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How to Paint Plastic Chair Properly? Tips and Tricks

Plastic starts losing its shine after a certain period. This is especially true with the plastic chairs that are exposed to weather elements. The good thing is that you can paint the plastic chair. This can restore the furniture and make it look new. In today’s tutorials, we will talk about how you can repaint plastic chairs. Let us move along and check out the details.

Steps To Follow To Paint Your Plastic Chair

1. Cleaning

clean-plastic-chair with soap

The first step is to clean the furniture. This helps you in removing the mould and other growths from the plastic chair. You can use a pressure washer along with a mild cleaner to clean the chair. After this, you need to wait and let the furniture dry. Please note that you should use a paint thinner to wipe down the chair to paint a brand new chair.

2. Masking

It is also important to mask the places where you don’t want the paint. An example of this can be the ground. Also, you should paint the chair in the outdoor area. Lastly, mask the area that you would want to paint.

3. Sanding

The next step of the process is to sand the surface that you would be painting. This will help you in ensuring that the paint and primer stick to the surface. Moreover, you need to use fine-grit sandpaper to sand the plastic. It is always better to test the sanding on a hidden surface. The surface becomes smooth after sanding, and this procedure also removes the minor scratches. Do not exert a lot of pressure when sanding the furniture.

4. Priming

No matter where the furniture will be used, always prime it. This will extend the life of the paint. Carefully choose a primer that can be used on plastic and also ensure that the primer matches the colour of the chair. The primer is easily available in spray bottles, and you can use the same.

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5. Indoor Paint

If the furniture is to be used indoor, you can also use a latex specific primer, and after that, you can use acrylic latex paint. The finish of this paint is a lot better than the other ones available in the market. You can opt for a satin finish, or you can opt for a semi-gloss finish. Let the paint dry overnight before you start using the chair.

6. Outdoor Paint

After you have primed the surface, you can go ahead and start painting the surface. For the furniture used outdoors, you can get paint with the satin finish, and you can use the spray paints for mess-free application. Always apply two or more coats. After the first coat has been applied, let it dry and then apply the second coat.

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This was all about painting the plastic chairs. It is undoubtedly a simple job, and you can choose the paint according to the usage of the chair. This process will make your chair look new, so go ahead and spend your weekend painting your plastic chair. This way, you will also save money that you would have otherwise spent on buying new chairs.


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