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How To Increase The Height of Office Chair: Tips and Tricks

Having back pains and strains is a common issue when using office chairs for long working hours. An uncomfortable sitting angle may become a part of health issues like stress, anxiety, headache, muscle pressure, back pain, etc. If you want to keep away from these serious issues then you should have the right office chair. If you have already had office work but not knowing how to increase the height of it, then you should the following tips and tricks:

Tips to Increase The Height of Chair

1. You can replace your chair’s caster with bigger 3 or 4 casters

chair caster

The first simple and easy way to increase your chair height is to replace your existing one with a bigger one. Usually, the caster comes around 2 to 2.5 in diameter. If you add 3 or 4 wheels into the existing caster, you will get an ideal height as per your working preferences. Another benefit of having an additional caster is that it moves freely and can be placed easily.

2. Add an external seat on the cushion to uplift the seat

seat cushion for office chair-min

Another best and easiest way to give a standard size to your office chair is by adding extra cushioning. An external seat cushion is an ideal option for people who have shorter height.  You can check the thickness of the cushion while think of adding. It will help you to determine the accurate height of your office chair. An office chair made from high-density memory foam offers complete thickness and support to your back.

3. You can swap an office chair’s gas lift cylinder

office chair gas lift cylinder

Chair’s gas lift cylinder or pneumatic cylinder is majorly used for moving office chairs upward and downward.  Various sizes of office chair gas cylinders are available in the market. The size ranges from 4 to 10 inches but the size is 5 inches known as a standard size. Thus, you can choose an ultra-tall size gas lift cylinder to uplift your office chair.

4. You can use a drafting Stool Kit to raise the chair’s size

A drafting stool kit is one of the easiest and stable ways to elevate your office chair. This highest possible way is suitable for lift up an old chair size. It will make your sitting posture comfortable and relaxing. Usually, office chairs have come with different seat heights from 16 to 21 inches. You can adjust your chair up to 30 inches. With the height-extension tool kit, you can get up to 9 inches of ideal height.

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Tricks to know

Here are some of the tricks that you can consider to lift the height of your office chair:

  • An alternative to elevate your office chair is adding some paper towels into the gas cylinder.
  • The next tricks are commonly used to enhance the height of office chairs. You can add aluminium foil to the base of your chair.

Bottom Line

Apart from following the above given methods, you can add some wooden blocks to the lowermost of the chair for raising the height of the office chair adequately. We hope, these methods will help you eradicate all the basic issues.


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