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How to Measure Ceiling Fan Size in India?

The selection of a ceiling fan seems like one of the difficult jobs. From consideration of brand to design, various critical factors require core attention. Choosing a good brand can get most of the work done morphologically.

Ceiling fans in India are available in a wide range of blade spans, starting from mini 18 inches and then going to 68-inches blade span. There are many enormous sized ceiling fans also available for the specific requirements in halls, subways and other places. So, you can go up to 99 inches ceiling fan blade spans and expect great usability.

However, the selection of adequate ceiling size is necessary. Calculating the right size is one of the easy ways and it requires you to consider a bunch of parameters to finalize the adequate one. Here, we made a list of crucial parameters which will help you measure the ceiling fan size based on the size of your room, hall or other space.

ceiling fan size

1. Height of Ceiling

Ceiling height is one of the crucial factors to look after. In western countries, the ceiling is at 10 feet in height from the floor and using a ceiling fan with 8 inches hanging pipe is the common option. At the same time, Indian homes have a ceiling height of 12 feet from the floor. In those situations, choosing a 16 to 20 inches hanging pipe for the fan is the perfect option. With the increasing ceiling height, you would have to consider going with a ceiling fan pipe length optimal for you. The fan must be 9 feet above the floor for homes and other places. In terms of large halls with wide fan blade sizes, this height could be 15 feet from the floor.

2. Room Size

If the room size in your room is 100 sq. feet, it is considered as a small room and choosing any fan with 42 inches blade span is optimal. The below-given chart will help you figure out the blade size required for a specific room –

Blade Length Adequate For Size of Room
29 inches to 36 inches Kitchen, utility room, storeroom, bathroom Between 50 to 75 sq. ft
42 inches to 48 inches Dining room, bedroom, large kitchens, living room Between 75 to 175 sq. ft.
48 inches to 56 inches King size bedrooms, family rooms, small halls, media rooms Between 200 to 400 sq. ft.
60 inches or above Wedding halls, boutiques, churches, temples, etc. Less than 500 sq. ft

In case the size of the room is beyond 500 sq. ft, the selection of two or more ceiling fans is widely preferred. It will also depend on the factor like ceiling height. If the ceiling height is between 10 to 15 ft. installing large fans won’t be a great choice.

3. Number of ceiling fans required

ceiling fan size

If the room has a square shape and the relaxing area is right below the ceiling fan, a single ceiling fan will be serving the optimal need. But, if the room has more in a rectangle shape (10×20 ft), then you can install two ceiling fans of optimal size. You can divide the room area into two different zones by considering it as two rooms of 10×10 ft size. Using two ceiling fans with a blade span of 42 to 48 inches will be the optimal choice. Needless to mention, using a ceiling fan with higher rotation is not optimal for large rooms. You can consider brands that offer smart blade designs to provide more air even at slow rotation per minute.


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