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How to Disassemble/ Dismantle Office Chair?

There are times when you may have to store the office chair in the storage space. If you are storing the chair for a long time, then the better idea would be to disassemble or dismantle the office chair. It hardly takes a few minutes to disassemble the office chair. Doing so can help you cover the chair, or it can help you transport the chair easily. If you are figuring out the way, then don’t worry; we have listed the process of disassembling the office chair in 4 easy steps. Find out the details below.

Tips To Dismantle Office Chair

disassemble office chair

1. Removing Wheels

chair caster

You can start by removing the wheels of the chair. To do that, turn the chair upside down and remove the bolt from the castor wheel. This will help you remove the castor wheel. In some chairs, you might have to pry the wheel using a pry bar so you can deal with it accordingly. Overall, this step should not take more than 2 to 4 minutes.

2. Removing Base

office chair base

While removing the base, you need to be careful so that you don’t damage the gas lift. Request someone to hold the base of the chair and then pull the upper side of the chair. In some cases, you may have to strike the chair with the hammer. The best bet here would be to put a wooden plank under the seat and hit it with the hammer. This will release the pressure in the gas lift, and the base will be separated.

3. Removing Arm Rest

Some people may way to remove the armrest as well. If you want to remove the armrest, then you would need an Allen key or a screwdriver. All you need to do now is unscrew the bolt or the screws and remove the armrest. Before pulling the armrest, ensure that there is no bolt left holding the armrest with the chair’s chassis.

4. Removing Headrest

The last part of the puzzle is removing the headrest. This process is also straightforward. You need to unscrew the joining point and remove the headrest. In some cases, people may want to remove the seat as well. For that, you can unscrew the bolts and remove the seat.

Check Video On How To Disassemble Office Chair

You would have noticed that it is very easy to disassemble the office chair. It barely takes less than 2 minutes to dismantle the office chair. The process can be extremely helpful if you wish to transport the chair in your car. In general, this is how you can disassemble almost any kind of office chair. We hope the process helps you accomplish the task.


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