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The Best Crompton Table Fans In India 2023 [Top Models Analysis]

Crompton Greaves, also known as Crompton, is a well-known brand name in the home appliances industry that has stood the test of time. Sales figures show that Crompton is the most popular fan brand.

 Established by a British engineer but later bought by the Thapar group. Crompton Greaves is, therefore, formally, an Indian firm. Crompton has been setting a standard for quality of product, durability, and performance for more than 130 years of experience in the electrical appliance industry.

Crompton was among the first big manufacturers of home electrical appliances. Crompton has a market share of more than 28% in the fans segment. Whether you need a table fan or pedestal fan, a ceiling fan or wall mount, Crompton has it.

Best Selling Crompton Table Fans In India

Here are some of the best Crompton Table Fans In India are briefly described in this article with their pros and cons

1. Crompton Wave Plus 400 mm Table Fan

Crompton Wave Table Fan 

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Designed to withstand the fan’s weight at high speeds and oscillations, the base is broad and sturdy. Furthermore, the body is both beautiful and sturdy.

To find a pace that works for you, use the junction box panel’s easy-push buttons. Select from three available speeds – it’s as simple as that!

Push the knob on the upper edge of the motor down to start oscillating the fan, and pull it back up to stop it. This fan is highly comfortable for the whole family.

At maximum speed, the motor uses only 50W of power, making it extremely energy efficient. Without sacrificing performance, you can save money on your electricity bill!

The blades’ aerodynamic design provides airflow of 85 CMM. The motor’s maximum speed is 1350 revolutions per minute.

Overheating of the fan is prevented by Thermal Overload Protection, which protects the motor in the event of a voltage change. When overloaded, the circuit would be temporarily interrupted to protect the fan.


  • Has corrosion-resistant guards
  • Powerful copper motor 100%
  • Spring-loaded tilting
  • Sturdy base
  • Best air delivery


  • The motor makes a bit of sound

2. Crompton High-Speed Torpedo Table Fan

Crompton High-Speed Torpedo Table Fan

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Compared to ceiling fans, pedestal fans appear to lack innovative features. That’s where the truth lies, however. – They appear to be normal, but in reality, they are anything but. Highspeed Torpedo is a high-quality product with attractive design and a low price.

“Does a pedestal fan perhaps consume energy that you should be concerned about?” is a common question. Yes, that is correct. It’s possible to save up to 50% on electricity costs by purchasing an energy-efficient fan and using it year-round.

If you’re like most people, you don’t want to be tied down to a single location with a ceiling fan. The likelihood is that you’ll put it to use in a variety of locations around your house. It’s not every day, but it’s regular. Because of this, a lightweight pedestal fan would only make moving it around a lot easier.

The days of big, clunky appliances are long gone. This efficient table fan will fit in any space, whether it’s in your living room or even your shop.

Table fans can be used almost anywhere. Their installation is straightforward and does not necessitate the use of specialized tools. Because of this, they are even more convenient to use because they can be used outdoor and indoor outdoors with an extension cord.


  • With High-Speed Torpedo Table Fans, you can enjoy a powerful breeze.
  • High-speed 2100 RPM, as well as air distribution of 105 CMM, are the best in the industry.
  • Colors that are suitable for a wide range of settings
  • There is Thermal Overload Protection, tilting process, Sturdy Base that has a wide Oscillation, and 100% Copper Winding.


  • A bit heavy in weight

3. Crompton Hiflo Neo Table Fan

Crompton Hiflo Neo Table Fan

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From ceiling fans to exhaust fans to pedestals to table fans to towers and wall-mounted ceiling fan options are all available from Crompton. Crompton fans are the quietest in the industry, allowing for a more restful atmosphere in the home.

During the sweltering summer months, pedestal fans are an excellent option for keeping cool. Their portability makes them ideal for areas where airflow is difficult to access and can be utilized both indoors and outdoors.

This pedestal fan has adjustable heights, unlike other fan types. To cover a larger area, the pedestal fan’s oscillating movement can be used to meet specific cooling requirements. It is a fan that runs quietly.

This fan is a wonderful addition to any room in the home. As an alternative to air conditioners that release harmful gases as well as chemicals into the atmosphere, it is a power and environmentally friendly cooling option as well as one that provides effective cooling.

With a table fan, you’ll save money on electricity while still getting a high-quality performance. Thus, you’ll save money on electricity while also lowering your household’s overall electricity usage.


  • With Crompton’s strong Hiflo Neo Table Fan, you can be confident in its performance and long life.
  • It has Thermal Overload Protection (TOP), which keeps the fan from overheating, ensuring your safety.
  • Your home’s contemporary style will be enhanced by the fan’s refined design.
  • For added convenience, it has 3 modes of operation (Normal, Natural, and Sleep).
  • From the date of purchase, the manufacturer provides a two-year warranty.


  • Careful handling is a must

Why Choose Crompton Table Fans?

The new table fans from Crompton are a beautiful combination of form and function. Elegant color options and updated aesthetics make these table fans a perfect fit for your home’s decor while also providing you with a personalized cooling experience. Crompton’s table fans stand out for their many features and benefits, as well as their simple, clean design.

→ Motorized control and wide oscillation

 In small spaces, these table fans are ideal for covering the most surface area as well as facilitating ventilation. Table fans’ higher and much more centered air delivery is made possible by their motorized control and wide oscillation.

→ Long-lasting and reliable

These table fans not only have a low price tag, but they are also a long-lasting cooling solution because of the built-in thermal overload protection, the durable ABS blade stand, and the easy-to-tilt neck.

→ Power-packed safety and features

In terms of design, Crompton pedestal fans are both powerful and opulent. To avoid any accidents, it has a finger-proof metal grill. This makes it safe to use around children.

When purchasing a table fan, there are numerous features to consider. For instance, the speed of the fan, the amount of power used the oscillation feature, the ease of transport, and the airflow. Before you buy a table fan, keep these things in mind. You can also check out Crompton’s new line of pedestal fans, which are both affordable and efficient.

Isn’t it wonderful to be able to take your fan with you wherever you go and still gets individualized cooling on those scorching afternoons? With table fans, moving them around is a breeze because they are small, light, and easy to transport. A table fan’s portability is one of its greatest advantages!

Bottom Line

Crompton’s table fans aren’t just packed with cutting-edge technology; they’re also aesthetically pleasing. You can contact crompton support for more details. Look through our exclusive online collection to discover the ideal table fan for the space!


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