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How To Clean a Gaming Chair? [A Complete Guide]

A comfortable gaming chair is an essential thing for every gamer. This chair will offer high comfort and support to gamers so that they can play with no hassle. Generally, sitting for long periods can cause muscle pain, back pain, and other health problems. So, gamers should use ergonomic chairs for a better gaming experience.

But you will also need to maintain the gaming chair in the appropriate way to ensure better performance. Therefore, you should have known the right way of cleaning a gaming chair to keep it in good condition. Actually, there are several products available that can contain chemicals and other harmful substances.

So, if you use these products, you may damage your chair. Here we have a step-by-step guide that will help you clean your gaming chair properly.

Step By Step Guide To Clean a Gaming Chair

Gaming Chair Cleaning Tips

1. Check Your Gaming Chair’s Material

As we all know, gaming chairs are usually made of different kinds of materials. The upholstery of the chair is an important point to look for. The common materials used in the gaming chair upholstery are PVC leather, PU leather, mesh, and fabric.

So, you will need to know which material is used in your chair before you clean it. After knowing the type of material, you can use the right material to clean it. Some parts of the chair might also be made of plastic or stainless steel so they can be cleaned easily.

2. Collect The Cleaning Items

Then you will need to get all the items required to clean the chair. You will need to get a bucket of warm water, a clean rag, mild dish detergent, sponges, different sizes of brushes, and paper towels. All these items are required to clean the chair without damaging it.

3. Clean Dust and Debris

In the first step, you will need to clean the dust from the chair. For PU and PVC leather chairs, this step is very easy. You can simply wipe the surface using a microfiber cloth to clean the chair. But if you have a fabric or mesh chair, then you will need to put a little effort into this.

These materials can collect dust very easily. So, you will need a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust from these gaming chairs. This will also make it easier to remove the dust from the gaps in the chair. You should vacuum the chair once a week to remove the dust and keep it clean.

4. Clean The Upholstery with The Water

After cleaning dust and debris from the surface, you will need to deep clean the chair with water. This will remove stains or spills on your chair. In case of old stains or spills, it may not be easier to remove them completely. Before you opt for the deep cleaning of your gaming chair, you will need to know the cleaning directions of the manufacturer.

If the chair has a ‘W’ letter indication, then it can be cleaned with water. The ‘S’ letter indicates that the chair can be cleaned with a cleaning solvent. But the sign of ‘S/W’ indicates that the chair can be cleaned using water, cleaning solvent, or both. When cleaning, you shouldn’t rub the surface by applying more pressure because that can damage the upholstery.

If the chair has some stains, then you need to spot clean them using rubbing alcohol. First, you can apply the rubbing alcohol to the side of the chair. After a few minutes, you will need to check if that area is damaged. If that part is damaged, then you shouldn’t use it to clean the chair.

5. Clean Other Parts of The Gaming Chair

After cleaning the upholstery of the chair, you will need to consider cleaning other parts of the chair. Now, it is time to clean the frame, armrests, wheels, and base of the chair. These parts of a gaming chair are generally made of plastic or other materials, so they are easy to clean.

You can take a rag or sponge, wet it in the warm water and detergent solution, and then clean these parts of the chair. Once they are cleaned, you can take a dry towel or paper towels and wipe the chair to dry it. Now, the chair is cleaned so you can start using it.

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Gaming chairs require proper maintenance to offer high performance. Also, they should be cleaned on a regular basis to make you feel better. We hope that the steps mentioned above will help you clean your gaming chair properly.


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