Ceiling Fan Do I Need?

The size of a ceiling fan is commonly measured by its blade span, also known as blade sweep. For 75 up to sq. ft bathrooms, utility rooms & breakfast nooks, it is good to choose fan blades that are 29” to 36”. While, 42” to 48” & 52” to 56” blade span are perfect for large bedrooms, dining room, kitchen, media rooms up to 350 sq. ft.

2. How Much Is A Ceiling Fan?

In India, ceiling fans start from Rs 1400 and reach up to Rs 2500. However, a ceiling fan cost is based on the features, brand, and company popularity. You can opt for luxurious options like ceiling fans with light. Other options like ceiling fans with lighting can be availed, but keep in mind that you will have to pay a higher price for the added features.

3. Can You Buy Replacement Blades For Ceiling Fans?

The answer is yes. Most of today’s manufacturers of ceiling fans offer reversible blades in a variety of finishes and colours. If your fan is not offering replacement blades in ceiling fan packing, you can buy fan blades with similarly sized blades in the market. Also, if you can’t find an adequate replacement size, contact your fan’s manufacturer for replacement blades.

4. Which Type Ceiling Fans Move The Most Air?

Due to upgrading technology, every ceiling fan manufacturer ensures better air quality. Of all the fan options, a flush-mount ceiling that has a high CFM will move the most air for you. Whenever choosing a ceiling fan, look for a high-flow model with a 7000 CFM rating that is the minimum to provide better airflow. A fan that has 7000 CFM ensures great air movement throughout your home space.

5. What Length down rod should be used with a ceiling fan?

Down rods vary in length and diameter depending on the ceiling fan application and type. Most standard ceiling fans include a down rod extending from three inches to six inches in length. This down rod length is ideal for standard size rooms with a ceiling height of 8 to 9 feet. Depending on the manufacturer, it can range up to 177 inches.


Besides the fact that design is a crucial part, it is also a subjective one. During the purchase time, you can consult with the other family members to finalize the perfect colour and design of the ceiling fan. Going with a dust-resistant fan offers the best of all kinds and provides a wide number of advantages to buyers.

Thus, choosing a perfect ceiling fan is all about understanding the need and looking for all the necessary features. All the leading manufacturers of ceiling fans ensure a great value for money deal and choosing fans from such brands is easy. If this list or the guide helps you during the purchase, we will elate. I Hope, you choose an excellent ceiling fan.