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Wall Mount Fan Vs. Ceiling Fans – Which is Better Option?

There are many types of fans available in the market. Some common ones include table fans, ceiling fans, pedestal fans, tower fans, and wall mounted fans. Many people are not sure what fan should they install. In such a case, it becomes confusing to choose the right product at the first attempt. We received many queries from the people who were confused between the wall mount fan and ceiling fans. In such a case, we decided to share some of the points that would help you differentiate between the wall mount fan and the ceiling fan. Scroll through the next section to get more details about the same.

Difference Between Wall Mount Fan & Ceiling Fan

Wall Mount Fan Vs Ceiling Fan

Below are some points that act as a distinguishing factor between the wall mount fan & ceiling fan. Based on these points, you can choose, and we are sure you will be happy with what you choose.

Factor Wall Mount Fan Ceiling Fan
Installation Mounted on a wall or surface Suspended from the ceiling
Air Circulation Provides localized airflow Circulates air throughout the room
Space Efficiency Suitable for smaller areas Suitable for larger areas
Cooling Coverage Limited coverage Wider coverage
Adjustable Direction Typically adjustable horizontally Typically adjustable vertically and horizontally
Aesthetic Appeal May be less aesthetically pleasing Often considered more attractive and integrated into room decor
Energy Efficiency Generally consumes less energy Consumes more energy due to larger size
Noise Level Tends to be quieter May produce more noise, especially at higher speeds
Installation Cost Typically lower installation cost May require more complex installation and cost
Maintenance Easier to clean and maintain Requires occasional cleaning and maintenance
Cost Generally more affordable Usually more expensive
Remote Control Not always equipped with remote control Often comes with remote control options
Ceiling Height Not dependent on ceiling height Requires sufficient ceiling height for installation

Usage of the Fan

The first thing that you should consider is your usage. Are you installing the fan in a room or the office? If so, the ceiling fan would offer a better utility. If you are looking for a fan to install in a greenhouse, garage or cabin, then the wall mount fan will offer you a better utility. Depending on the type of usage, then consideration should be made.

Cabins & Low Ceiling

If you install the fan in a room, but if you have a low ceiling height, then the ceiling fan can prove to be a hazard. In such a case, the best bet would be to install a wall mount fan. Similarly, if you have a dressing room with a small area, then the ceiling fan might not serve the purpose, and instead, you should buy a wall mount fan.

Air Swing

You should also figure out if you need the air swing. If you need an air swing, you should go ahead and opt for the wall mount fan with swing functions. Whereas, if you are looking for a stable fan, the ceiling fan can also offer you the optimal utility. Most of the wall mount fan comes with the oscillating feature that can be turned on or turned off.

Air Flow Angle

The next thing to check is the airflow angle that you are looking at. Since the ceiling fans are installed on the ceiling, the airflow angle is 90 degrees, and these fans can make the room feel airy. Whereas the wall mounted, fans are installed on the wall so that you will end up with an acute angle of the airflow. If there are no such restrictions on the angle of the air, then you are free to choose any fan.

Area Covered

You must also look at the area of the room. The wall mount fans are usually good enough for the small rooms, but you would need multiple wall mount fans if the area is large. The advantage of the ceiling fan is that they can cover a large area and hence you would need a fewer number of ceiling fans to make the room airy.

Energy Consumption

The consideration to make is the energy consumption. The ceiling fan motor is a lot more efficient, and hence you will get better efficiency with the ceiling fans. As a general rule, the wall mounted fans consume a little more electricity. In such a case, if you are sensitive to power consumption, you should opt for the ceiling fan.

Ease of Cleaning

The next point for consideration is the ease of cleaning. The ceiling fans are a lot easier to clean when compared with the wall mounted fans. The wall mounted fans have a cage, which makes it difficult for you to clean the fan. You would need to put in a lot of effort to clean the wall mount fans. In contrast, you can clean the ceiling fans with just a long broom.

Use in winter

The hot air rises, and in winters, you can use this principle to your advantage to keep the room warm. This principle helps, especially when you are using a heater in the room. If you plan to use the fan to circulate the air in the winter, ceiling fans would be the best choice. Since these fans are placed on the ceiling, the fan circulates the warm air from the top of the room.


In general, the ceiling fans are available in multiple colours and designs. This makes the ceiling fan looks a lot better than the wall mounted fans. There are ceiling fans that come with an integrated light. You would not be happy in installing the wall mount fan in your living room or the bedroom. For that, you would want a good looking ceiling fan only. So, consider this fact while choosing between the ceiling fan and the wall mount fan.

Plug & Play

The wall mount fans are usually easier to install. There is no need to have a hook on the ceiling. They can be mounted on the wall, and you need to plug in the power cord to use the wall mount fan. You would need to have a proper loop installed in the ceiling for the ceiling fans, and you would also need an electrical connection on the ceiling. So, if you are concerned about the installation process and if you do not have a connection to the ceiling, then the wall mount fan would work better.

Final Verdict

We are sure that comparing the two types of fans would help you choose the appropriate fan for your needs. Both these fans are very reliable, and they will offer you the best possible utility. The general rule is that if you need to install something in a cabin, you should get a wall mount fan, whereas if you want something in a bigger room, you should opt for a ceiling fan. Both these fans are also available in many different sizes, so check out those options when purchasing the wall mount or ceiling fans.


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