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How to Make Your Office Chair More Comfortable?

Work can be very stressful and what adds to the stress is the improper sitting position or an uncomfortable chair. Some of the premium office chairs can be very expensive, and most of us may not be able to afford them. In such a case, it is worth buying an inexpensive office chair available in the market and then add accessories to make it more comfortable. If you are looking for similar tips, we can assure you that you will find everything here. Scroll down further and check out how you can make the office chair more comfortable.

Tips To Make Office Chair More Comfortable

Office Chairs in India

1. Adjust the height

The first thing to do is to adjust the height of the chair. This is the easiest way to get yourself comfortable. The height should not be very high, and it should not be low either. The height should be according to your height, and your feet should be barely touching the floor.

2. Recline the Chair

The second thing that you should do is that you should recline the chair. Some people feel that having the backrest upright will improve the posture, but that is not correct. In such a case, you should recline the chair to 135 degrees, and this offers the best position for you for working. This recline angle is good, especially when you have to work long hours.

3. Monitor’s Height

The next thing that you can do to make the working position comfortable is to adjust the monitor’s height. This can help you improve your concentration too. You should also adjust the keyboard. If you work on a laptop, you can get a laptop stand to get the desired angle.

4. Add Lumbar Pillow & Seat Cushion

seat cushion for office chair-min

If you wish to make the office chair comfortable, you need to make some purchases. The best thing is to add a lumbar pillow and a seat cushion. You can buy these accessories and choose the ones that are made of memory pillows. You can also add just one of these accessories according to your needs.

5. Padded Armrest

Another accessory that can help you make the office chair comfortable is the padded armrest. This is especially true if you type a lot. The padded armrest can relax your hands and improve your efficiency as well as your typing speed.

6. Add a Footrest

Many people don’t realize this, but adding a footrest can make things more comfortable for you. A footrest will relax your feet, and you won’t feel restless if you have this footrest. You can even buy a foot pillow or something similar. This is one accessory that improves comfort by multiple folds.

Check This Video To Make office Chair More Comfortable

This was all about the tips and tricks that can make comfortable office chair. You can always start by making the sitting position more comfortable, and you can then add accessories like an additional pillow and a footrest. These things can make a lot of difference in the comfort level while using the office chair. We hope these points will help you ensure optimal comfort and improve ergonomics while you are working.


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