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Difference Between Baby High Chair Vs. Booster Chair

A parent always thinks for the betterment of his child. And being a parent, he/she always looks upon what is comfortable for their child. For a child, it becomes tough enough to reach the dining table and have dinner like us. So two chairs help a baby to reach the table and have dinner comfortably. You will be reading this write-up only if you have begun or are going to start feeding your baby.

The chairs we are going to talk about in this article area baby high chair in comparison with the booster chair. Looking at these chairs, you will get a clear view on what basis they are different from each other. And this will only be done by comparing baby high chairs with booster chairs.

It is not uncommon to have questions like whether a booster chair or a high chair is better. To make you choose between the two and make a better decision, one must see the difference between the two and then choose according to the preference.

If your baby is around 4 – 5 months old then, you should go for high chairs, and the reason why is shared below. What does a booster chair do? The answer is it merely boosts the height level a bit more so that the baby can get easily the things that are placed high. More information on why one should look for a booster chair is shared below.

The very important discussion made by parents regarding these chairs is:

Whether the baby will fall if tied with these chairs? So don’t worry the solution to this is both the chairs claim a secure belt but if your baby is a toddler it is recommended to go for a booster seat –booster chair and in case your baby is a newbie then it is recommended to go for a recline padded seat – high chair with security belt!

A mutual consideration both the chairs have is removable trays.

High Chair

High Chair

Baby high chairs are sturdy, tall, and well-balanced chairs that have a backrest and a harness to secure the baby in an upright position. The legs on the chair have a wider base which makes the seat more stable. It comes with adjustable height options and even comes with reclining options so that the baby can never sleep in them, especially while eating.

Booster Chair

Booster Chair

A booster chair is a multi-purpose chair that can also be used other than feeding. It is not a fully functional chair as it boosts an already existing chair into a baby chair. Other than a three-point harness, it also has a separate harness at the back. Booster seats come with different trays which can be attached to the main body of the booster chair. These trays are also detachable.

Feature Baby High Chair Booster Chair
Age Range Typically for infants and young children (6-36 months) Usually for toddlers and older children (18 months and up)
Design Freestanding with a built-in tray and someties reclining options Compact and portable, designed to attach to a regular dining chair
Height Adjustment Usually adjustable in height to accommodate different table heights Typically not adjustable, relies on the height of the dining chair
Portability Less portable due to its size and weight Highly portable and easy to transport
Storage Takes up more space when not in use Takes up less space when not in use
Cleaning Often comes with a removable, dishwasher- safe tray, may have fabric cushions that require cleaning Easy to clean, usually wipe-clean surfaces or machine-washable cushion covers
Safety Straps Typically comes with safety straps to secure the child in the seat May or may not have safety straps or belts
Price Range Can be more expensive than booster chairs Generally more affordable
Space Efficiency Less space-efficient due to its size and design More space-efficient, as it attaches to a regular chair
Convertibility Usually not convertible Some booster chairs may convert into a separate seat or booster seat for older children
Recommended for Suitable for infants and young babies who need a secure, elevated seat for feeding Recommended for toddlers and older children who can sit at the table with the family

Difference Between Baby High Chair Vs. Booster Chair

Baby High Chair Vs. Booster Chair

Here are the differences that you can identify and these different aspects are important in deciding if you want to invest in a baby high chair or a booster chair. The following points are as follows:

1. Occupancy: A baby high chair usually works as an extra chair and does not take place of an existing chair. A booster chair occupies a dining chair reducing the capacity of the adults at the dining table.

2. Portability: A baby high chair is not portable. The weight is more than the booster chair which makes it difficult to transport. On the other hand, it is easy to transport if you travel or change your home often.

3. Stability: A booster chair is not very stable and is less sturdy while a high chair is more stable, spacious, and sturdy.

4. Price: Booster seats cost lesser and are economical than a high chair and the latter one is much expensive. Booster seats are less expensive with a clear reliability source than high chairs are not more expensive but as we are comparing them with booster chairs they are costlier.

5. Height adjustment: A high chair only works at a table height. One cannot sit with the baby on the floor. On a booster chair, you can attach the chair to a dining chair and also sit with the baby on the floor.

Basically, if you invest in the high chair then you will only view a advantage that is you can reach the table height but opposite to that on the booster chair, you can tie your particular chair with the chair you want and enjoy the benefit of it.

6. Self-feeding: A booster chair works much better than the feeding chair if you want the baby to self-feed or finger feed because it is a messy activity and one won’t be able to do it up on a dining table. On a high chair, it will be an uncomfortable process without a dining table and the baby needs to be watched continuously while feeding.

7. Compactness and foldability: The legs in a baby high chair are wide apart which occupies a lot of space on the floor. Talking about a booster chair, it occupies lesser space and is also foldable.

More shortly, high chairs are very tough enough in case of folding but talking about booster chairs, they are the more flexible ones and you can easily fold them. So this difference creates a huge impact on the people having adequate space.


Comparing the pros and cons of both the chairs, we will find that booster chairs are much easier as well as portable. They are simpler to clean than baby high chairs. Looking at the harness safety, a booster chair allows more safety and it also takes less space than the other chair.

Most parents consider a high chair initially then after few months, for instance, after the baby grows 18 months old they transit the chair and buy a booster chair for their child.

It is also easy to store compared to a high chair and is also portable. Considering all the differences, it completely depends on the personal preference of the buyer as to which option would perfectly fit him.


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