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How Accurate are Electronic BP Monitors?

These days, no one likes to use a manual blood pressure monitor. People prefer Electronic BP Machine. The main reason is the speed and the ease of use. The Electronic BP Machine doesn’t require any skill set or training to be used. In such a case, they became a popular choice for the users. Most people can easily manage their blood pressure with the help of these Electronic BP Monitors. If you are using Electronic BP Monitors or planning to buy an Electronic BP Monitors, we are sure that you would have some questions too.

One question that most of you would have is how accurate are Digital BP Monitors. Experts and users often question the Electronic BP Monitors, and they often have concerns over the same. So, what exactly is the truth? Are Electronic BP Monitors accurate? If they are not, what is the error percentage? Can we ignore the error? Let us find the answers to all the questions for you so that you can use the Electronic BP Monitors with peace of mind.

How Accurate are Electronic BP Monitors

Are Electronic BP Monitors Accurate?

The truth is that the Electronic BP Monitors are less accurate than the manual BP Machines. Not that they are very inaccurate, but they are slightly inaccurate. So, if you are in a situation where you want 100% accurate results, you must avoid using the Electronic BP Monitors. Otherwise, you should be good with the accuracy provided with the Electronic BP Monitors. It is decent enough to provide you with the results and help you manage your blood pressure. Another point to note here is that even though the manual BP Machines are more accurate, you might still not be able to use them at home without proper training. Trying to use manual machines could induce a higher degree of error when compared to Electronic BP Monitors.

So, What is the percentage of error?

Most Electronic BP Monitors would list the percentage of an error on their label. The error can vary from one brand to another. You can always refer to the user manual to get those numbers. Some Electronic BP Monitors would mention the percentage error, and some will mention it in unit terms. In most cases, the error in the reading is between 5% and 15%. The error percentage would also depend on how you are using the Electronic BP Monitors. If you are not wrapping the cuff correctly or moving/talking while taking a measurement, you must expect the reading to be inaccurate.

Can I use the Electronic BP Monitor at Home?

It is recommended to use the Electronic BP Monitors at home instead of any other model. The Electronic BP Monitor is easy to use. With the AI taking over, the new generation models also tell you about errors induced by body movement or cuff being wrapped incorrectly. This helps you take an accurate reading. Moreover, the Electronic BP Monitors alerts you when the BP is higher than the normal range. This helps you seek medical assistance at the earliest. Electronic BP Monitors is a better choice if you are not a trained professional.

Final Verdict

This was all about the usage and accuracy of Electronic BP Monitors. We hope that we have answered your questions about the accuracy. In case of any more information, you can check out the user manual of the package. You can also leave a comment for us if you have any questions, and we will be able to help you in the best possible way. To conclude, we can say that Electronic BP Monitors are very accurate, and they can be used as a substitute for manual BP monitors in most cases.


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