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How to Clean a Ceiling Fan Properly?

We all have ceiling fans at our house, and the only change that has happened over the last few years is that the fans have become more upmarket. They feature a fancy design now, and they also have an expensive polish on them. The ugly part about having fans is that they attract a lot of dust. Now, these soiled fan blades can reduce the efficiency of the fan. So, you need to clean the ceiling fan often. Even with the ceiling fans that come with anti-dust coating, you need to clean them often.

The regular cleaning of the fan improves the air circulation and keeps your environment hygiene. If you have questions about cleaning the fan properly, then do not worry. We have you covered. In this article, we have listed the correct way to clean the ceiling fan. Check out the pointers below.

Best Methods to Clean a Ceiling Fan Properly

ceiling fan cleaning

Below are some of the effective methods to clean the ceiling fans properly. Check them out now.

1. Using Microfiber Towel/Duster

The first way that you can use to clean the ceiling fans is using a microfiber towel or a duster. There are many dusters available that come with an extendable handle. You can buy one such duster, and you can that to clean the fan. The magnetic duster works the best in such a case because they have charged fibres that can attract dust and create less mess. If the ceiling height is high, you can use a step ladder to improve the reach of the handheld duster. Remember to charge the duster before you clean the dust. Clean the duster and wipe the fan again. Remember to clean the upper side of the duster and the motor head too.

2. Using All-Purpose Cleaner

Sometimes, the dust can be sticking to the blades. This usually happens in humid conditions. In such cases, you need to act against dust with a bit of offensive technique. To begin with, you should wear gloves and get a ladder that can help you reach the height of the ceiling fan. Once that is done, you can slide a pillow cover on the blade and gently wipe the dust off. This should remove 80% of the dust from the ceiling fan. Do this with all the blades and once that is done, keep the pillow cover aside.

Now, start spraying all-purpose cleaner on the ceiling fans. There are many such cleaners available and leave the liquid on the fan for a couple of minutes. During this time, the cleaning liquid will act on the dust. Now, using a microfiber towel or dusting gloves, wipe the blade in linear strokes. If required, give it a second round of cleaning as well. Ensure that you have cleaned the motor head and the backside of the blades as well. This is the most effective way to clean the ceiling fans.

3. Using Vacuum Cleaner

The last option that you have is to use your vacuum cleaner to clean the ceiling fans. For that, start by attaching the ceiling fan or the dusting attachment to the vacuum cleaner. This attachment looks like a brush, and it prevents the dust from scattering all around. Remember that the attachment should be flat. Now, extend the handle to reach the fan. If the height of the handle is short, go ahead and get a step ladder for yourself. Now, turn on the vacuum cleaner and run the cleaning blade across the ceiling fans. The brush will loosen the dust, and the suction power will suck the dust in. Ensure that the motion is smooth and not jerky. Once that is done, you clean all the stray dust from the furniture and the floor. Also, we recommend you wear a shower cap while opting for this method, as the stray dust can get into your hair.


These are some of the excellent ways to clean the ceiling fans. You can choose the way according to the dust accumulation on the fan. If the dust is not much, then you can use an extended tool to clean the ceiling fans; however, if the dust is stubborn and it appears to be sticking on the ceiling fans, then using an all-purpose cleaner would be a better idea. Also, remember that the polish on the fan can be delicate, so you should avoid using sharp tools on the fan. Moreover, the blades are delicate, and you should take care that you do not end up bending the blades. If the shape of the blades gets distorted, that can impact the airflow. While you clean the ceiling fans, the last tip is that you should always cover the floor and furniture with a rug because that will keep you away from cleaning the mess after you have cleaned the ceiling fans.


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