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Tamil Nadu Premier League (TNPL) Winners List [Season 1 To 6]

Isn’t it fascinating to see how some places seem to have cricket in their DNA? Take Tamil Nadu for an example, a state in India that’s steeped in cricketing history. It’s offered up countless unforgettable moments and players who’ve left their mark on the sport. But what’s the secret sauce behind this cricketing powerhouse? Well, it’s the Tamil Nadu Premier League (TNPL), a domestic T20 cricket championship that’s been fueling the state’s cricketing passion and talent since it first kicked off in 2016.

Picture this, seasoned cricketing legends and wide-eyed up-and-comers sharing the same turf, the stadium buzzing with excitement, and millions of spectators worldwide, all eyes glued to the game. Yeah, it’s a sight to behold! This spectacular tournament isn’t just about wins and losses, it’s a thrilling journey filled with high-flying victories and heart-rending defeats. So, come with us on the journey to the timeline of TNPL winners from the first winner to the latest one. Let’s dive into it then. Shall we?

Tamil Nadu Premier League All Winners Till Date




2016 Tuti Patriots Chepauk Super Gillies
2017 Chepauk Super Gillies Tuti Patriots
2018 Madurai Super Giants Dindigul Dragons
2019 Chepauk Super Gillies Dindigul Dragons
2021 Chepauk Super Gillies Trichy Warriors
2022 Co-champions Chepauk Super Gillies and Lyca Kovai Kings None

1. Tuti Patriots: TNPL 2016 Winner

The inaugural season of the Tamil Nadu Premier League (TNPL) in 2016 was an absolute cracker of a tournament! This was when Star India, the bigwig broadcaster, gave fans nationwide a front-row seat to the action. From July 22 to August 20, 2017, we got a taste of the raw talent that the TNPL had to offer. Eight teams, each with their own unique flair, clashed in a fiery competition that spanned 31 heart-stopping matches. Fast forward to the grand finale, where the mighty Tuti Patriots locked horns with the Chepauk Super Gillies. Winning the toss, the Patriots boldly chose to bat first, setting the stage for a battle royale. They put up a spectacular show with the bat, piling on a formidable 215 runs in 20 overs, losing just a pair of wickets. Abhinav Mukund was the shining star, hammering a quickfire 82 off just 52 balls.

When it was time to bowl, the Patriots didn’t let up. Ganesh Moorthi was the hero of the hour, bagging a stunning four-wicket haul that left the opponents gobsmacked. The Patriots steamrolled their way to victory, defeating the Super Gillies by a massive 122 runs. The applause wasn’t just for the team’s win. Narayan Jagadeesan, the Patriots’ ace batsman, bagged the Player of the Series award for his consistent brilliance, smashing 397 runs throughout the season. On the other hand, W Anthony Das made a name for himself, snatching the highest wicket-taker title with 14 wickets. The first TNPL season was a launchpad for the emerging stars of Tamil Nadu cricket, giving fans a show to remember and securing its spot as a top-notch cricketing event.

2. Chepauk Super Gillies: TNPL 2017 Winner

In 2017, the TNPL was back with a bang for its second edition, showcasing another thrilling display of cricketing finesse. From July 22 to August 20, 2017, eight talented teams clashed in 32 nail-biting matches. The Chepauk Super Gillies and the Tuti Patriots, both previous finalists, proved their mettle by reaching the finals again. In a gripping showdown, the Patriots set a challenging target of 143 runs. Yet, it was the Super Gillies who stood tall. They chased down the target with grit and grace, winning by 3 wickets and clinching the coveted 2017 TNPL title. The Gillies’ phenomenal performance under pressure won them the championship, proving that they were no pushovers.

Washington Sundar was the star of the season, bagging the Player of the Series award for his batting masterclass, amassing an eye-watering 459 runs. In the bowling arena, R Sai Kishore was a force of nature, capturing the most wickets (17) in the season. His knack for taking key wickets was instrumental in the Gillies’ triumph and added an extra layer of thrill to the tournament. The 2017 TNPL season will go down in history as a fierce battle of skill and resolve, with the Chepauk Super Gillies, led by remarkable players like Washington Sundar and R Sai Kishore, emerging as the victorious warriors.

3. Madurai Super Giants: TNPL 2018 Winner

Now, let’s rewind a bit to the 2018 Tamil Nadu Premier League (TNPL). Boy, was it a season for the Madurai Panthers! After three seasons of pure heartbreak, they finally broke the curse, notching their first win. And what a win it was! They smashed a 16-game losing streak and took home the trophy, leaving the Chepauk Super Gillies staring in disbelief in a match played in Tirunelveli. The 26-run victory was a massive deal for the Panthers, especially after their tough ride in the previous season where they only bagged 27 wickets in seven games. But against the mighty Chepauk Super Gillies, they dug deep and pulled out a performance that was nothing short of stellar.

Then came the grand finale of TNPL 2018, where the Madurai Super Giants squared off with the Dindigul Dragons. Talk about a nerve-wracking match! The Super Giants brought their A-game, showing the Dragons who the real boss was, and bagged the championship like pros. Their batsmen went berserk, chasing down the target with 7 wickets to spare. That stunning win signaled a new era for the Panthers, marking their territory in the TNPL, and proving to everyone that they were the legit champs of TNPL 2018.

4. Chepauk Super Gillies: TNPL 2019 Winner

Fast-forward to TNPL 2019. The tournament had a fantastic four-season run, and the countdown is on for the fifth, slated to kick off this June. The TNPL’s been a major hit since it first launched in 2016, giving cricket lovers some serious action to feast on. Imagine, 32 matches crammed into a single month – it was a total cricket fiesta! The first-ever TNPL final was a classic face-off between the Tuti Patriots and the Chepauk Super Gillies. The Patriots swept the title in their debut season, thanks to a stellar 82-run knock from Abhinav Mukund and Ganesh Moorthi’s wizardry with the ball, taking 4 wickets and bagging the Man of the Match award.

In the years that followed, the Chepauk Super Gillies cemented their spot as the TNPL heavyweights. They’re the reigning champs and have two titles under their belt. The 2019 final saw them flexing their cricketing muscles, taking down the Dingilu Dragons to bag their second title. The poor Dragons, despite making it to the finals back-to-back in 2018 and 2019, couldn’t clinch a win against the formidable Super Gillies. With two titles in four seasons, the Super Gillies have etched their name in TNPL history as the most successful team ever.

5. Chepauk Super Gillies: TNPL 2021 Winner

The fifth season of the Tamil Nadu Premier League (TNPL-5), one of the most awaited T20 cricket leagues, was set to kick off in June 2021 but took a rain check due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Cricket fanatics breathed a sigh of relief when the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) declared a green signal for the tournament to pick up again in July. The Chepauk Super Gillies, true to their form, blazed through the tournament, becoming the first team to land a spot in the playoffs. They hit a bump in the road when the Ruby Trichy Warriors showed them who’s boss in the first qualifier, securing their spot in the finals.

August 13, 2021, saw an epic face-off between the Chepauk Super Gillies and the Dindigul Dragons. The Gillies turned up the heat, winning the match and scoring a chance at redemption in the finals against the Ruby Trichy Warriors. The grand final on August 15, 2021, saw the Gillies take home an 8-run victory, holding on to their title with gusto.

6. Co-champions Chepauk Super Gillies and Lyca Kovai Kings: TNPL 2022 Winner


From June 23 to July 31, 2022, the tournament was a nail-biting rollercoaster that ended in a twist, two teams were declared co-champions due to a rain-ruined final. The final match was a truncated 17-over contest due to rain, but the weather gods had other plans, and the match was washed out after only four overs in the second innings. The Chepauk Super Gillies added a fourth TNPL title to their trophy case, while the Lyca Kovai Kings celebrated their maiden victory. Even though the final was a bit of a damp squib due to the rain, the tournament showcased the true spirit and passion of cricket, leaving fans on the edge of their seats for the next season of the Tamil Nadu Premier League.


All in all, as we flip through the pages of TNPL’s history, it’s not just about who took home the trophy. It’s also about the spirit of the game, the never-say-die attitude, and the relentless quest for greatness that paints the backdrop of this league. Looking ahead, the list of TNPL champs will keep fuelling the fire in the bellies of up-and-coming cricketers, kindling a lifelong love for cricket and molding the cricketing superstars of the future.


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