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How To Remove Wheels From Your Office Chair?

The office chair is the only one that gives complete support to your back during long office hours. A comfortable and stable sitting support will help in enhancing the productivity level of working. As you know, the functionality of an office chair depends on the adjustment level and wheels. Out of these two, the wheel is a major component that helps in moving the chair according to seating preference.

Think about what kind of damage can happen when the wheel doesn’t work properly? Maybe, your wood floor surface is damaged (if there is) or a flat mat will be torn due to the sliding of rough wheels. In such a case, the only solution left is to remove and replace the wheels. If you are not sure how to remove the wheel from office chair then you should read the following process.

Steps to follow for removing the wheels from an office chair

Remove Wheels From Office Chair

1. Lay it on the floor in an upside direction

You will need to flip the chair over and have the wheels face the upside direction for replacement. Make sure the sitting area of the chair should be on a flat surface. The recumbent position of the chair will help in getting a clear view of the lowermost and provide a complete accessibility convenience.  You can get help from a friend, family member if the chair is too heavy to turn.

2. Removal of Stem Caster

chair caster

Another important step to follow is removing casters from the chair including the threaded stem. Use your hands to twist the screw; gently twisting should be enough for eliminating. Make sure the clockwise manner will be used while twisting. If this motion makes the caster change, then it should be enough in the removal of the stem caster.

3. Removal of Grip Stem Caster

Often unscrewing may be difficult. In such a case a grip stem is a system that you need to deal with. It helps in dealing with stubborn wheels. Add some lubricating oil to the area where the meets caster attaches. Use one hand for placing the legs of the chair and the other for pulling the caster. During this process, you can also use a spray oil, towel and gloves for better accessibility.

4. Use screwdriver budge in case of hard movement

The caster may be too blemished in some cases. In this case, you will need a wide-flat screwdriver and nail pulling slot involved pry bar. The best thing about pry bars is that it is slightly larger and can hold caster stem easily. They are usually available in 13 mm long size. Firstly you should use a pry screwdriver after you can consider using a pry bar to remove caster wheels. Use your complete force to pull the caster out. Take help from your friend while pulling.

Check this video to replace broken wheel


The office chairs are one of the most expensive and one time investment products. No doubt that many new designs launch every year, but it is not a good idea to buy office chairs every year. Thus, the removal and replacement are the best alternatives to increase the durability of the office chair. We hope, these tips will help you enhance the overall durability of office chair.


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