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How To Dismantle A Recliner Chair?

Sometimes you may get confused about the exact way to dismantle a chair. It appears to be a tough and challenging job. Dismantle is required while you are moving or shifting to any place. If you are not an expert, you must take proper help from the mechanics. They may know the exact way to do the dismantling of the chair. A recliner chair is one of the most modern types of chair that can help in the easy working process for the employees. Most corporate offices are flooded with modern recliner chairs. It is an integral part of modern corporate offices.

Steps to Dissemble a Recliner Chair:


In this part, you need to follow some steps for dismantling a recliner chair. It is an easy process that anyone can follow.

=> In the first step, you have to take care of the seat. You can easily do this by removing the screws attached near the chair. If the seat of the chair is removed, you can move towards the armrest part. They have their rocking levels. To dismantle them, you will get the screws attached at the back of the arm rest area. You can use a screw driver to carry out the same process.

=> Now flip the chair on the back to have a glance at the footrest part. You have to use a screwdriver to remove all the present screws. You must remember that if you follow one simple step to remove the screws, you can also complete the rest of the ones.

=> At first, remove the footrest from the base and put it aside. Follow the same process to the base part. The process will be the same in both cases.

=> You can use your tool to remove the pieces; you must lose the screws to open the armrest part. You must remove the brackets to remove the arm rest part. Also, keep a constant watch on the screws and bolts once you remove them from the points. It is okay if you keep it in a safe and secured place.

=> Suppose there is a motor system inside the recliner, you have to remove it from the wires. If you have some doubts, you can take the help of a technician. He can help you in the best possible manner.

=> After you finish the dismantling process, you have to put the whole thing in a box for easy and smooth shifting. It is okay if you carry the bolts and screws separately. This will make the whole process easier and better. The modern recliners have release locks. This will make the work much smoother.

=> To carry out the dismantling process, you might require the help of two or more persons. This may be required in some cases.

Check Recliner sofa disassemble video

Dismantling of recliners is required when you have to shift or move from one place to another. Recliner chair is a unique concept, but you must have an explicit knowledge about the dismantling process. The modern ones are much advanced for the dismantling process.


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