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ICC World Test Championship Winners List Till Date

Just Imagine the excitement and thrill in the grand world of cricket, where the ICC World Test Championship shines like a jewel in the crown. This championship, which came to life in 2019, has not just given Test cricket a much-needed makeover, but it has pumped in a spirit of fierce competition and a tantalizing title in the game’s oldest form. Thus, it’s not just a regular tournament, the ICC World Test Championship is like a grand festival, showcasing cricket at its most tactical, detailed, and riveting best. To truly grasp the weight of each World Test Championship title, we need to delve into the unique situations and fierce battles in which they were won. So today, we’re going to time travel through the glorious list of World Test Championship winners, unveiling the stories of their victories and the impact these victories had on the cricketing world. So let’s get down to it without further ado. Shall we?

List of ICC World Test Championship Winners

Year(s) Winner Runner Up
2013 (Canceled) None None
2017 (Canceled) None None
2019 – 21 New Zealand India
2021 – 23 Australia India
2023 – 25 TBA TBA

ICC World Test Championship 2013

If there’s one thing we know about cricket, it’s that it’s ever-changing. Cue the birth of the ICC World Test Championship back in 2009, a product of the combined brainpower of the ICC and MCC. Their grand plan was to reignite the flame for Test cricket by showcasing a rip-roaring tournament every four years, inviting the best of the best, the top four-ranked nations. 2013 was supposed to be the year. The year when the ICC Champions Trophy would step aside and let the Test Championship take the spotlight. England and Wales were prepped to play hosts to this thrilling affair. But alas, life had other plans. Financial bumps and prior promises to sponsors and broadcasters took their toll. The dream was put on pause, and the inaugural 2013 championship was canceled. The famed Lord’s, all set to host the final clash, was left hanging. A letdown, sure, but every great story needs a plot twist, right?

ICC World Test Championship 2017

After the 2013 cancellation of the Championship, the stage was set for the ICC World Test Championship to finally make its debut in 2017. This was a game-changing moment, a move that sought to bring each cricket format under one prestigious umbrella. As the final match of the 2017 Champions Trophy unfolded, the environment was electric. Everyone, from the casual viewer to the hardened expert, was wondering whether the impending Test Championship would make history, evolving into a timeless match that defied the traditional clock. Behind the scenes, discussions bubbled away to make the Test Championship better. But, just like a wrong-footed batsman, the cricket world was bowled over when the 2017 Test Championship was canceled once again.

New Zealand – ICC World Test Championship 2019 – 21 Winner


Starting in 2019, after ten long years of blood, sweat, and countless debates, this competition set a new milestone in Test cricket. The event was like a grand feast, featuring nine of the planet’s top Test teams duking it out in a fight for the ages. But boy, did they face a nasty googly with the COVID-19 pandemic! Matches got postponed or even canceled, turning the tournament into a proper roller coaster ride. But, as they say, the show must go on! And so, the game’s true spirit shone through the darkest of clouds. All the suspense and thrills boiled down to a cracking final, where the top teams of the league stage clashed. The cricket gods smiled upon New Zealand, who seized victory and wrote their name in the history books as the championship’s winners, for the second time, no less! It was India’s splendid home series win against England that cemented their spot in the final, especially with Australia’s series against South Africa getting postponed.

Australia – ICC World Test Championship 2021 – 23 Winner


Fast-forward to the sequel of the ICC World Test Championship, and history repeats itself with a different tune. This time, it was Australia who clinched the coveted title, in a showdown that had fans biting their nails till the very end. From 2021 to 2023, this cricket festival showcased the very best of Test cricket, culminating in an electrifying final held at the iconic Lord’s. This finale was like an epic movie climax, with Australia and India throwing punches in a mesmerizing fight that had fans on the edge of their seats. The journey started with a gripping series between England and India, followed by the legendary Ashes, each featuring five heart-stopping Tests. Add to this the anticipation of New Zealand, the previous champions, and you had a recipe for a cricketing spectacle! Against all odds, Australia carved their name in cricket’s Hall of Fame by winning the Final against India.

ICC World Test Championship 2023 – 25

The countdown has begun for the third innings of the grand cricket carnival, the 2023-25 ICC World Test Championship! Kicking off in June 2023 with the classic Ashes rivalry between England and Australia, the tournament promises to be an electrifying two-year-long spectacle. Mark the date cricket fans, because in June 2025, this thrilling contest will reach its climax in a historic final match on the sacred land of the Lord’s Cricket Ground.


Wrapping it all up, this winner’s list isn’t merely a roll-call of names; it’s a live, evolving tribute to the timeless charm of Test cricket. Reflecting on these past winners and eagerly waiting for future editions, it’s pretty clear that the World Test Championship, with its rich history, will continue to mesmerize audiences, ignite a spark in players, and keep the flame of Test cricket’s age-old charm burning bright for many more generations to come.


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