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How to Make a Rope Swing Chair?

Nothing beats a hammock when you wish to relax on a lazy weekend. We are sure that every evening you would love to sit on a rope swing chair on your balcony and sip freshly brewed coffee. Hanging chairs can be costly, but you can always restrict to a DIY. If you are looking for ideas to make a DIY Rope Swing Chair, let us share some excellent ideas. Go ahead and check out the details below.

Steps to Make a Rope Swing Chair

How to Make a Rope Swing Chair?

1. Getting the Hook Ready

The first thing is to get the hook ready. You would need to install the hook on the ceiling. If you already have a hook installed, then you should be good to go ahead. Otherwise, you would need to attach a hook. Ensure that the hook can take the weight of the human and a chair. The hook should not bend, and it should be sturdy enough.

2. Selecting the Chair

The next thing is to choose the chair that you would like there. Below are some DIY ideas of the rope swing chair that you can make yourself.

  • Hammock Chair – You can start by hanging the hammock. This is the easiest way to make a rope swing chair. All you need is a hammock and a wooden plank to hang it.
  • Macramé Chair – Another exciting idea is to use a macramé. You can hang it easily, and you can use a matching colour rope to hang it.
  • Pallet Chair – If you have some wooden pallets or arrange a wooden pallet, you can also transform that into a rope swing chair. You can paint the pallet, and you can drill holes in the four corners. You can then hang the pallet, and you will be done.
  • Lounge/Garden Chair – The next thing that you can use is a lounge chair or a garden chair. To use the lounge chair, start by removing the chair’s legs and drill the holes where the longs used to be. Attach the rope in that area, and you are ready to hang it.

3. Hanging the Chair

In the next step, you need to hang the chair. You need to start by attaching the rope to the chair. Ensure that the area covered is not obstructing the space for you. Also, once you have secured the chair to the rope, hang the rope to an appropriate height.

4. Beautification

You also need to beautify the chair, which is the most exciting part of the process. You can use spray paints, cushions, cloth covers, faux grass, lights, and many other things to make the chair look more appealing. You can hang this chair on the balcony, or you can hang it inside too.

Check this video for making a rope chair

We hope that you would have found at least one idea that was worth trying. One essential thing that you need while making a rope swing chair is a hook on the ceiling that can support the weight of the chair and the person sitting on it. If you already have a hook, then you are good to go ahead. Otherwise, you may want professional help to attach a hook to the ceiling.


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