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Top 10 Highest-Paid IPL Players of 2023

Imagine the deafening cheers of fans in jam-packed stadiums, the adrenaline rush that captures hearts worldwide, yep, that’s the Indian Premier League what we are talking about here. But the IPL isn’t just about cricket; it’s a cocktail of raw passion, national pride, and a dazzling display of talent pushing the boundaries. One of the most mind-boggling elements of the IPL is the jaw-dropping sums that players pull in for their prowess. And guess what, today we’re hopping onto a thrilling roller coaster ride, zooming into the list of the highest-paid IPL players in 2023. With each passing year, the stakes soar higher, and the bids grow larger, reflecting the ever-escalating intensity of the game. As we delve into the world of IPL’s big bucks earners, we’ll unravel the exciting mix of new talent, grit, and game sense that these superstars offer, justifying every single penny of their whopping paychecks.

List Of The Highest-Paid Cricketer in IPL 2023

Player Name



Sam Curran Punjab Kings 18.5 Cr
Cameron Green Mumbai Indians 17.5 Cr
KL Rahul Lucknow SuperGiants 17 Cr
Ben Stokes Chennai Super Kings 16.25 Cr
Andre Russell Kolkata Knight Riders 16 Cr
Rohit Sharma Mumbai Indians 16 Cr
Ravindra Jadeja Chennai Super Kings 16 Cr
Rishabh Pant Delhi Capitals 16 Cr
Nicholas Pooran Lucknow SuperGiants 16 Cr
Ishan Kishan Mumbai Indians 15.25 Cr

1. Sam Curran (18.5 Crores Rupees)


Sam Curran sporting the colors of the Punjab franchise, and boy, has he proven his worth. Born on June 3, 1998, this Northampton lad, now a sprightly 25, wields his cricketing magic on the field as a versatile all-rounder. This left-handed batsman, with his array of strokes and ability to bowl fast seam, keeps the opposition guessing. He stepped into the IPL arena back in 2019, and since then, 43 matches in, he’s become a seasoned player. This guy has nerves of steel, with three half-centuries under his belt, and an unbeaten 55 runs as his highest IPL score. In the IPL Auction 2023, the Punjab franchise splurged a whopping Rs 18.50 Cr to have him on their side. As one of the top earners and the highest paid player in IPL history, we’re all set to see some fireworks from Curran in the upcoming IPL 2023 season.

2. Cameron Green (17.5 Crores Rupees)

This Aussie star, born on June 3, 1999, is winning hearts and games for the Mumbai franchise. Hailing from Subiaco, Western Australia, Green brings to the table some power-packed right-handed batting and fast seam bowling. Despite it being his debut IPL season in 2023, he’s already left a mark in 11 matches. His batting chart boasts 274 runs with an impressive average of 39.14, peaking with a score of 67 runs. His boundary-hitting skills have thrilled the crowds, striking 24 fours and 11 sixes. The Mumbai franchise put their money where their faith is and shelled out a whopping Rs 17.50 Crores for Green in the IPL Auction 2023.

3. KL Rahul (17 Crores Rupees)

Next on the list is KL Rahul, a 31-year-old cricket star from India, who is among the top earners in IPL 2023. Currently, he’s making waves with the Lucknow franchise. Born on April 18, 1992, KL Rahul has been a mainstay in the IPL since his debut in 2013. His stats are nothing short of impressive, with a whopping 4163 runs in 118 matches. Rahul’s consistency and knack for big scores have given him 4 centuries and 33 half-centuries in the IPL, with his highest score being a massive 132* runs. The Lucknow franchise didn’t hesitate to shell out a cool Rs 17 Cr for him in the IPL Auction 2023.

4. Ben Stokes (16.25 Crores Rupees)

Next up on the list is none other than the English Test Captain, the one-man army, Ben Stokes. He managed to bag a colossal 16.25 crore rupees at the IPL Auction 2023. Now, that’s a whole lotta cash! Stokes is no stranger to making headlines in the IPL. Remember the 2020 season? The guy was on fire, smashing a massive 285 runs in just 8 matches. Now, Stokes will be donning the yellow jersey of the Chennai Super Kings, ready to mesmerize us with his left-handed batting brilliance and fast-seam bowling prowess. This man’s aggressive playstyle is an absolute crowd-pleaser.

5. Andre Russell (16 Crores Rupees)

Russell has been a pillar of strength for the Kolkata Knight Riders for six seasons, leaving fans awestruck with his performances. He was crowned Most Valuable Player in the 2015 IPL season, thanks to his incredible form which saw him score 392 runs and take 14 wickets. His explosive innings, like the 48 runs off just 13 balls against Royal Challengers Bangalore is still fresh in our minds. With 110 IPL matches under his belt, he’s scored 2253 runs at an impressive and notched up 10 half-centuries, with his highest score being an unbeaten 88. Russell’s stellar performances warranted a massive investment of Rs 16.00 Cr from the Kolkata franchise in the IPL Auction 2023.

6. Rohit Sharma (16 Crores Rupees)

This guy’s name is synonymous with the Mumbai Indians, and he’s got a whopping five IPL titles under his belt to prove it. Rohit’s smooth batting style is pure eye candy for cricket lovers. He first rocked up with the Mumbai Indians in 2011, and boy, did he leave a mark! The team scored their first-ever IPL win in 2013, all thanks to his relentless efforts. With a staggering 238 IPL games and an astonishing 6070 runs to his name, Rohit’s cricketing genius is off the charts. With his price tag of 16 Crore, it’s clear that his leadership and performance are worth every last rupee.

7. Ravindra Jadeja (16 Crores Rupees)

Known for his on-field brilliance, Ravindra Jadeja is another high roller in the IPL 2023, earning a whopping 16 Crore Rupees from the Chennai Super Kings. Jaddu’s game has improved leaps and bounds under the watchful eyes of the cricket legend, MS Dhoni. His journey in the IPL is nothing short of a blockbuster movie. From leading the Rajasthan Royals to victory in 2008 to becoming a critical piece of the puzzle for CSK, Jaddu’s all-around skills have been instrumental in his teams’ wins. The fans can’t wait to see what tricks he pulls out of his hat in the 2023 season, making his 16 Crore price tag seem like a bargain.

8. Rishabh Pant (16 Crores Rupees)

Remember the excitement when Rishabh Pant debuted in the 2016 Under-19 World Cup? Well, he brought that same energy to the IPL, especially in 2017 when he scored a mind-blowing 97 runs off just 48 balls. And let’s not forget his 2018 IPL season where he was the second-highest run-scorer, churning out a solid 684 runs with a strike rate of 174. Pant’s game was so on point that he was handed the captaincy of the Delhi Capitals in IPL 2021, and he’s been killing it ever since. With 98 IPL games and a total of 2838 runs, Pant’s consistency is something to behold. That’s why the Delhi team didn’t bat an eyelid before signing a 16 Crore deal with this young cricket rockstar.

9. Nicholas Pooran (16 Crores Rupees)

Nicholas Pooran, a hotshot from the Caribbean, has become a big-ticket player in the IPL 2023, securing a 16 Crore deal with the Lucknow franchise. At 28, Pooran brings a fresh energy to the game. As a wicketkeeper and a left-handed batsman, Pooran is a valuable asset on the field. Since his IPL debut in 2019, he has played 58 matches and scored an impressive total of 1160 runs. Pooran’s batting skills have been on display with his five half-centuries in the IPL, including a highest score of 77 runs. His ability to anchor the innings and play crucial knocks makes him a game-changer for the Lucknow team. With a price tag of 16 crore rupees in the IPL 2023, Pooran’s cricketing journey is definitely one to watch.

10. Ishan Kishan (15.25 Crores Rupees)

Mumbai Indians sure know how to splash the cash! They’ve forked out a whopping 15.25 Crores to retain the young sensation, Ishan Kishan, for IPL 2023. This dynamic cricketer from Patna, Bihar, is a star in the making. Since his IPL debut in 2016, Kishan has played 86 matches, scoring a total of 2205 runs, which is no mean feat. The Mumbai Indians often rely on him for explosive starts during the powerplay, and Kishan rarely disappoints. His 14 half-centuries and a top score of 99 runs underscore his ability to convert starts into big scores. With the Mumbai Indians investing a considerable sum in retaining Kishan, it’s clear they believe in his talent and potential. At 25, Kishan is just getting started and he could be the key to Mumbai Indians’ quest for another IPL title in 2023.


What stands out is that those eye-watering paychecks aren’t just about the money. Instead, they mirror the boundless passion, unwavering commitment, and awe-inspiring talent these players bring to the field. They deserve a salute for their knack for electrifying the game and spellbinding millions of fans around the globe.


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