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What Is A Robot Vacuum Cleaner? Its Features & History

We’ve all seen in movies where robot vacuum cleaners travel around the home cleaning the floors without any assistance or effort. These autonomous vacuum cleaners employ a range of technologies, including online mapping of the home, remote access, and an anti-collision system, to ensure that the home is thoroughly cleaned without causing you any inconvenience.

Not only is that but there a range of models to choose from on the internet.

About Robot Vacuum Cleaner


The robot that has been developed is circular in shape, is fitted with vacuuming & cleanup technology, and is controlled by a microprocessor. It collects dirt through the use of a detachable dustbin on upper edge of which is mounted with a fan, as well as 2 sweepers, each of which is operated by a motor of 3 V DC. The robot moves with the help of 2 motor shield-controlled wheels on its rear side and a caster wheel in front, which serves to control the robot’s rotation.

Comes with docking station

If you’re looking to purchase any robot vacuum cleaner, they might want to look for one that comes with its docking and charging station. Some models have a docking station that also serves as a cleaning station, cleaning the vacuum cleaner so it is always ready to use.

Furthermore, certain models can clean your floor by mopping or wiping it. Such automated vacuum cleaners include a docking station that also saves water to make mopping easier, allowing you to have immaculate floors in your home.

Automated mechanism

Bring a device cleaner home and spend the majority of the day with your family whereas the robot vacuum takes care of the cleaning. Cleaning the home is the last thing on someone’s mind when they return home exhausted from work.

This perfect contemporary vacuum cleaner is a completely automated mechanism that allows you to clean your home without worry and with minimal human interaction. When compared to similar products, its thorough design ensures durability and great efficiency. If you’re satisfied with a product, you should look into it on an online purchasing website.

There is a large variety of automated vacuum cleaners to pick from.

Features of a Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Here are some of the top features of robotic vacuum cleaners:

  • Low noise levels

No one enjoys cleaning with a loud vacuum cleaner that makes a racket. Fortunately, the majority of robotic vacuum cleaners are small and silent. Take a thorough look at the levels of noise of the things you’re considering before you buy. The decibel level is a measurement of how loud something is. It’s ideal if the decibel level is as low as possible.

  • Cleaning the dust bin

Cleaning the dust bin is one of the most inconvenient aspects of using a vacuum cleaner. The bags contain a lot of dust, and they must be emptied gently to avoid causing a mess. With robot vacuum cleaners, this one still needs to be done. Fortunately, certain robotic vacuum cleaners are equipped with clever container emptying mechanisms. This occurs on its own, similar to how models recharge themselves. Some types can even dispose of the dust bin on their own, though this is uncommon.

  • Voice command and smart apps

The use of voice instructions is another element of automation. On our smartphones and smart speakers, we already have voice assistants. The same gadgets can now be used to order a cleaning task from specific robot vacuum cleaners. Alexa & Google Assistant is supported by the majority of competent robot vacuum cleaners. Others include an application that you may download to your phone or tablet. They have a lot of fantastic controls in them. They keep track of when the house was last cleaned or how much charge the batteries have remaining.

  • Choosing performance and capacities

Robot vacuum cleaners, like traditional vacuum cleaners, have capacities. This includes both the dust bin’s capacity and suction performance. Look for the model’s specifications to determine the suction model performance you’re considering. On most models, the garbage bin capacity is given in liters. For most households, a bigger container, closer to a liter, is advised. It cuts down on the number of times you’ll have to empty it.

  • Battery life

Robot vacuum cleaners are powered by batteries, which lose charge over time. When they detect a low battery charge, some of the smart models can autonomously dock again at the charging station. They can return to the job at hand once fully charged. Keep in mind the vacuum cleaners battery so that it can run for around 30 min, which is about the time it takes to clean most medium-sized homes. Because recharging the battery can take a few hours, consider the recharging time as well.

  • Scheduling your cleaning

Robotic vacuum cleaners are completely automatic, albeit some settings can be changed. These vacuum cleaners could be programmed to clean at predetermined intervals. This might be early morning before anyone awakens, or during the workday when no one is moving. This function allows you to set up a weekly or daily plan for the vacuum cleaner to do its duties. It’s a smart option to include this on your feature list.

Robotic Vacuum Cleaners History

A man by the name of James Dizon invented the robotic vacuum cleaner. In 1996, James Dizon created the robotic vacuum for the Electrolux technology firm. These early robot vacuum cleaner models, however, were prohibitively expensive. Because of the expensive cost of the robot cleaner, only a few people could afford to acquire and utilize one.

In the year 2002, this changed. The Roomba robotic vacuum was created by the company IRobot in 2002. The Roomba robot cleaner is still the best widely used robot vacuum cleaner today. As per the robotics utilized to create the Roomba robot, it is inexpensive to manufacture, sell, and purchase.

Initially, the Dyson Roomba employed a battery-operated remote that had to be used by the person running the Roomba. However, the business later enhanced the Roomba by removing the remote control, allowing the Roomba robots to operate independently. Following in the footsteps of Dyson, other companies around the world began to develop robotic cleaners.

Cleaning modes on robotic vacuums vary, however they commonly features in all the robotic vacuum cleaners includes the following.

Auto: This option is useful for cleaning in general. The mode usually cleans a place till the battery dies.

Spot: This mode directs the vacuum cleaners attention to a specific unclean area.

Turbo: This mode cleans and collects the most debris and dust, although it may make a lot of noise.

Edge: This option aids in the cleaning of edges and corners.

Quiet: While cleaning, this setting helps reduce noise levels. When you’re at home, it’s very useful.

The user can regulate the vacuum’s direction using the remote control.


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