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Doraemon Cartoon Characters Name List

The cast of Doraemon, the popular Japanese manga and animation, is here described. The five major characters each stand in for a generic type of elementary school student. Doraemon makes an appearance in the vast majority of episodes, however his sister Dorami fills in for him occasionally (when he’s sick or on vacation).

Here is a list of Doraemon Cartoon Characters in detail:

1. Doraemon


Doraemon has a compartment in the 4th dimension where he can shop at a futuristic version of an outlet store for a vast selection of tools, toys, & other stuff. Doraemon had to go without his ears since a robot mouse from the 22nd century nibbled them off.

Because of this, despite being a robot, he developed a severe hatred for mice. There have been numerous times when he needed a specific instrument but instead pulled out a mishmash of culinary implements, demonstrating his inclination to panic under pressure.

Dorayaki, a Japanese dish packed with red bean paste, is a fan-favorite of Doraemon’s.

2. Nobita Nobi


Nobita is the story’s main character and antagonist at the same time. He lives in Tokyo’s Nerima Ward and is in the fourth grade. He almost always wears spectacles, a shirt with sleeves in red or yellow with a white collar, and blue shorts.

Nobita’s flaws are numerous and far-reaching; among them are his slowness, lack of coordination, stupidity, fragility, ugliness, bad luck, and horrible athletic performance. Nobita’s usual day consists of his getting late to school, failing every class, hearing from the teacher, and then hearing from his mother about how he should try harder in school.

3. Shizuka Minamoto

Shizuka Minamoto

Nobita’s heart has been stolen by Shizuka, referred to as Shizu-chan and Shizuka-chan, the neighbor girl who is brilliant, kind, and stunningly gorgeous. She takes numerous baths every single day. Nobita always seems to interrupt her bath when he walks in.

She is often used as an example of how reluctant Nobita is to spend out with her because of the fact she is forced to take piano lessons.

 Sweet potatoes and the violin, something she plays nearly as horribly as Gian sings, are her two greatest passions in life. Doraemon plays a role in Shizuka and Nobita’s future marriage.

4. Takeshi “Gian” Goda

Takeshi, whose name comes from the English word “giant,” is a big, strong, and dangerous thug who likes to pick fights in the neighborhood. It’s possible that the word for “huge” in Japanese is what his name translates to. He openly boasts about how terrible his singing voice is.

He regularly treats the neighborhood youngsters to his equally dreadful home cooking while they hear to his awful singing performances.

He frequently employs the “borrowing” excuse, making him an easy target for other children’s toys and books. However, if any toy is broken, he will ignore it. Many people interpreted this as proof that Gian was a formidable adversary of Nobita & his friends. He is not reluctant to help them, not even Nobita, when they are in a jam, as is customary in movies.

One chapter or episode sums up the entire series by stating how his friends never bother to spend his birthday at his apartment since he is so self-centered, and other episodes revolve around Nobita and his friends attempting to get out of attending one of Gian’s concerts.

5. Suneo Honekawa

Suneo Honekawa, the rich brat who likes to parade his “fox face,” is another main character. He likes to show off his wealth and often uses it to impress others. He is also known for his sharp wit and cleverness.

6. Dorami

She is the younger sister of Doraemon. She has yellow skin and ears that look like a big red bow, just like Doraemon did before he got scared of mice. Because she and Doraemon split a can of oil, they are biological siblings. Dorami and Sewashi are based out of Tokyo in the 22nd century. She uses the time machine to see Nobita when Doraemon is “off-duty,” such as when Doraemon is at his annual checkup or when she needs his assistance with something.

7. Dekisugi 

Nobita has a classmate named Hidetoshi Dekisugi who is likewise smitten with Shizuka. He is highly intelligent and kind boy who is often admired by Shizuka. His presence in the series adds an element of competition and motivation for Nobita to improve himself.

8. Mini Doras

It is an attractive gadge that Doraemon uses. They are little copies of Doraemon, and come in a variety of colors like red, green, and yellow. They have independent thought and emotion and can talk to Doraemon in “Mini-Dora” (a made-up language with terms like “Dorara” and a nonsense accent). They’re useful for fixing Doraemon’s inner workings and everything else imaginable.

9. Nobie Nobi

She is Nobita’s younger cousin and Nobirou’s daughter. When she goes to Nobita’s residence, she plays with him and is clearly very fond of him.

Other characters

Nobita’s dad is a salary worker named Nobisuke Nobi. Along with Tamako Nobi, Sensei, & Sewashi round out the cast, you can also find Nobi family, Minamoto family, Honekawa family, Goda family and other characters like teacher, etc.

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