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Shiva Cartoon Characters Name List

“Shiva” is a super famous kids’ TV series in India. It’s made by Cosmos Entertainment, Maya Digital Studios, Viacom 18 Motion Pictures, and Hitech Animation. Lots of kids love watching it because it’s fun and exciting.

“Shiva” is a cool Indian cartoon about a boy named Shiva who lives with his grandparents, Vedas. He has special powers and has to save the world. Shiva helps people and keeps the city safe from danger.

Shiva Main Characters Names:


Shiva: Shiva, also known as Nilufar Middeey Khan, is a brave and smart nine-year-old boy. He lives with his grandparents and is a good student. Shiva has a bike that can fly and float on water. He’s a great fighter but always does the right thing. Besides fighting, he’s good at making gadgets and cooking. Shiva’s best friends are Aditya, Uday, and Reva.

Aditya: Aditya, also called ‘Adi’, is one of Shiva’s pals. He talks tough but is secretly scared sometimes. Adi always tags along with Shiva on their adventures and greatly cares about his family and friends. He even says he’s a hero in his village, just like Shiva is in Vedas City.

Uday: Uday, played by Sonal Kaushal Bali, is a key member of Shiva’s friends. He’s funny because he gets hungry when scared, but he’s strong. Uday always thinks aliens are causing problems, which makes their adventures more enjoyable. Sometimes, this belief causes arguments with Reva.

Reva: Reva, played by Rupa Bhimani, is an important part of Shiva’s gang. She always helps out in different ways during their adventures.

Laddu Singh: Laddu Singh, played by Manoj Pandey, is the Police Inspector of Vedas City. He’s honest but could be more brightly. Sometimes, he takes credit for Shiva’s work after catching a criminal. Shiva often helps him out with his job.

Pedaram: Pedaram serves as Singh’s assistant, supporting their work. However, despite his subordinate position, Pedaram occasionally intervenes to prevent Singh from hogging all the credit for their accomplishments. This dynamic adds depth to their relationship and injects humor into the storyline as Pedaram’s antics disrupt Singh’s attempts at self-promotion.

Some Side Character Names:

Nanaji: Nanaji, played by Brij Bhushan Sawhney, is a kind and musical presence in Shiva’s life as his maternal grandfather. Despite his good intentions, his passion for singing Hindustani classical music sometimes irritates other characters, adding humor to his character.

Nani: Nani, portrayed by Rupa Bhimani, serves as Shiva’s maternal grandmother and provides him with valuable guidance. She offers wise counsel to her grandson, encouraging him to avoid conflict and seek peaceful resolutions. Nani’s words of wisdom contribute to Shiva’s moral development and underscore the importance of empathy and understanding in resolving conflicts.

Bheem Singh: Bheem Singh is a trusted member of Shiva’s household who assists the family whenever they encounter difficulties with Singh, adding reliability and support to their lives.

Neha: Neha, Swami’s niece, possesses a remarkable talent for deciphering secret codes, including passwords, demonstrating her intelligence and problem-solving abilities. Her skill set proves invaluable in various situations, contributing to the resolution of challenges Shiva and his friends face.

Wrapping up:

 “Shiva” is a popular Indian animated series loved by many. It follows the adventures of Shiva, his friends, and his family as they face challenges in Vedas City. The show teaches important lessons about teamwork, friendship, and bravery, with its mix of action, humor, and heartwarming moments. “Shiva” continues to entertain audiences of all ages.


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