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How Long a Vacuum Cleaner Last?

The Lifespan of a Vacuum and The Warning signs

Vacuum Cleaner has become popular these days and is used in most of the domicile. They not only reduce your efforts but also help to keep the home neat and clean.But it is hard to guess how much lifespan does a vacuum cleaner have? By the way, vacuum cleaners last an average of eight years according to consumer reports.

However, how long a vacuum cleaner supposed to be last will vary depending on the maintenance, care and type. Moreover, depending on the usage of users and type of cleaning, you can figure out the actual lifespan of your vacuum cleaner.

There is a specific model of vacuum from reputed brands that are more sturdy and durable than others. You will expect better long-lasting usage if you properly keep your vacuum clog-free and clean.

When it comes to better functionality and the long life of vacuum, firstly you should choose the right type of vacuum cleaner. Proper care and maintenance should require holding the durability of the vacuum cleaner.

The durability of a Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum Cleaner for Home

The powerful motor and efficiency of a vacuum cleaner help to determine how long a cleaner can work. It can be utilized in a better manner if used adequately. However, a vacuum cleaner shares similar features with various other electric appliances.

Sometimes, cheap and less popular vacuum models tend to last longer than expensive vacuum brands.Perhaps it has also happened that the vacuum cleaner turned out to be good in the past and you have replaced the new one because of technology but broke after some use.

In actuality, various aspects take into consideration to know long a vacuum cleaner works. Manufactures never reveal the durability of a vacuum cleaner, but with proper maintenance and care, you can extend the life of the cleaner.

Often use enhance the lifespan. The use of vacuum cleaners for one with a two-room apartment is varying from a person with a three-room. Using a cleaner for more than eight years to clean a certain area that has a large width & length then understand it’s the right time to buy a new vacuum cleaner.

What aspects should affect the longevity of a Vacuum Cleaner?

The factors listed below can hurt the functionality of your vacuum cleaner.

1. Occasional Maintenance & Care

vacuum cleaner care and maintenance

Regular use of vacuum cleaner can cause an unusual noise in it. Controlling such issues requires frequent maintenance and care. On the other hand, occasional care will shorten the life of the vacuum which will not be repaired in any way. According to the experts, taking care of a vacuum will ensure minimal collapses and allow use for a longer period. So, you should clean your vacuum cleaner at once every month. Don’t avoid issues minimal issues like little damage and unusual noise because it may become a big loss in future.

2. Use of Vacuum Cleaner

Use of Vacuum Cleaner

Regular use can easily affect the durability of a vacuum. Plus, if you have a large space, you’ll use a vacuum for every room for their cleaning. Your vacuum works harder of floors & carpets are deeply dirty and soiled, thus eliminating its duration. Many times people do not even know that which vacuum cleaner is made for which cleaning task. Misappropriation of the vacuum also reduces the lifespan.

Apart from that, choosing the wrong model or deteriorating to settle the adequate height to clean a large carpet can damage the suction power of the vacuum. Each vacuum model has its importance and capacity. For instance: Robot Vacuums are specially designed to clean thin and low spaces. Handheld models are best suited for cleaning narrow spaces like sofa & beddings.

3. Brand

Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Brand

We recommend choosing the top-notch brand, as it only provides after sale-services, return policy. Only a popular brand ensures better-quality and repair services. They also provide a limited year warranty to ensure that the product can be replaced if damaged.

Signs to check before altering old vacuum to the new one

The suction power of vacuum helps to determine is that the right time to buy a new vacuum cleaner? If the suction of the cleaner is slowing or not picking up that much dirt, it is time for a change. But your vacuum cleaner is mythical and can be used for years, so don’t be rejected.

Before you go to invest in a new vacuum cleaner, make sure whether the problem of the old one can be fixed or not. There is a maximum chance it requires a replacement part or is just clogged. For that, you need not do a heavy investment in a new one. Here are some signs to make sure your vacuum cleaner needs a change:

  • Check that the hoses aren’t blocked. By using a simple trick, you can fix the block issue in a pinch.
  • Replace or clean the filter after some use. A blocked filter will decrease the suction power of the cleaner, as a result of not enough airflow to pick up dirt & dust.
  • The vacuum should be cleaned thoroughly once a month. The inside is the most likely to become dirty, thus cleaning the entire structure is essential. Sometimes, a vacuum cleaner requires solid scrubbing. When you check the filters, check the inside and outside parts of the cleaner too.
  • The last and most important part is the drive belt. As it can dry rot, come off track or stretch out if not checked. Investing in the drive belt is an affordable option instead of spending on a new one.

If you do not see any of the problems shown above understand that it is the right time to upgrade.

Final Words:

Knowing the adequate lifespan of a machine can be impossible. But your usage and cleaning requirements help you arrive at a rough estimate. A perfect and sturdy model of vacuum cleaner spent many years in a house. Thus, it solely depends on your cleaning task, which model is suitable for you.


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