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How to Change Mother Name in Birth Certificate

Birth certificates are a mandatory document for a child and every parent should get that done for their kids. But as is the case with records and documents, there are times when certain mistakes or mishaps may happen in the documents for say, name mistakes or other details. One common mistake or issue is the name of the parents in terms of typing errors and more. This is why many people seek to change the details on the birth certificate like parents’ name, mother’s name, and other details.

The process of updating the mother’s name on the birth certificate is a very common aspect and can be done via both online and offline means. The correction of name can mean adding the initials or changing the surname or at times when a person adopts a new name legally. It is during these times that a name change should be done on the birth certificate.

Documents required for Mother’s Name change in Birth Certificate

Below are the documents that will be required for the procedure of changing your mother’s name on the birth certificate:

  • Original copy of the affidavit files in the newspaper along with the date of publishing.
  • Attested photographs of the person
  • Address proof and identity proof documents
  • An official letter declaring the need for changing the mother’s name on the birth certificate, likely in a Gazette form.
  • A copy of the “Deed changing name form” that the user should attain from the Controller of Publication under the Department of Publication.

What is the procedure to change Mother Name in Birth Certificate?


Here are the procedures that you need to follow to change the mother’s name on the birth certificate

  • Apply to the Registrar of Births and Deaths of your municipal ward office. You should provide context with your old name, new name, and the reason for the change in name in your application.
  • Proceed to attach mandatory documents like a notarized affidavit as per the requirement.
  • Apply to Registrar of Births and Deaths along with the supporting documents. You can either submit it via online or offline mode.
  • The department holds the right to accept or reject your request. In cases where the department may find issues with your documents, they may reject the claim. For this, you can write a mandamus in the High Court and further proceed again via gazette documents.

What are the Gazette documents and how to use them for the name change of the mother in the birth certificate?

There are a few mandatory gazette documents and procedures that need to be followed for legal matters. We here take a look at that and provide the procedure for it.

The major gazette documentation includes filing of affidavit, publishing it in a national or proper newspaper, and then submitting it to the gazette for notification. Here is how the entire process works:

  • File an affidavit for the name change. For this, you need to file the document with your local notary which should include your new name and your old name along with supporting documents. You should also provide the reason for the change and other details like your age proof, identity proof, and more.
  • The next step is to publish the affidavit in the local or national newspaper. You should publish it in two languages, one in an English newspaper and the other one in the regional language of your state or locality.
  • Once the newspaper has published your affidavit, you need to get it published in the official gazette. The procedure for this involves filling up the form, providing necessary proofs and supporting documents, and then paying the required fees. Once the application is processed you will be provided with a copy of the publication of your name change in the official gazette on your official address.

Final Words

The change of the mother’s name on her birth certificate is a common practice and is done by many people due to reasons like name change, legal name change, and more. As such, you need to attest and signify this change in your children’s birth certificate. We hope the aforementioned steps will help guide you in that.


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