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The Best Luminous Ceiling Fans In India

Globally, we are experiencing a rise in the average temperature. The situation is no different in India. Earlier, when you visited hill stations, you rarely found ceiling fans in the hotels and resorts. Presently, having a ceiling fan has become a norm because of the rising temperatures. Now, the summers can be very hot, even at the hill stations. There are many cities in India where you would require the fan 24 x 7. The advantage of the ceiling fans is that they are designed to keep you cool and help you circulate the air efficiently. Thus, the ceiling fans significantly reduce energy consumption by optimizing your cooling systems or heating systems.

Since almost every home has ceiling fans, many brands also recognized this volume game as an opportunity. Manufacturing fans meant that the brands would be able to sell their product to the masses and exploit economies of scale to make a profit. In such a case, many brands manufacture ceiling fans. Moreover, each brand has its unique selling point, which enables them to compete in the market. Having a large number of brands in the market also ensure that the competition is maintained, and at the end of the day, the consumer benefits because of this competition.

One such brand that manufactures ceiling fans in India is Luminous. The brand is quite a popular option in India, and it started as a brand for inverters & batteries. It has been over 30 years since the brand was incepted, and today, it also manufactures different electrical appliances like fans, lighting solutions and switches. The brand also solar solutions. Anyone who has used a product from Luminous would know that the brand is particular about energy consumption. It is invested heavily in R&D to manufacture products that are energy efficient.

Luminous Ceiling Fans Top Models Analysis

We receive many requests from the readers to review the Best Selling Luminous Ceiling Fans in India. Since it is a reliable brand, we can recommend certain ceiling fans that are worth considering while making a purchase. On this page, you will find the list of top Luminous Ceiling Fans in India. You can scroll through the page and check out the reviews of the ceiling fans that we think are worth the purchase. You can also check out the actual product page of the Luminous Ceiling Fans using the integrated link, and that will give you an idea of the Luminous Ceiling Fans Price in India. So, let us go ahead and check out what we have on the list for you.

1. Luminous Audie 1200mm 70-Watt Ceiling Fan

Luminous Audie 1200mm 70-Watt Ceiling Fan

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The first economical option available on the list is Luminous Audie. This fan comes with the standard downrod mounting, and it is available in as many as six colour options. You can choose the colour as per the design of your interiors and improve the ambience with the help of this colour combination. This ceiling fan also has a metallic finish which looks very modern and stylish. The motor of the fan is also designed with high levels of innovation. Even at high speed, the fan performs well, and the motor doesn’t get heated.

Talking about the power rating, the fan consumes 78 watts of power at the maximum speed. The air delivery offered by the fan is 230 CMM, and that is enough to make you feel airy in the room. The speed of the fan has also been enhanced by the additional use of copper in the winding. The design is futuristic, and this, coupled with the wider aluminium blades, does wonder for you.

Overall, this is an excellent option from Luminous, and if you are looking for an affordable yet premium ceiling fan, you should go ahead and opt for this model. You will surely like the performance and the design of this model. With a two year warranty, this fan gives you peace of mind, and you don’t have to worry about any manufacturing defect or any issue with the fan. Lastly, you can also opt for a model which comes with smart control features. You can control that particular model with the remote, Alexa and even the mobile application.


  • The blades are designed with aluminium, and the fan delivers 230 CMM air.
  • Luminous offer a two-year warranty on the fan.
  • The fan features a 12 pole motor that gives it a high rotational speed.
  • There are six colour options available: Berry Red, Cocoa Brown, Cool Blue Silver, Cream, Gold and Sparkle White.


  • The fan may get slightly noisy at full speed.

2. Luminous New York Brooklyn 1200mm Ceiling Fan

Luminous New York Brooklyn 1200mm Ceiling Fan

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Are you looking for a ceiling fan with a cosmopolitan design? Do you wish to restrict your budget? Well, you should check out the Luminous New York Brooklyn ceiling fan in that case. This offering from Luminous has a sharp design, and it looks pretty awesome. The fan has wider blades that generate a higher level of air thrust. The result is higher air delivery. Talking about the numbers, the fan has a maximum rotation speed of 350 rounds per minute and air delivery of 230 CMM. 

In India, we notice that the ceiling fans accumulate a lot of dust on the blades. If you buy this particular model from Luminous, you will also get rid of cleaning the fan repeatedly. Since this fan has an anti-dust coating, the blades attract minimal dust and reduce the frequency of cleaning for you. The brand offers a standard two-year warranty in case of an issue. You can call the brand, and the brand provides on-site service to you.

The power consumption associated with this model is 75 watts,and the motor is designed with pure copper winding. The brand provides an assurance that the motor has 99% pure copper, which means that the motor will be highly efficient and have a longer life. The noise levels of this fan are low, and the 12 pole motor is very stable even at full speed. Overall, this fan is worth looking at, and we can assure you that you will love it.


  • The design of this fan is exquisite, and you will fall in love with it at first sight.
  • There is an anti-dust coating on the blades that repels the dust.
  • The available colour options are Ale Brown, Alice White, Champagne Gold, Chrome White, Mahogany, Oxford Blue, Pine Wood, Rose Gold & Venetian Grey.
  • The winding is made of 99% pure copper, which makes this fan very efficient.


  • The top cover of the fan makes noise in some cases.

3. Luminous Deco Premium Copter 1200mm Ceiling Fan

Luminous Deco Premium Copter 1200mm Ceiling Fan

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One of the most premium series from Luminous is the Deco Premium Copter Series. This is a blue colour fan that looks pretty stunning. People who don’t like the blue colour can even opt for this ceiling fan in other available colour options. However, in our opinion, the Silent Blue looks the best. Talking about the features of the fan, it is a standard 1200 mm ceiling fan that comes with the standard two-year warranty from Luminous.

The fan has an air delivery of 230 MM, and the fan’s maximum speed is 380 RPM. Apart from this, the fan also has wider blade tips that ensure a good air thrust. You feel very airy even if the room is large. With all these things, we can also assure you that the build quality of the fan is satisfactory. The only thing that we feel could have been better is the availability of smart features in the fan.

In terms of power consumption, the fan consumes 75 watts of power. There is no compromise on the build quality of the motor, and pure copper is used in the winding. The design is pretty elegant, and the sleeves are designed like a wine glass. The canopy covers the down rod perfectly, and you will be able to improve the room’s ambience after installing this ceiling fan.


  • The fan has wider blade tips, and it also has a good amount of air delivery.
  • The design of the fan is beautiful and is available in Silent Blue, Espresso Copper, Dusky Silver and Caramel Khaki colour.
  • The brand offers a two-year warranty on Deco Premium Series ceiling fans.
  • The cups are attached to the covering rods, and hence the installation becomes even more accessible.


  • No options for a smart fan in this colour combination or series.

4. Luminous Mint White Jaipur Gangaur 1200mm Ceiling Fan

Luminous Mint White Jaipur Gangaur 1200mm Ceiling Fan

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If you are fond of artwork, you will indeed like this option on the list. This is a beautiful white colour fan with black designer inserts. The fan looks modern and incredible. You can use the fan in any room, and it will improve the look of the room. Apart from this, the other technical specifications of this fan are pretty the same. This fan has an air delivery of 230 CMM, and it has a maximum speed of 380 RPM. The aluminium body and aerodynamically designed blades offer excellent airflow even at the corners of the room.

Another thing that we liked about this fan is the shank-less designs of the blades. This adds more appeal to the ceiling fan. Luminous offers a standard two-year warranty on the model. The power consumption associated with this model is 75 watts. The operation of the fan is very smooth, and it is technically noiseless. If you are looking for a designer fan in an affordable price range, you can consider this option too. We are sure that you will like it and you will also enjoy the quality of the fan.


  • The fan is designed with an aluminium body, and the motor has 99% copper.
  • This ceiling fan has a great design, and it looks pretty attractive in the bedroom or the living room.
  • The fan has been tested for aerodynamics, and the design alternations have been made to make the fan noiseless.
  • The overall quality and the finish of this ceiling fan is quite impressive.


  • Some people don’t like the quality of this fan.

 5. Luminous Abu Black Jaipur Gangaur 1200mm Ceiling Fan

Luminous Abu Black Jaipur Gangaur 1200mm Ceiling Fan

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At number 5, we have a very royal looking fan from Luminous. This model comes in black colour with copper colour inserts on the body. The inserts are such that they hide the shanks of the fan, and the whole fan looks like one big unit. Because of this design, this particular ceiling fan appeals to a lot of users. The air delivery of this model is also 230 CMM, and the maximum speed of the motor is 380 RPM. There is nothing to worry about the quality of the motor since it is made of 99% copper winding, and the motor is very resilient to power surges as well.

Apart from this, the construction of the body is made with aluminium which keeps the fan lightweight. The installation part is also straightforward, and you won’t have to struggle while installing the fan. The power consumption associated with this model is 75 watts, and the fan is pretty noiseless when it is running. Even at high speed, the fan doesn’t make any noise.

Coming back to the design, it is modern, yet it feels traditional. If you look at the fan from the motor, the design will resemble the Trinetra, also known as the three years of Goddess Durga or Lord Shiva. So, when you bring this model home, you are not only bringing in a technically advanced fan, but you are also bringing in a fan that keeps you connected to your tradition and your roots. The blades of this model have been tested for aerodynamics, and they are also responsible for improving the lives of the motor.


  • This fan looks fantastic in the black colour with the copper colour inserts.
  • The fan features shank-less blades, and this is something very appealing for the users.
  • The brand assures you of smooth, noiseless operations, and the price of the fan is also low.
  • The air delivery is impressive, and it is good enough for a large room as well.


  • This fan can get dirty quickly.

6. Luminous London Mayfair 1200mm Ceiling Fan

Luminous London Mayfair 1200mm Ceiling Fan

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Are you bored of the common ceiling fan designs? What if we tell you that there is a ceiling fan in the list with a centre design inspired by a tulip. We are sure that you will love such a design, and here is one such model from Luminous that looks amazing. The design also takes inspiration from the British Heritage and carries forward the British Capital’s legacy.  This is the reason why the fan is called London Mayfair. The other colour options available in this fan are also quite attractive. You can choose the colour combination depending on the room and style.

The air delivery rating of this fan is 230 CMM, and it also repels dust because of the anti-dust coating. Since the dust accumulation is minimal, you also don’t have to clean the fans frequently. Apart from this, the fan is designed with aerodynamics in mind, and hence it offers a better air thrust even at a lower speed.The maximum speed of the motor is 350 rpm. Apart from this, the fan also hasa two-year warranty from Luminous.

Since Luminous is a synonym of quality, you can be assured that the fan’s motor has robust build quality. The use of pure copper improves the life of the motor and offers protection from the power surge. Overall, this is one of the best fans available from Luminous, and you will fall in love with the design of this fan within a single look.


  • The blades of the fan are designed with aluminium, and they are aerodynamically stable.
  • The fan has an anti-dust coating that keeps the fan cleaner for a longer time.
  • The fan is available in multiple colours, which are Wimbledon white & Bourneville Brown
  • The design imitates a tulip, and hence it looks very different when you compare it with other ceiling fans in the market.


  • Nothing that we could notice.

Why Choose Luminous Ceiling Fans?

Luminous was incepted in the year 1988, and it was incepted as a brand for inverters. This homegrown brand became quite popular with the products it sold, and the quality was one of the unique selling points for Luminous. Just 12 years after starting the business, Luminous exported its first product. This was also the time when Luminous started manufacturing other appliances. The core value of the organization was to manufacture appliances that are sustainable & energy efficient. This is what helped the brand in making products that India loves. Since the brand is focused on consumers, you can consider the ceiling fans from Luminous. However, this is not the only reason for considering Luminous Ceiling Fans.

At present, Luminous has seven manufacturing units along with 28 sales offices.Luminous sells its products in 36 countries, and the 6000+ employees work together to offer a fantastic experience to the customers. With such a great network to support and customer-first core values, you can trust the brand with its products, and you can be assured that the brand will take ownership in case of any issues with the products. This is precisely what you need when buying a product and looking for after-sales service. You should note that the brand is also invested heavily in R&D. In 2014, the brand was given the status of Most Trusted Brand and in 2016 was honoured with the status of Superbrand for the 3rd time in the last five years.

Talking about the ceiling fans from Luminous, the brand presently has 114 models retailing, and the options available in terms of colours is also very extensive. You will come across decorative fans, standard fans, premium fans and signature fans from the brand. There are furthermore categories for energy efficient, under light and high performance fans. Apart from this, you will also find fans with 600mm, 1200mm, 1300mm and 1400mm sweep. Since the brand is very closely invested in the technology, you will come across ceiling fans that you can operate via remote as well. So, no matter what you are looking for while purchasing the Luminous Ceiling Fan, you will find a relevant product, and you will be able to find a lot of variations in terms of features, colours and designs.

All these things make a huge difference when you shortlist a product, and the same is applicable for Luminous Ceiling Fans. Because of all these advantages, you can surely opt for the ceiling fans from the brand and be assured about the quality of the fans and the customer service.

Bottom line

These are some of the best quality fans from Luminous. There are many more models available from the brand, and you can check them out on online webstie. You will also find the models with remote control operations and the ceiling fans with lights while browsing through different products. You can also choose the ceiling fan from the list that we shared with you. These are all tried and tested products, and we can assure you that you will have trouble-free ownership when you purchase these models. We have also shared the product links with you so that you don’t have to work hard to find the products.

Overall, Luminous is an excellent brand, and you can consider the brand without any concerns or issues. If you think any other model from Luminous is worth the purchase, you can also let us know via the comments section, and we will review that particular model for our readers. This was all for now, and we would like to sign off. Before you close the page, you can check out the other website sections to learn more about the ceiling fans and our recommendations.