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Top 5 Largest Hockey Stadiums In The World

Among the other sports around the globe, Hockey may seem like a really underrated one. This is true to some extent, but yeah, there are millions of people around the globe that find this sport really exciting and thrilling. And as with any other sport, the best way to watch or witness an edge-of-the-seat hockey game is in a big stadium with thousands of people cheering for their favorite teams and players. Don’t you think? Well, you may have heard that the biggest hockey stadium is the National Hockey Stadium of Pakistan, but where are the other bigger ones situated? Of course, there are many big hockey stadiums scattered around the globe to excite and entertain millions of hockey lovers.

And if you are one of those hockey lovers, you must know about the largest hockey stadiums in the world because that’s another way to show your true love for the game. That’s the prime reason why we are here with a detailed list of the top 5 biggest hockey stadiums in the world for 2023. So, if you are a hockey lover, a professional or occasional player, or some who just love watching this exciting sport, then you should keep on reading. It is going to be fun, a lot to be precise. Here we go.

List of Largest Hockey Stadiums In The World

1. National Hockey Stadium, Pakistan


The National Hockey Stadium in Lahore, Pakistan, is the unrivaled titan in the world of hockey spectacles. Literally, everyone in the hockey world talks about this grand sports complex, boasting the capacity to host approximately 45,000 passionate fans. Located within the renowned Nishtar Park Sports Complex, the stadium is not just an arena for high-stake matches but a hub of the Sports Board Punjab and the Pakistan Hockey Federation’s administrative actions. Its opening in 1982 set a new stage for hockey’s thrilling trials and triumphs, and it hasn’t stopped impressing the global audience ever since. When the stadium served as the host for the prestigious 1990 men’s hockey World Cup, it left an indelible impression on countless fans worldwide. The site also includes a smaller, but no less significant, hockey pitch adjacent to the main arena. This stadium stands as an icon of Lahore’s passion and dedication towards hockey, inspiring generations to strive and etch their names in the rich tapestry of hockey history.

2. Chandigarh Hockey Stadium, India

Chandigarh Hockey Stadium, India
Image Source: wikipedia.org

There’s something really special about the Chandigarh Hockey Stadium in India. Serving as the home base for the mighty Chandigarh Dynamos and later the Chandigarh Comets, the stadium is no less than a field hockey sanctuary. With a seating capacity of 30,000, it contends for the position of the second-largest hockey stadium worldwide. This multi-sport venue, hosting numerous other sports like wrestling, kabaddi, and boxing, underwent an impressive makeover in 2007. Since then, it has served as the playground for some of the most adrenaline-pumping hockey face-offs in the Premier Hockey League and World Series Hockey.

3. Weingart Stadium, United States

Weingart Stadium
Image Source: wikipedia.org

Nestled within California’s East Los Angeles College grounds, the Weingart Stadium stands as a grand testament to the love of the sport. Seriously, the scale of this stadium is astonishing! With a whopping 22,355 seats, it stands as the third-largest field hockey stadium worldwide. Well, that sounds quite interesting, right? Established in 1951 with a price tag of $3.1 million, this iconic structure exhibits the masterful design and engineering of its time. After its rechristening in 1984, it now bears the name of the noted philanthropist Ben Weingart. Sports of all sorts, be it American football or soccer, have graced its field. A significant slice of its fame comes from the 1984 Olympic Games, where it hosted hockey tournaments, giving the world some unforgettable sporting moments. And guess what? This place is not just for sports. It’s also had its time under the Hollywood spotlight! From Forrest Gump to Viva Knievel, Weingart Stadium made some solid contributions to the movie scene.

4. Birsa Munda Hockey Stadium, India

Birsa Munda Hockey Stadium, India
Image Source: olympics.com

The Birsa Munda International Hockey Stadium, situated in Rourkela, India, is another impressive testament to architectural brilliance and the thrilling world of sports. This grand arena pays tribute to the legendary freedom fighter Birsa Munda and has gained worldwide recognition for its incredible design and features. Now, here’s something interesting, it’s the largest fully seated hockey stadium, according to the Guinness World Record. Around 21,800 people can sit comfortably and enjoy their favorite sport in this stadium. How amazing is that? This architectural wonder was built specifically for the 2023 Men’s FIH Hockey World Cup, with the intention of providing the most breathtaking experience for hockey lovers around the world. The Birsa Munda International Hockey Stadium is a powerful symbol of the love for hockey, showcasing the best that the sport has to offer on a global stage.

5. Lee Valley Hockey Stadium, United Kingdom

Lee Valley Hockey Stadium, United Kingdom
Image Source: polytan.com

The Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre, nestled in Leyton, London, is a spectacular sports venue that hosts exciting field hockey matches. Originally designed for wheelchair tennis during the 2012 Summer Paralympics, this venue underwent a major transformation in the year 2014. Today, it is the proud home ground for both the Great Britain women’s and men’s field hockey teams, adding to its already impressive reputation. What’s really impressive is that the stadium can be expanded to host up to 15,000 passionate spectators. When filled to capacity, it becomes a thrilling arena, pulsating with anticipation and excitement.


You bet, our journey of exploring the world’s top five gigantic hockey stadiums of 2023 has now come to an end. These hockey stadiums aren’t just the spots where hockey matches take place; they’re the landmarks of sporting history, architectural brilliance, and community spirit. Looking ahead at the promising future of hockey, it’s clear as day, the magnitude, complexity, and significance of its stadiums will keep growing hand-in-hand with the sport’s continuous evolution. No matter the transformations that the near future brings our way, the cheerfulness of hockey lovers will forever remain an integral part of the exhilarating universe of hockey.


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