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The Best Orient Table Fans in India 2023 [Top Models Analysis]

A fan is an essential appliance for every Indian household, especially for those who cannot afford an AC or a cooler. This electric appliance meets the needs of individual air cooling. When it comes to air cooling solution for summers within budget, a table fan comes in handy. Today, the market is fulled with a wide variety of table fans offered by several major brands. In this article, we will focus on Orient table fans.

Orient table fans have gained immense popularity due to their lightweight plastic frame and superior air circulation capabilities, which make them portable and powerful, respectively. In addition, Orient’s table fans require less maintenance work and consume less amount of electricity, and therefore do not require you to spend extra money frequently. Along with added features, some modern table fans from Orient come with remote control and multiple power control options.

Another best part is that this electrical brand offers you a range of options to choose from under the same category. Simply put, there is a collection of table fans ranging from high-speed table fans, small table fans and table fans with remote fans to electric table fans.

Best Selling Orient Table Fans in India

Based on the requirement and preference, you can choose anyone. If you also want to experience the cool breeze in summer at your convenience, then consider buying an orient table fan. To help you choose the best one out of all, we have shortlisted the top three table fans by Orient that are available both online and offline. Let’s take a look:

1. Orient Electric Desk-25 400mm Table Fan

Orient Electric Desk-25 400mm Table Fan

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Orient presented electric desk 400mm is the first table fan on this list that got maximum positive ratings and reviews. It is equipped with aerodynamic resin blades, which are known to deliver maximum airflow. In terms of value for money, lightweight, noise level and ease to assemble, the fans have received 4.5, 4.1, 4.0 and 4.0 respectively. That means, the overall performance of the fan is quite impressive.

The merits of this table fan are not enough with it as it also has a three-speed piano switch control, which enables the user to use it as per their requirement and convenience. With adjustable downward and upward tilt mechanism, and 90-degree oscillation, you can experience a cool breeze from any direction.

Talk of construction, the Orient electric desk 400 mm has a sturdy, robust body since it is made of Polypropylene Copolymer. The blades have also extra protection with powder coated guard with a polymer ring, which makes blades free from rust & corrosion. What will surprise you is its ability to consume less power when running at any speed.

Approximately, it operates on 53 watts of power. Its motor is also protected using a thermal overload protection device. This prevents the motor from getting damaged due to voltage fluctuations. The pack of Blades, Motor & Neck Assembly, Guard, and User Manual & Warranty Card will be delivered to your doorstep. In between two years of usage, if you are experiencing removal or damage issues with the product, you can easily contact the customer care service.


  • A 2-year of warranty has been offered on the product.
  • Blades are ergonomic ensuring strong air delivery at its maximum speed.


  • It doesn’t operate through remote control.

2. Orient Electric Desk-17 300mm Table Fan

Orient Electric Desk-17 300mm Table Fan

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If you are looking for a beautiful fan that should also be portable, this would be an excellent choice. Orient Electric Desk 17 300mm Table Fan is the first choice of many users in India as they are perfect in terms of noise-free, portability and durability.

The fan’s aerodynamically designed resin blades provide great comfort with superior air distribution. With 90-degree oscillation capability, you can set up the fan for just yourself or any number of people. Not only this, it ensures that no more power is consumed as it requires 90 watts of power at a time, no matter what speed it runs.

 Like the previous models in this list, this one also comes with a resettable thermal overload protection device which will ensure that the fans will not burn due to short circuits or voltage fluctuation. No matter how far away from the fan, the heading capability ensures you can enjoy the cool air.

The table fan arrives at your doorstep in the complete pack, which includes, neck & motor assembly, guards, blades, warranty card and user manual. Most of us go with something that will ensure ease of cleaning, and this table fan is exactly what you want, as the extra protection with powder coated allows you to clean the blades without any hassle. Dust and dirt particles are easily visible in white colour, so you can clean them thoroughly. The polypropylene copolymer frame ensures that the fan will last for a long time.


  • The fan is simple yet elegant.
  • One of the cost-effective table fans.


  • A bit noisy.

3. ORIENT Electric Desk Fan 26 Table Fan

ORIENT Electric Desk Fan 26 Table Fan

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The Orient Electric Desk Fan 26 is an economical electrical solution for the summer season. The fan is designed to keep the room cool and adjust the temperature. With the noiseless operation, you can sleep soundly and feel the cool breeze whenever you want. Talking about the construction, it has been designed using copper material, making it a perfect choice for long-lasting performance. Furthermore, the fan is handy, lightweight and ergonomic, making the fan stand out from the others.

The only drawback that we got is the white and red colour combination, which might not appeal to everyone. But, in terms of powerful operation and functionality, Orient Electric Desk Fan 26 is a good choice. This user-friendly fan is available in two exciting colour options: Red and White, Blue and White.

If you are looking for something that complements the interior of your room as well, it is advisable to choose the colour option of White and Blue. This corded electric table fan by Orient earn is one of the best seller table fans on this list. To buy this table fan online or offline, all you need is a speed of Rs 2,325, so it is one of the budget-friendly options. The three-speed setting option will also you allow to adjust the speed of the fan according to your needs.


  • The fan is available in two different colours: Red & White, Blue & White.
  • It is made of copper material, which makes the fan durable and sturdy.


  • Not found.

Why Choose Orient Table Fans?

In India, many manufacturers and suppliers of premium quality electrical equipment have earned a reputation among users. One such brand is Orient, whose collection of Table Fans is designed to provide you with great cooling comfort and excellent air circulation to beat the scorching heat.

These table fans are equipped with highly innovative technology to provide a seamless cooling experience, making them ideal for the Indian weather. The entire range of Table Fans offered by Orient offers you unbeatable quality at affordable prices.

Orient table fans have modern aerodynamic technology and feature sharp blades to operate in a fixed location. They are built to provide cool air and are ergonomically designed. Not only that, they will amaze you with their powerful motors and cutting down on the cost of electricity. Here are some other notable benefits of choosing Orient table fans:

  • The first thing you like the most is that, Orient table fans are excellent in the term of portability. Currently available every model is lightweight and allows the user to shift the fan from one place to another according to their convenience.
  • Orient table fans are flexible due to their ability to bend. This feature enables the user to rotate the fan for personal use. There are some fans whose blades can be rotated about 180 degrees.
  • With different sizes and shapes, you will have a wide range of options to choose from. The mode of choice allows you to choose the one that suits your needs.
  • Unlike a ceiling fan of the Orient brand, a table fan gives you higher speeds because the blades of a table fan usually move very quickly.
  • The updated and modernized version of the Orient Table Fan gives users the ease and convenience of adjusting the speed using their remote. If you can’t access the fan settings, you can use the remote control to adjust the fan speed without moving.
  • With the help of extension cords, they can be carried even to distant places. It helps more and more users to experience cooling air at a time.

Final Words:

As we said earlier, table fans offer a great deal of convenience and ease of use without having to move and adjust the fan blades, you can enjoy cool air wherever you want. The range of table fans by Orient not only also complements the interior of your room, as the updated versions come in lots of exciting colours and designs.  Well, the above three table fans are our personal favourites, which have been listed after doing thorough research.


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