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Ceiling Fan Making Unwanted Noise? – Here is How to Fix It

Ceiling fans are a great pick for home and a viable alternative to the air conditioning. They offer quite a good cooling and helps beat the summer heat. Using a good quality ceiling fan can also decrease the room temperature by over 8 degrees Celsius. But there comes a caveat with a ceiling fan. They often tend to make noise. This may be down to several reasons.

So if your ceiling fan is making any unwanted noise, then you’re not the only one. And that’s a reason why we’ve thought to find amicable solutions for the same. We here take a look at the reasons why fans make such unwanted sounds and how to fix them. Let’s check out.

Why ceiling fan makes unwanted noise?

Ceiling Fan Making Unwanted Noise? – Here is How to Fix It

Loose screws in the fan: Most of the time the reason behind the unwanted sound or noise of the fan is due to the loose screws in it. The loose screws tend to cause the electrical components to rattle and produce sounds. Since ceiling fans tend to go through the motions for quite a long time, it is bound to get some loose screws over time. But you should not worry as they can be fixed easily.

Fan Mount: Another prime reason for the unwanted sounds from the ceiling fans is the fan mount. The fan mount is what connects the ceiling fan to the ceiling. As such if there’s any noise, then it is bound to get amplified due to sound wave vibrations. This is what often causes those squeaky sounds to come up.

Use of dimmer switches or regulators: Dimmer switches or regulators are common things for fans for managing the speed and the voltage levels. Regulators function as the primary point for the reduction in the voltage usage by the fan and hence reduces the speed. This reduction in voltage can often result in the humming sound from the motor or the copper winding inside the fan.

Issue with capacitors: Capacitors are one of the major components of a ceiling fan as it helps to regulate the electrical circuit and provide connectivity for speed changes, direction changes and more. A capacitor is generally a tool that houses the electrical charge in it. Most of the time, these capacitors tend to be the ones at fault for noisy fans. Any fault in the capacitor will result in the lack of a fully functioning fan or lack of speed balance and more. This causes the creak and the squeak sounds in it.

Lack of space between the mount and the rotary motor: If you have looked closely at the ceiling fan setup, then you must notice that the mount is placed to protect the capacitor and the wirings and also to keep it away from visibility. There is always a substantial gap between the mount and the blades or the rotary motor. When the gap shortens as the mount falls below, friction is generated and a creaking sound is produced.

How to fix the Unwanted Noise coming from the ceiling fan?

Always conduct regular maintenance: You should never discount the value of regular maintenance of your fan. Regular maintenance and cleaning will always keep your fans clean and safe resulting in durable usage for over a prolonged period. With regular maintenance, you can iron out the issues like the lack of gap between the mount and the rotary blades, the buildup of dust that may hinder the fan speed and airflow, and more. Do make sure to conduct timely regular maintenance of the ceiling.

Fasten the screws: Another common issue that causes the unwanted sound is loose screws. We also tapped into this point above. The solution is pretty simple for this, all you need to do is remove the fan from the ceiling and tighten the loose screws so that no rattling will occur. You can then fit the fan back to the ceiling.

Check the capacitor and replace it if necessary: As aforementioned capacitors can be one of the issues affecting the fan performance and causing such a sound. This can be eradicated by checking the capacitor to see if it is working properly or not. If there’s any such issue with the capacitor then it is advised to get it replaced.

Remove and reinstall the fan blades: This may seem like a normal step, but believe me, this can remove half of your sound-related issues with the ceiling fan. Blades over time accumulate dust and also tends to generate friction. Removing them and reinstalling them after cleaning and lubing can help solve those noise-related issues.

Call a technician: This may be one of the far-fetched solutions but will come in handy for cases where the fan has broken wiring or if there’s an issue with the motor winding. If the source of the sound is motor winding then you’d be better off calling a technician and repairing it. Repairing it will solve the issue of noise and unwanted sounds.

Wrapping Up

Ceiling fans can often cause unwanted sounds and this can be a hindrance while working, studying, or even sleeping. The reason for such unwanted sound can be wide arrayed and finding the right solution requires proper diagnosis of the issue. Look for the source that is causing the issue and try to resolve it. It can be done with quite ease and you’ll have a noiseless operating fan once again.


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