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How To Clean And Empty Your Vacuum Cleaner Bag [Step By Step Guide]

The vacuum cleaner that you use to keep your home clean should also be cleaned regularly. It is possible to increase the efficiency of your vacuum by keeping the filters, hoses, attachments, canister, and other vacuum parts clean of dust and grime. This will allow your vacuum to operate longer and pick up more trash with each pass over the floor.

vacuum cleaner care and maintenance

Experts tips on cleaning the vacuum cleaner & its bag

  • Vacuum cleaning should be done outside or at a well-ventilated location. Given the amount of filth you will be exposed to, it is recommended that you wear a face mask over your mouth and nose, along with plastic gloves for protecting your skin.
  • Start by shutting off the vacuum & unplugging it to be on the safe side.
  • If the manufacturer’s instructions change from the outline provided in this guide, consult your owner’s handbook.
  • It is not necessary to wash the filters in your vacuum; instead, they should be replaced with a new filter. Make certain that you purchase the correct size and type. It’s important to dry flat a flat filter after washing it so that it doesn’t curl up and then becomes difficult to reinstall.
  • Allow for complete drying of the filters before reinstalling them in the vacuum.
  • Regularly wipe out the wheel of your vacuum to prevent dirt from being ground into the carpet or leaving marks on your hard flooring.
  • If you’re having difficulties eliminating strings of hairs that have become wound in your brush’s roller, try to suck them out with one of your vacuuming attachments.
  • Maintain the cleanliness of the vacuum wheels to avoid leaving marks on your flooring or adding dust to your carpet rather than removing it. Before you turn in the machine, inspect the wheels and clean them off with a moist or dry cloth to ensure they are free of debris. If you take the vacuum outdoors to clean the vehicle with the hoses attachments then you must place the base of the machine on a carpeted floor mat.
  • Filters should be changed and washed according to your model. Before replacing them, be certain that they are completely dry. For a minimum of 12 hours, place them close to, but not contacting, a radiator to dry.
  • Snip carefully over the brush bar at regular intervals and gently pull free to liberate hair entangled in threads and coils. Surprisingly, using another vacuum tool to clean a clogged brush attachment is the most efficient method of cleaning. Simply unscrew the brushing attachment, clip on the crevice, and run the tool along with the brushing bristles, sucking out any debris that may have accumulated.

Cleaning the vacuum bag

  • Unloading the vacuum bag and bagless container is an excellent opportunity to practice healthy cleaning habits while doing household chores. Bags and canisters of bagless containers should be taken outside to be emptied. The most recent models are equipped with trigger buttons that empty the trash directly into the trash can. Precautions should be taken to avoid inhaling the dust.
  • For lift-off canisters, use the following formula: Holding a garbage bag tightly against the top of the canister, carefully invert the canister to empty it. Make sure you allow around 10 seconds for the dust to slowly drift inside the bag before you remove it from the area. Place the seal & bin outside.
  • When using vacuum bags, try not to let the bag fill up more than halfway. The effectiveness of your vacuum is significantly reduced when your bag is overflowing with dirt. Follow the manufacturer’s removal instructions, making sure to squeeze the top tightly shut so that no dirt can escape throughout the removal process. Drop instantly into a garbage bag, seal it, and throw it away.
  • Everyone despises cleaning out the vacuum cleaner bag, just as no one enjoys changing the grease in their automobile. But, just like your motor, if you don’t pay attention to it, your vacuum will eventually piddle away leaving you on the wrong side of the rug.

How to empty the vacuum cleaner bag

It is possible to burn out the engine of a vacuum cleaner by ignoring a vacuum bag or dustbin full of dust bunnies. All of this was a result of a five-minute task that was less than pleasant.

So here are some tips on how you can empty your vacuum cleaner bag.

Regardless of the type of vacuum you have, make sure to run it for around 30 seconds to ensure that any dust in the device has passed into the bag before unplugging the unit.

For single-use bags

Cover the hole where the dirt meets the bag with a strip of duct tape. Replace the disposable bag with the manufacturer’s recommendations. Please keep in mind that, as per the Vacuum Dealers Trading Association, you should always change the bags when they are half full and should never attempt to empty or reuse them. Filling and using a disposable bag reduces cleaning efficiency by as much as 50 percent or even more! The VDTA also recommends that you avoid using bargain-priced bags because they will cost you more money in vacuum repairs and will depreciate your carpet and other household items.

Recyclable bags

When it comes to recyclable bags or plastic bins, it’s better to complete this operation outside. The majority of types make it very simple to remove the recyclable bin or bag from the unit. For bins, simply put the debris into a waste bag and clean thoroughly with hot water after each use. Once the glue has dried, reattach it. Shake off the dust in a rubbish bag, then rinse thoroughly with hot water or wash in the washing machine and hang to dry.

To all the over-achievers out there

If the underbelly of your cleaner, also known as the “brush roll” or “beater bar,” is clogged with hair or other material, it is time to wash it. The brush roll or beater bar is located at the bottom of the vacuum. Once you’ve removed the base plate (each type has its locks, clips, or screws), you may detach the brush roll by sliding it out from below the belt. Excess debris should be removed with scissors (or your fingers). Simply replace and you’re done!


The difference that a little household care can make in the lifespan of your vacuum cleaning machine will astound you. If you have children or pets, experts recommend replacing your bags or bin every 2 months; otherwise, it is recommended to change it twice a year.


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