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Different Types Of Motorcycle Helmets and Their Benefits

A lot of people are driving motorcycles with wearing helmets. The helmets provide proper safety to your head from injuries. You can choose the best one from various helmets available on the market. The choice of the helmet will depend on the requirement and care while driving the vehicle. If you also want to explore different types of motorcycle helmets to choose the best one, then check the following information.

There are around seven types of motorcycle helmets for bike riders. You can know about them to make a better choice. The selection of the original helmet is possible to get the desired results. The riders can use these helmets for different purposes.

In addition to it, the bikers can get protection from serious injuries. A reduction in the death ratio is also possible with picking the fitting helmet. So, let us know about different types of helmets for riding the motorcycle and have desired riding experience.

Different Types of Helmets for Riding Motorcycles 

A list of the helmets for motorcycles in India is provided below. You can evaluate all the styles and choose the helmet according to the requirements.

1. Full face helmet 

LS2 FF Fibre 352 Palimnesis Full Face Premium Helmet with Mercury Visor

The full-face motorcycle helmet in India is the most secure helmet for motorcycle riders. There is a covering of the complete head, eyes, nose, and mouth to get protection from serious injuries. The design of the helmet is basically for safety and does not allow to enter the air into the helmet.

Apart from it, there is complete ventilation provided while wearing the helmets. These are available with a Bluetooth speaker, an attending button, and navigation to offer total convenience to the riders. In addition, you can purchase motorcycle helmets to have higher safety and security.

2. Half Face Helmets 

Sage Square Multi-Purpose Half Helmet

The design of the half-face helmet is for covering your half head. These are both visors and not-so visors for the riders. Therefore, it is a suitable choice for scooters. If you compare the helmets with full-face helmets, these are less beneficial for the individuals. However, there is protection at the time of the accident for the scooter or bike riders.

These are the helmets that provide more safety to the head. As a result, the enjoyment of a pleasant experience is possible for the motorbike riders. You have to wear sunglasses during the ride if you choose half-face helmets while riding the motorcycle in the sunrays.

3. Motocross Helmets 

Studds Motocross Plain SUS_MVPFFH_BLKL_Full Face Helmet

One of the popular helmets for motorcycles is the motocross helmet. The quality helmets are of high quality to offer the desired results. These are available with different names. The protection from the dust and dirt in the hilly areas is possible for the people. Along with it, the riders can consider these helmets comfortable for riding.

The head of the riders will stay cool with wearing the helmets. So you can purchase them and wear them in summer. The purchasing of the helmets is with the skills to get proper protection from accidents. So you should get to know about them before buying them in India.

4. Modular Helmets for Motorcycle 

Modular is one of the durable helmets for riders. There is the availability of both full-face and half-face models while riding the bikes. You need to avoid them during the summer season. These are slightly expensive for the riders. It is essential to get information about wearing a little lightweight helmet.

The material of the helmets is high for meeting the requirements related to a safer riding experience. You can wear trousers and ride bikes without any risk to your health. It is essential to get details about them to have a better experience while riding the motorcycle.

5. Open Face Helmets 

Studds Urban Black with Black Strip Open Face Helmet

Open face helmet is a suitable choice to protect the head while riding the motorcycle. There is the covering of the head, ears, and back of your head. But the mouth and face will remain open. The protection is provided to the health from dust, dirt, and debris. When choosing helmets for motorcycles, purchasing the open-face helmet is the right choice.

If you talk about the quality, then make sure that these are of high quality. You can tie the helmet around your neck to have the best experience. There is the availability of a complete guarantee to the individuals.

6. Off-Road Helmet 

Vega Off Road DV Sketch Dull Black Silver Helmet-M

Off helmet for motorcycle is a beneficial choice to get protection from dusty and hilly roads. Riding on the streets with heavy traffic is easy for people. These are helmets with less weight and more security. There is a need to get details about them before purchasing the motorcycle helmets. Apart from it, glasses are also provided in sunny weather to get a pleasant experience.

The helmets are costly compared to other helmets in India. The working of the helmets is as per the requirement of the bikers. You should get the details about them so that you will not feel tired while riding your scooter or motorcycle. The purchase of the model is the right choice to enjoy your ride with wearing the helmet.

7. Dual Sport Helmets 

A dual sport helmet is a standard helmet for athletes and sportspeople. Though there are no attractive designs, you can get better protection for the head and nose. Covering the entire face is possible for motorcycle riders. The neck will stay at the top to deliver the desired results to the people. Besides it, you can avoid wearing sunglasses with the choice of motorcycle helmets.

These will offer proper ventilation to the individuals. In the summer, the helmet will keep the head cool and warm in the winter. The passing of the air is also possible for a sportsperson to avoid any problem while riding the bike.


These are different types of helmets for motorcycles. You can purchase the right one depending on the purpose. As a result, meeting the need to get proper protection and safety is possible for all sportspeople and bike riders. Make sure that you are getting the correct details about them to purchase the fitting bike helmet.


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