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The Jungle Book Cartoon Characters Name List

The cast of The Jungle Book, a Japanese anime series, features a variety of main characters, secondary characters, and antagonists. This is all about the adventures of Mowgli, a young boy raised by wolves in the jungle of India, and his interactions with various jungle animals, including Baloo the bear, Bagheera the black panther, and the fearsome tiger Shere Khan.

Let’s have a close look on Jungle Book Cartoon Characters Name List:

1. Mowgli


He is the main character in the show. In the British Indian forest of Seeonee, he becomes lost as a little boy. When his real parents went looking for him, a panther called Bagheera accidentally frightened them, and they plummeted to their death from a cliff into a river.

 Alexander takes him in and trains him to be a wolf rather than a human son. Mowgli starts off as a toddler but by the end of the series looks to be between those in the age range of 6 – 10. He’s a daring, gregarious, and friendly young man. However, he continues through an identity crisis, questioning who he is and where he belongs.

2. Alexander

He is an adopted father of Mowgli, spouse of Luri, and natural father of Akru and Sura. Fur is a blueish black in color. When Akela decides to retire, he takes over as pack leader. In line with the Rules of the Jungle, he challenges Vermillion to a fight despite his reservations about doing so. Alexander gives his life protecting his pack against Shere Khan during a forest fire.

3. Luri

She is the widow or wife of Alexander; biological mom to Akru and Sura; adoptive mother of Mowgli. After Akela asks Mowgli to persuade Vermillion to take over as pack leader, she eventually succeeds him as the first lady leader in the pack’s history after he resigns. Without resorting to violence, she devised a plot to have an ex-pack member named Grizzle and his crew expelled from the pack once more.

4. Akru & Sura

They are Mowgli’s adoptive brothers, the children of Alexander and Luri. When compared to his father, Sura takes after his blue and black fur while Akru possesses brown and beige fur. They are still pups when Mowgli first gets adopted by the wolves, but by later episodes, they have grown into full-fledged adults. Both remain close to Mowgli even after they flee the jungle and have new families.

Akru is impulsive and doesn’t always think things through, while Sura is more level-headed and methodical. The fact that Akru is female and Mowlgi’s adopted sister causes issues when she starts dating Maki in the French dub. Many people assumed Sura was a girl in the English edition because his voice actor was a woman.

5. Akela

The pack leader, particularly during Mowgli’s early years after joining the pack as an adoptee. His thicker fur on the top of his body and eyebrows are a lighter tint of the same colors that make up his mainly dark, bluish-grey coat. After Alexander’s passing, he is dragged out of retirement despite his advanced age and extensive experience.

When Luri eventually takes up as pack leader, he acts as a consultant or counselor to her. Akela will eventually kill himself from his jackal attacks in the final episode.

6. Vermillion

He is Alexander’s close friend and Lala’s father. When his dad, Akela, decides to stand down, he vies with Alexander to become pack leader. After that, he gets a scar over his left eye. He has bright red fur. It turns out that they had a similar argument over who would marry Luri. Eventually, he abandons his daughter and goes out to command a group of wolves in the desert.

7. Bagheera

He is Mowgli’s companion, the Black Panther. He is Mowgli’s primary mentor in learning the Jungle Code. He is accepted into Mowgli’s wolf group as if he had been born into it. Bagheera was raised by an English household for some of his formative years.

8. Baloo

A companion of Mowgli’s and a dark blue lazy bear. He is another of Mowgli’s educators, albeit his lessons tend to be more upbeat and compassionate.

9. Kaa

It is a smart python who was friend of Mowgli. On occasion, he instructs Mowgli as his instructor.

10. Shere Khan

It’s a tiger, and he’s the series’ primary villain. He is vicious and crafty, defiant and dangerous, and he breaks many of the Rules of the Jungle, such as consuming human and bovine flesh and over-hunting.

His hatred of humans dates back to his ancestor’s first contact with a human. Alexander hurt his right rear leg during the fight.

 In later events, Mowgli would stab him in the heart, pierce his forehead with a long, narrow, sharp-edged rock, and disfigure the tiger by slashing the area over his left eye in retaliation for the tiger’s attack on Mowgli’s left thigh and the subsequent injury to one of Mowgli’s future family members.

Other characters

It also includes Fargas, Bacchus, Tabaqui, Bunto, Alba, Buldeo, Ganshum, Abdullah, Dholes, etc

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