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How To Sit In An Office Chair Correctly?

Usually, the working hours for regular office work are around 8 to 9 that may increase up to 10 hours. In such a situation, it is common to have back pain and bad body posture. Have you ever wondered what would happen if the muscle pain body pain, fractures will be kept for a lifetime?

They may convert into anxiety and depression; will have weak legs and glutes, have problems in sitting straight and have many other similar health issues.To avoid these health issues, you can use the right office chair for your workers to enhance their working productivity.

Apart from an ideal office chair, your efforts will improve your sitting posture. Thus, you have to know an adequate position for the back, arm, legs and feet while sitting on work station or desk. Start using an ergonomic chair for your office work.

If you don’t know how to sit properly while sitting in an office chair then you have come to the right place. This blog will get you to know an accurate position for all body parts.

Things to Consider While Seating on a Chair

How To Sit In An Office Chair Correctly

1. Make your working seat comfortable

The various aspects will help you to make your working seat relaxing and comfortable. Let’s take a look:

  • Support your back by using an office chair

An office chair gives proper support to your lower back, thus it eliminated the risk of back pain. You can adjust your chair height as per your working convenience. Look for an adjustment feature in a chair so that you can change back position, height and tilt.

  • Position of Elbow, Wrists and Forearms

A correct adjusted chair will allow you to adjust the height of the chair, thus you can use a keyboard with your straight forearms and wrists. An L shape at the elbow joint is an ideal position for working at PC. Therefore, you can get rid away from repetitive strain injuries. Also, place the keyboard straight in front of you when typing. To rest your wrists, leave a gap of about 100mm-150mm.

  • Place your feet flat on the surface/ floor

The best way to reduce legs pain is by resting feet on the floor. The foot is the major part of the body that gives complete support to your upper body in standing. So, avoid crossing your legs while sitting. This can help prevent posture-related issues.

2. Get into the habit of Changing posture

Avoid sitting too long in a similar position. Take at least 10 breaks in between work. The short breaks are better for your back and legs. It can prevent muscle pain and strain.

3. Avoid Neck Strain

To avoid neck strain, change the habit of using cell-phone continuously. Alternately, you can use a headset and headphones for answering calls. Holding the phone between shoulder and ear can strain the muscles in your neck.

4. Avoid direct interaction with the screen

You can use bifocal spectacles to make your eyesight healthy for the long term.

Check Video For How-To Properly Sit In An Ergonomic Office Chair

Bottom Line

No doubt that office chairs are thoughtfully designed for giving complete support to the upper body area. Also, they focus on the sitting posture. After following the given tips, you can have a comforting experience and a goodbye to the backpain.


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