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10 Most Famous Blue Colour Cartoon Characters

The color blue is universally admired. Blue cartoon characters are bound to become a fan favorite if you share their passion for the color. The makers of anime have not let down blue lovers by including blue characters in their films.

There are a plethora of cartoon movies with blue characters. They could be extraterrestrials, super powered beings, or a jovial genie that enjoys making pop culture jokes. Whatever the matter may be, blue-skinned characters tend to be among the most memorable in cartoon shows and movies.

Blue Colour Cartoon Characters

Let’s have a look at the most popular blue color cartoon characters below:

1. Smurfs


The Smurfs are well-known for being tiny blue trolls who favor the color white for their clothing. However, what the general public doesn’t know is that Smurfs were originally a fantasy comedic comic book series published in Belgium.

The popular Hanna-Barbera cartoon TV series aired for eight seasons in the 1980s. After then, nobody paid any more attention to these tiny blue people. However, with the 2011 release of The Smurfs film franchise, they made a comeback.

2. Genie

Aladdin (1992), the 31st animated feature film by Walt Disney Pictures, features Jinn named Genie. He’s a humorous, blue movie character who makes a lot of people laugh. He can change his appearance indefinitely, making him a useful tool for practical jokes, but he can’t kill people, make them fall in love, bring the dead back to life, or grant any more wishes.

3. Stitch

Stitch is a favorite of kids of all ages, despite his slightly offbeat appearance. The alien mad scientist who created the koala-like creatures tinkered with their DNA. Stich, his new owner & best pal Lilo get into all kinds of scrapes because he has a knack for creating mayhem.

4. Dory

Since Finding Nemo, the Disney/Pixar collaboration, was such a smashing success, a sequel was certain to be made. It turns that the movie’s main character is a blue tang named Dory. Dory’s childhood separation from her parents leads to her assisting Marlin in his search for Nemo and eventually joining the team on the reef.

5. Mystique

Mystique is a fantastic creation from the X-Men comics by Marvel. A mutant with blue skin, Raven Darkholme can assume the appearance of anybody she chooses. Although she is typically portrayed in a negative light, there are times when she really assists the very people she opposes, such as the X-Men.

6. Road runner

The Road Runner & his archenemy Wile E. Coyote are two of the most iconic characters from Looney Tunes. In the original shorts starring the two characters, Road Runner was always one step ahead of Wile E. Coyote, who was always trying to capture and eat him. The famous “beep, beep” sound of the Road Runner and the hilarious deaths of Wile E. Coyote make this cartoon a classic.

When a fictional animation character gains in popularity, they typically start showing up in various forms of media. It’s not uncommon to see the Road Runner in cartoons, comic books, video games, or even completely unrelated productions like Robot Chicken.

7. Captain Planet

When the Planeteers join forces, Captain Planet, our planet’s rescuer, appears. The blue-skinned man with the colorful green mullet always comes to the rescue and conveys a meaningful message about the natural world to the audience. He additionally has the most awesome theme songs ever.

8. Rainbow Dash

Rainbow Dash is actually blue, despite her moniker. The blue pegasus dows does, however, make sense of the name, given that it has rainbow-colored mane & tail. It’s also connected to the rainbow-colored lightning bolt on a cloud that serves as her cutie mark.

This is a symbol of her unique quickness and enthusiasm for exploration. Rainbow Dash has a turtle named Tank, and the two of them enjoy exploring the world together.

9. James P Sullivan

James Patrick Sullivan, better known by his nickname Sulley, is the protagonist of the smash hit Monsters Inc. by Walt Disney & Pixar Animation Studios. At Monsters, Inc., Sulley (John Goodman) is the “Best Scarer” of youngsters along with its one-eyed friend Mike (Billy Crystal). The gentle man must do everything in his power to save the child he has named Boo and bring her back to her own realm.

10. Squidward Tentacles

Even if Squidward Tentacles is mistaken for turquoise, he is still recognized as a well-known blue cartoon character. Squidward is a sarcastic, angry, and pompous Octopus in Spongebob Squarepants.

He works as a cashier at the Krusty Krab, an occupation he despises. Patrick and Spongebob Star continue to regard him a buddy despite his general dislike of life and his incessant whining.

Squidward has a good nature despite his bad attitude and track record of failure while collaborating with Patrick and Sponge Bob Star.

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