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Horrid Henry Cartoon Characters Name List

A popular TV show called Horrid Henry, revolves around the main character Henry. It is an animated TV show which has broadcasted around five series and 220 episodes till date. It is produced by Nelvana Limited (series 1) and Novel entertainment.

For more information, check out the cast list for Francesca Simon’s Horrid Henry cartoon series for children.

1. Horrid Henry

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Henry’s name gives away the fact that he’s a rather horrible person. He is often disruptive in class, nasty to others (even his parents), and especially cruel to Peter, who is conceited and pampered to a fault. Even though he cares about his family and, in some episodes, Peter as well, no one in his immediate circle or at school seems to recognize his good intentions.

The eleven-year-old boy is dressed in blue jeans, green sneakers, and a blue T-shirt that has a yellow stripe along the middle. Sometimes he transforms into any animal in order to harm Peter, but his dad and mom always tell him, “Don’t be horrid, Henry!” when he tries to do so. If Henry misbehaves, they tell him to “Go to the bedroom now, Henry!” and send him there.

2. Perfect Peter

Henry’s younger brother Peter also attends the same school as Henry does. Typically, Henry will call him names like “worm” and “smelly nappy baby” before he goes home and complains to his parents about how awful Henry was to him. Peter is spoiled & self-centered despite his nickname (Perfect).

 He would voice his displeasure to his parents over the smallest things Henry did, including things Henry failed to do at all, in an apparent attempt to garner attention and see Henry get in trouble.

Peter, who has perfectly styled yellow hair, is frequently seen in a red sweater and blueish-grey pants. Every time Henry acts badly or meanly, Peter cries out, “Mum/Dad! Henry commanded me to keep my mouth shut and called me a stinking worm and a snotbag and a toad. Peter becomes puffed up and enraged leading him to assault Bossy Bill. Peter is consistently the best-behaved child in the series.

3. Mum

Henry and Peter’s mother is very health-conscious and frequently serves vegetables at mealtimes, much to Henry’s distaste. She trusts Peter even when he lies, unlike Henry, whom she does not consider trustworthy. She’s sporting a pinkish shirt layered under a purple cardigan. She’s got blond hair and a pair of specs. Mom’s uniform consists of blue pants and pink ballet flats. Henry often gets sent to his bedroom for bad behavior.

4. Dad

When Dad gets angry, he usually rants at Henry instead of Peter because he believes Henry is the one who is always at fault. He has the same lack of faith in Henry’s good behavior as Mom. Sayings such, “Go to the room now, Henry!” or “No pocket money, TV, computer games, or sweets for a month!” are typical of his vocabulary.

When they come to his brothers and sister, he clearly favors Peter above Henry. He always supports Mom and never lets Henry have his way, while occasionally sharing Henry’s perspective. Dad is pictured here with his curly brown hair, orange shirt, and brown pants. It’s possible that Dad and Henry become closer to each other in the next two seasons. They call out “Ready Henry?” as they prepare to watch television.

5. Miss Battle Axe

Henry’s class is taught by Miss Battle-Axe, a severe educator. Henry may be the source of her dislike because of how often he talks during class and distracts the other students. The professor has grey hair and angular glasses. A green cardigan, a light chartreuse shirt, a brown skirt, plus brownish stockings complete her ensemble.

Although she despises her students, the instructor had to be serious because so many of her colleagues have left after teaching Henry’s class. She frequently places Henry, and sometimes other students, in detention. Miss Battle-Axe put Peter in custody in Perfect Peter’s Revenge.

 In Horrid Henry & the Injection, she transforms into a mathematical monster that attacks the class until Henry throws a division sign at her twice, decimating the beast.

6. Moody Margaret

Moody Margaret is the antagonist because she is a grumpy little brat who demands to always be right. The show treats her as an antagonist. Horrid Henry is Margaret’s next-door neighbor, while Sour Susan is her best friend.

She wears a ponytail of bright pink hair that is spiky. Margaret and Henry hate each other. Margaret has her own private club, while the latter has constructed a Purple Hand stronghold. Screaming is her forte, and she regularly challenges Henry for the title.

Other characters

There are various other recurring characters in Horrid Henry cartoon that includes Lazy Linda, Fang, Rich Aunty Ruby, Madame Tutu, etc

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