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Manual Wheelchair User Tips and Guidelines

A Wheelchair is an essential tool for those who cannot work properly and have some health issues. Although you may get advanced and automated wheelchairs many still prefer to use the manual ones. Manual wheelchairs are always the best. It can give you long term support. It would help if you had a good idea about the exact way to use and handle a manual chair. Apparently, it may appear to be challenging for you. However, if you start using it, you will soon get familiar with it. You may also find nurses are well-trained with the handling process of wheelchairs.

Right way to use manual wheelchairs

Manual Wheelchair User Tips and Guidelines

Here you will learn and gather knowledge about the use of wheelchairs. Let us proceed to the primary part of our discussion.

  • Opening a wheelchair is easier if you follow some essential steps. You have to first stand in front of the chair and push down the seat of the wheelchair. You must also try to point the fingers in the inward part to prevent it from getting trapped.
  • It would help if you continued pushing till the chair gets fully open. Once it gets open, you need to place the cushion on the seat of the wheelchair.
  • If you want to close the wheelchair, you have to first close the footrest area. Then you need to remove the cushion from the chair.
  • Now stand beside the wheelchair and grasp together with the front and back parts, of the chair. However, you must never attempt to lift the chair in any situation. It may appear to be dangerous for you or your health.

See this video for more help

How can you move a manual wheelchair?

It is a vital question that may arise in your mind. You must follow the instructions. If you want to move the chair forward you have to release the brakes and hold the rims that are attached to the rear wheels, and push in the forward direction. If you want to move in the backward direction, you have to release the brakes again and hold the rims attached to the rear wheels and push in the backward direction.

While you are using a wheelchair, you must make sure that no obstacles come in your way. This may prove to be dangerous, and you can face accidents. Considering this, you may get many pavements used for wheelchairs. It is a good thing. Always avoid soft and uneven ground for wheelchairs. You must use dropped kerbs whenever it is required.  It would help if you took additional care and precautions in slippery and wet areas. It is best if you can avoid those areas. The wheelchair may slip, and you may face severe injuries.

Try to use brakes when and where required. You must also make sure that the wheelchair has proper footrest areas. This will help the foot to rest. Never hang or put heavy shopping bags on the chair. It may lose balance, and you may fall. It can also change the center of gravity, and you may get tilted on the backward part.

So, it is evident from the above-discussion that you need to take proper care while handling a wheelchair. It would help if you were extra cautious while you are on the road in the wheelchair. Try using safety straps for your security. Remember that a wheelchair is made for your safety, so you must be cautious while using it. It has helped people who have been facing health issues for an extended period or cannot work in the future. It is a great tool and companion for disabled persons. It is strong support.


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