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How Recliner Chairs are Measured? – Recliner Chair Size & Dimensions

Measuring the recliner is not as simple as it sounds. You can’t just measure the height and width of the recliner chair and use those dimensions. The technique to measure the recliner is slightly different. In this article, we will talk about the details since we receive a lot of such queries. People may want to check the size of recline to check the space in their room or buy the slipcover. There can be many reasons, and let us now get into that. Instead, let us now move ahead and check how we can measure the size of the recliner chair.

Recliner Chair

1. Basic Measurement

To measure the body of the recliner, use a measuring tape. Now measure the width of the chair. To measure the length of the chair, you must recline the chair entirely and measure the distance from the headrest to the footrest. This will give you the minimum required space for the recliner. You might want to add a buffer so that you can recline and move easily without any restrictions. This procedure proves to be very handy when you have to buy a recliner chair. You will also need to measure the length and the width of the area where you plan to keep the recliner. In an ideal scenario, you should have a buffer of 1-foot x 0.5 feet.

2. Measurement for Slipcover

If you plan to buy slipcover, then you need to take multiple measurements. Using the tape, you need to write a few measurements. You can start by writing down the height of the recliner chair. You should also measure the length between the recliner’s top edges to the recliner’s bottom edge. Additionally,you should measure the width. Ensure that you are using the outer edge or the back of the recliner. Apart from this, it is important to measure the width of the recliner. All these things should be written down separately.

Check this video to measure recliner covers

This is how you can take different measurements of the recliner chair. If you are buying a product, then check the product specifications and see the compatibility information. It is also worth considering slipcovers from the same brand to which the recliner chair belongs. If you need more information about the recliner size, it may also be worth checking the product catalogue of the recliner chair. Also, while taking the measurements, ensure that you write the measurement in inches and centimetres. This will save you from converting the units later on.


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