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How To Change Email ID In HDFC Bank

Sometimes it happens when you have given an email ID at the time of bank account opening, but you no longer use that email. In that case, you must change or update the email ID in your bank account to stay updated and away from anything suspicious. And if you are an HDFC customer, then we are here with a guide on how to change your email ID in HDFC bank. Let’s get down to it then, shall we?

Why Should You Bother Changing Your Email ID In HDFC Bank?

See, your email is like your personal locker. It’s where you get those tricky one-time passwords (you know, OTPs) when you’re trying to move your money around or pay for that latest online shopping spree. If your email’s not up to date, it’s like sending your locker combination to the wrong address. Not good, right? And imagine missing out on a killer deal or an important notice just ’cause your bank sent it to your old email that you never check. Yeah, it hurts. Your bank sends you all kinds of key info like alerts when money leaves or enters your account, monthly statements, and even a heads-up on cool offers. You wanna be in the loop, don’t you? Not just that, if you’ve got questions or maybe you’re going through some account issues, having an up-to-date email makes it so much easier to get in touch with your bank. It’s like having a direct hotline where they can hit you up with answers or help when you need it.


What Are The Things You’ll Need In Order To Do That?

Before you proceed with the email ID change, make sure you have the following documents ready:

  • Application Form: A filled-out application form specific to email ID change.
  • ID Proof: A copy of your original photo ID proof like Aadhar, Passport, or Voter ID.

Method 1: Updating Email ID Through Net Banking

Wanna change your email ID in your HDFC account without stepping outta your comfy home? You’re in luck! If you’re cool with doing stuff online, then we’ve got the perfect guide for you. Let’s break it down, step-by-step.

  • Login to HDFC Net Banking Portal: First off, pop open that web browser of yours, Chrome, Safari, or whatever floats your boat. Head over to the HDFC Net Banking website. You gotta put in your User ID and Customer ID to get in.
  • Access Contact Details: Once you’re in, you’ll see a bunch of options on your dashboard. It’s kinda like your personal control center. You’re looking for something called “Update Contact Details.” Give that a simple click.
  • Select Email ID Option: You’re gonna see a list that’s kinda like a menu, but for your info, not food, sorry! Anyway, look for the email ID option and click it. It’s the golden ticket to changing your email!
  • Enter New Email ID: A new window’s gonna pop up, kinda like when you’re chatting with someone and a new message comes in. Here’s where you put your new email ID. Type it in and hit that “Next” button.
  • Receive and Enter OTP: Okay, so they’re gonna text you an OTP, which is like a one-time password. It’ll come to your registered mobile number. Plug that number into the box that’s asking for it.
  • Confirmation: After you put in the OTP and it checks out, boom! Your email ID is updated in real time. You’ll probably get a message saying it was successful, and you can do your happy dance!

Method 2: Updating Email ID Through Branch Visit

Good old brick-and-mortar banking still floats your boat? Cool, cool. Here’s how you can update your email ID the old-fashioned way:

  • Download Application Form: First things first, head over to the HDFC Bank website and download the “Change My Email, Pretty Please” form. Okay, it’s not actually called that, but you get the form to change your email ID.
  • Attach ID Proof: Slap a copy of your ID (like your driver’s license or passport) onto that form. Make sure it’s the same ID that the bank already knows you by.
  • Visit Nearest HDFC Branch: Got your form and ID? Sweet. Now take them and swing by your closest HDFC Bank branch.
  • Verification and Update: A bank person will give your details a quick look-see. All good? Your new email should be up and running in about a week, 6 to 7 business days, to be exact.

Method 3: Updating Email ID for NRI Customers

If you’re an NRI customer, don’t worry, updating your email ID is still super easy. Just pop into the HDFC NetBanking portal and look for the steps specially made for you folks. Trust us, it’s as straightforward as it gets! Just login, follow the prompts, and you’ll have that email updated in no time.


Alright. Now you’ll not be having any trouble changing the old email ID in HDFC bank to the newer one. If you are still struggling to do so, then we’d advise you to contact the bank people because they’ll be more than happy to help you out.


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