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What is a Full Face Helmet? Pros & Cons

You would have already seen half helmets, and we are sure you understand the risk associated with them. Those helmets are not designed for riding at high speed as they will not protect your chin. So, what is the solution to this problem? The solution is using a full face helmet that offers maximum protection in case of a crash. If you don’t know what a full face helmet is, then don’t worry. We will tell you more about the full face helmet along with the pros and cons of the full face helmet. Let us move ahead and check out the details below.

What is a Full Face Helmet?

What is a Full Face Helmet? Pros & Cons

The gold standard helmet is the full face helmet. These are the best possible helmets available in the market because they offer you the maximum amount of protection. In an accident, they will protect your head from all sides and angles. These helmets also have a full face shield that not only protects you from the wind blast but also acts as a bug deflector. No matter what moped or bike you have, you should always use a full face helmet. With time, the designs of these helmets have also improved drastically. Today, you will find sweat absorbent liner on the full face helmet, and you will also find ventilation holes that will keep you ventilated. Some of these full-face helmets are loaded with technology, and they have Bluetooth modules that aid communication with fellow riders or pillion. The padding on full face helmet is of top quality, and we always recommend using a full face helmet.

Pros of Full Face Helmet

Here are some advantages of Full Face Helmet:

  • Protection – The best part about the full face helmet is that they offer maximum possible protection to the users. They will protect your neck, chin, skull, nose and even ears. The ABS on the full face helmet is very tough, and this is the best possible option you will find in the market.
  • Insulation – The full face helmet is an all-weather friendly option. These are very well insulated, and they help you ride in cold, rainy or windy conditions. You are isolated from all the weather elements if you are wearing full face helmet.
  • Tinted/Dual Visor – The full face helmet comes with many options in the case of a visor. You can opt for the transparent visor dark visor or buy a full face helmet with a dual visor. This makes it very easy to ride the bike during the day & night. The visor also protects your eyes from dust, bugs and small stones, so you would not need any additional eye protection.
  • Comfortable & Perfect Fit – The fit of the full face helmets is amazing. The chin strap is of fantastic quality, and you will never find the fit to be lost. The cushion inside the full face helmet also makes the full face helmet comfortable.

Cons of Full Face Helmet

Here are some disadvantages of Full Face Helmet:

  • Expensive – Here is a trade-off. The full face helmet is expensive when compared with the half helmets. But we are sure that you don’t mind paying the price for your safety. In any case, full face helmets are the best choice.
  • Claustrophobic – The ventilation on full face helmet is not as good as other options. This may make you feel slightly uncomfortable. Another drawback of the full face helmet is that they are challenging to clean.


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